Jay Cutler Interview!

Jay Cutler came out of nowhere and almost beat the reigning champ, Ronnie Coleman in one of the most excited Mr. Olympia contests in history. Many people believe he should have taken 1st! This is our full interview with him shortly after the show!
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Jay Cutler came virtually out of nowhere and almost beat the reigning champ, Ronnie Coleman in one of the most excited Mr. Olympia contests in history. Many people believe he should have taken 1st! Below is our full interview with him just days after the contest.

Here are the full 2001 Mr. Olympia results!

BB.com: Congratulations on getting 2nd place in the 2001 Mr. Olympia! You came virtually out of nowhere and almost beat Ronnie Coleman. How do you feel about getting 2nd place?

Jay: I am extremely happy. I worked really hard these last few years. I knew that eventually time and commitment would pay off. Honestly I feel like I have never worked as hard for any contest and the outcome was pretty good.

BB.com: Do you feel that you should have won?

Jay: Let's put it this way, Ronnie won and I got second. That's all I can really say about it. I mean, there are comparisons being made as far as me beating him on certain things and him beating me on certain things. Obviously, the judges saw it as him being 1st and me being 2nd.

BB.com: So I guess you just have to live with that until next year. According to the judges, you beat Ronnie in the Muscularity and Symmetry round and he beat you in the posing rounds. So you had the better body, but he posed better? Shouldn't the best body win?

Jay: Yeah, that is usually how it is judged, but like I said, he got 1st and I got 2nd so I don't want to take anything away from him.

BB.com: Part of the reason could be that it is extremely tough to beat a current Mr. Olympia.

Jay: Yeah, that is a given. It's never been done before. Basically I feel like I gave him a push further than anybody has and I think that potentially the 2002 Mr. Olympia may be a battle between him and I. I still look at it the same way though and I am going in to try to beat myself rather than worrying about how Ronnie is going to do. If I come in my absolute best I will win the 2002 Mr. Olympia.

BB.com: Do you have any other plans for competing this year? Or are you just going to concentrate on the 2002 Mr. Olympia?

Jay: I am not really sure. Right now I have a lot of guest posings, a lot of commitments. I am just focusing on ISS Research and marketing my two favorite products, ISS ProM3 Protein and ISS Zenotrope. They were released during my Olympia prep and I used them for my Olympia prep. It really made a big difference in my supplementation and this is the perfect time to market these products... after a great placing like that.

BB.com: Much of the bodybuilding world is focused on you right now.

Jay: Yeah, so I am going to take advantage of those opportunities.

BB.com: What supplements helped you the most?

Jay: I used the ISS ProM3 Protein Blend and the Zenotrope. I also used the ISS Diurlean which does not have ephedra in it. It's more of an herbal fat burner, an herbal diuretic. I mixed this with the ISS Zenotrope. Of course I also used the Creatine and Glutamine... most guys often do. Some multi-vitamins too. That was my supplementation but my main stay was the ProM3 which I used three times a day to prep for the show. I used the Zenotrope/Diurlean mix two times a day before each workout. It really made a big difference.

With supplements I believe the quality is more important than the quantity for sure. I can take less protein servings per day because the ProM3 has 50 grams of protein per serving. I used to take 75 - 80 grams of protein at a time but I don't necessarily need to do that with ProM3 because the quality of the protein is so much better. It breaks down a little slower in your body because of the blend of three types of protein in it. Lower calories, lower fat, very low sugar. Gives you a mixture of quality rather than just quantity.

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BB.com: What exactly did you do differently to get ready for this year's Olympia?

Jay: Time. I didn't travel for the last 10 weeks before the show. I used that time to my advantage. I was able to rest when I needed to. I did all my guest posing and appearances during the offseason and then took the time I really needed to prep for the show. It's consistency with me. I have always said that once I can really commit to a show and put 100% in and put other commitments to the side, it's gonna be my time. Hopefully I have figured it out now. You never really know though. One show you go one way, the next the other. I hope that I do have it down and I can continue to succeed and continue to get better. Not necessarily bigger... it's more about quality. It's not about being the biggest. Quality of the muscle, quality of training. Everything. You've gotta have detail in this sport. You've gotta have size and detail and I think I've got it all now.

I guess next year I will work on my posing a little more and hopefully things will go a little better.

Backstage at the 2001 Mr. Olympia Pre-Judging. (Avidan)

BB.com: How does it feel beating guys who you once admired and idolized and being years younger than them?

Jay: It feels good. It's hard to explain but when you are in the position you don't really think about it because after the show you're back in the gym training. Your next goal is to market and to strive forward and succeed. I have always set realistic goals. Actually I don't really think about guys who I have beat because it's not what I am up against, I am up against myself.

BB.com: Some people think a few competitors (not you) were using Synthol this year? Do you think this is true? How do you feel about this?

Jay: I don't know... I mean, I can't tell just by looking. Obviously I know some guys use it but I just think it's stupid. It's one of those fads that you'll see come and go. I just think it is another ridiculous thing in bodybuilding that people do to take shortcuts. Supposedly it's supposed to be a banned substance. Guys that are using it are supposed to be disqualified.

BB.com: The Olympia press conference this year almost turned into a brawl between some of the pros. What do you think about some of the issues that were brought up? What are your feelings about some of these guys?

Jay: The judging thing. It's the same thing all the time and you hear the same issues but I don't have a problem with it. Obviously the best guys gonna win and that is all there is to it. It's not gonna change. People can make their comments. You know, Ronnie made a perfect point. He didn't complain when he was placing last. Just come in like you need to come in and you'll win. If you don't and you don't like it, get out. That's what I have to say. That's it.

Shawn (Ray) went on and on and on about changing the judges and this and that. I mean, he's been top 5 for many years. He should have no complaints. He is successful in what he does, he's a smart businessman. The issues just keep coming up but obviously nothing changes. Nothing is gonna change. We are judged on opinions... no one is winning a race. You are always gonna have disapproval from either fans or judges or anyone. Who is to say that I should have gotten 2nd place? You are going to have a lot of people who say that but a lot of other people are saying that there is no way that Ronnie should have won. Other people might say that I wasn't even close. People see it different ways and our sport is opinions.

BB.com: Are you good friends with any of the other pro bodybuilders?

Jay: I am friendly with them but I don't really hang out with anyone. We all have busy schedules, that's what it comes down to. I am on the road every weekend of the year and when I'm not I like to spend time at home. I don't like getting out too much. I like to spend a lot of time with my wife, we need time together. She's basically the backbone of my career.

BB.com: What else is going on in your life outside of bodybuilding?

Jay: Right now I am basically just running my web site and when I get out we go to the beach, go to the movies, we like to eat out... stuff like that. There is a life outside of bodybuilding but I do train twice a day and that's fun to me. That's what I enjoy doing. I really, really enjoy working out. I am a competitive bodybuilder. My wife trains and we train together. That's basically it. It's all business for me. If it's not working or training then I am not really doing anything out of the ordinary. Some people go out and hang out with friends. I do everything probably, but that. We go out with some people here and there but I mean, really, what else is there to do. We don't go out drinking or partying or anything like that.

BB.com: What is a basic day like being Jay Cutler?

Jay: I wake up and walk my dogs, eat breakfast, then I answer some e-mails, take care of writing some checks or what not. Then I go to the gym to train and then come home and eat. Then get back on the computer, answer some more e-mails, take care of business, go to the post office, return phone calls, and then it's back to the gym in the afternoon. After 5 p.m., it is just winding down... finishing my meals for the day and then my wife gets home around 8:00 at night usually on most work days. We go to the movies or sit down and watch some TV or read. You know, maybe go out to eat or something like that. That is basically a typical day. I am almost always traveling from Friday through Sunday doing guest posing or seminars. I am only home Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday most weeks and training twice per day on those days. I still workout while on the road but usually only one session early in the morning. Then I do my appearance and fly home. That's it.

BB.com: How did you get started in bodybuilding? What inspired you to become one of the top pro bodybuilders in the world?

Jay: I saw a lot of potential when I started weight training in college and became pretty good at it. I won the teenage nationals as a teenager. I made the transformation from there. The financial success that I had was a big factor also. I started making money at bodybuilding at 21, signed with Weider at 22 until last year, then signed with ISS after last year. The finances and the great support from the fans have always kept me in it. I started getting fan mail and it kinda gives you that kick, you know? I get all these e-mails after the Olympia and the fans are so supportive of me. It makes me want it even more! You can only pat yourself on the back so much. I've got a great company behind me, I've got great people like my wife and a few really good friends.

I am going to take it as far as I can but I am going to be healthy at the same time. I really promote that while bodybuilding. My health is one thing I am always careful about. My wife is in the health care industry. I mean, things have gone very well for us... I am very blessed.

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