Jay Cutler's Latest Interview!

What is Jay Cutler up to lately?

How has your life and schedule changed since becoming the 2002 Arnold Classic Champion?

To be honest, not much has changed. I am still as hungry as ever for training and competition. Although my popularity has increased and I am traveling every weekend due to my guest posing schedule, I still am able to train as hard as ever.

So how is the training going?

Training is going well. Even with my extensive traveling schedule I still am able to find the time to fit in the necessary training sessions. I am currently 290 lbs. and in the best shape of my life. Plus I am healthy and am feeling good.

What is the truth to the Mr. O? Are you going to be there or are the rumors that you will be skipping the contest true?

The decision to do the 2002 Mr. Olympia will be announced the day I sign or don't sign the contract for the show.

What is your off season supplement regimen?

5 AM
1 packet of hGH Promino Plus AM formula with one scoop L-Glutamine Power, 1 Super Vitamin Pack, 10 egg whites, one cup oats, one banana, one tbs honey, 7 plain rice cake

6:30 AM
Train: 1packet of Complete Creatine Effervescent Power 20 minutes before training

7:45 AM
2 1/2 scoops of ProM3, 7 rice cakhttp://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/jay02.htmes, one can Coke, one cup oats, one small box raisins (33c), one fat free muffin (30c)

9:15 AM
6oz plain pasts, 4 oz turkey breast

11:45 AM
2 cups cooked rice, 5oz fish (red snapper)

1:15 PM
Train: 1packet of Complete Creatine Effervescent Power 20 minutes before training

2:40 PM
2 1/2 scoops of ProM3, 7 rice cakes, one can Coke, one cup oats, one small box raisins (33c), one fat free muffin (30c)

4:00 PM
3 scoops Gainer, one cup oatmeal

5:50 PM
4oz turkey breast, 2 cups cooked rice

8 PM
2 1/2 scoops ProM3, 7 rice cakes, 2 cups cooked rice

9:15 PM
Eat Out! Sushi (about 30 pieces of various fish), one 8oz serving of fat free frozen yogurt

11:30 PM
1 packet of hGH Promino Plus PM formula with one scoop L-Glutamine Power, 10 egg whites, 7 rice cakes, one cup oatmeal

The next 2 meals are not every night, but an example of what would be eaten most likely.

2 AM
2 scoops ProM3, 1/2 cup dry oats

4 AM
3 scoops Complete Gainer Power

And yes this is a typical day! However the above may vary slightly when I am away from home during my weekend trips.

What do you think about some of the comments made by Ronnie Coleman? Have you talked to Ronnie since the O?

I just recently trained with Ronnie in Pittsburgh. We both guest posed for the Pittsburgh Bodybuilding Championships. There are no hard feelings. Just like all sports, bodybuilding is very competitive. I think the magazines like to stir things up a bit too much. I guess drama sells.

It seems like people are always second guessing your decision to sign and stay with ISS. What is the story there?

People do not know nor understand the relationship I have with ISS. They are the best; very professional and down to earth. I am taken care of very well and will retire with ISS.

Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to let your fans know what you have been up to. Any final words?

Just wait... the best is yet to come.

Note: Pics are from the ISS offices in May, 2002. Staying ripped offseason!


Check back soon for more info on Jay Cutler.

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