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The Importance Of Water: A Full Explanation!

In the diet, water is the most important component in losing fat and keeping it off. You heard that right... the most important. Review the following and learn how water can pay dividends towards fat loss!

By: Jen Heath

How much water do you drink? If you don't know it's probably not enough. If you are making a guess, it's probably not accurate. If you are not drinking enough water, your nutrition plan will without question be much less effective in transforming your body than if you were drinking enough.

In the diet, water is the single most important component in losing fat and keeping it off. You heard that right... the most important.

So why is it that people will bend over backwards to record exact calorie counts, carbohydrate, protein and fat grams... but do not know the exact amount of water they are consuming?

Recording those other things are enormously important in order to achieve specific objectives in physique transformation, but lets all openly acknowledge that doing that is far more complicated then tracking water intake. For me it is simple. I drink the same amount every time, and know how many times a day I drink it. It is THAT important, and here's why:

Fat Metabolism:

    Water is not only a natural appetite suppressant, but it actually helps the body metabolize stored fat. When the body does not have a good supply of water to draw from to perform required physiological tasks, it will draw water from inside the bodies cells, including fat cells, in order to perform the desired tasks.

Fat Metabolism! Fat Metabolism!
Dietary fat is not an enemy. In fact, when adequate amounts of good fats (unsaturated) are consumed, it can improve one's health and athletic performance.
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    Any fat stores in the body that are drawn on for water, are less likely to be mobilized and burned off as energy, resulting in increased fat stores over time if you were to remain in a constantly dehydrated state.

Kidneys & Liver:

    In addition to this, did you know that the kidneys need a specific and plentiful water supply to function properly? If the kidneys are functioning at low capacity, they will recruit the liver to pick up the slack. One of the liver's primary functions is to metabolize stored fat for the body to use as energy.

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    It is only logical to say that if the liver is half occupied doing what the kidneys cannot do on their own due to lack of water, then it will not be able to perform its own functions, metabolizing fat being the most applicable in this case, with full effectiveness. So if it is metabolizing less fat, than it only goes to say that full fat loss cannot be achieved.

Water Retention:

    In addition to hindered fat loss, one of the most common misconceptions is that drinking water cause water retention. The truth is the exact opposite. Lack of water causes water retention. The reason for this is that the body perceives the shortage when it is provided with less than it needs thus causing what is commonly referred to as "survival mode", retaining every least drop that it can.

    In this state, whenever you do drink water, it will automatically be stored, resulting in unsightly and uncomfortable water retention. The only lasting solution to reducing water retention is to provide the body with more than it needs which will allow it to flush excess water out of the system.

    You might blame water retention on foods that contain excessive sodium, as they certainly may cause water retention, but the main culprit again is most likely lack of water, because if you are drinking enough, the body will get rid of excess sodium as well.

Have You Ever Dealt With Water Retention?


Water & Exercise:

    Water aids in enhanced muscle tone and contraction during exercise. It also helps maintain our performance and effort during exercise, and in turn our physical results.

Water: Your Secret Weapon! Water: Your Secret Weapon! There are many types of water and like anything some are better than others. This article will shed some light on the importance of water including how much to drink, types, and more.
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    If you are experiencing excessive hunger, excessive water retention, lack of muscle tone or fatigue during exercise, water consumption may be a huge factor in the negative effects you are experiencing.

    My suggestion? The average active person needs far more than the standard 64oz. of water to function optimally. Perhaps you could purchase a 20 oz water bottle and focus on drinking at least 4 or 5 of them in an effort to consume 80oz - 100oz per day. This amount would be more appropriate to compensate for both bodily functions and physical activity.

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    Author, Jen Heath.

    Simply increasing your water will cause significant improvements not only in your physique, but your attitude and overall feelings of success associated with the various aspects of your program.

What Type Of Water Do You Drink?


The Importance Of Water: A Full Explanation!

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Informative article. Good information whether you bodybuild or not.

Dec 14, 2012 12:51pm | report

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Need to increase my water intake consistently

Jan 18, 2013 10:41pm | report

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Good article, will be drinking more water from now on.

Jan 30, 2013 12:38pm | report
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