Eating Like A Freak!

If you are small, you need to eat big. If you are of medium stature, you need to eat big. If you are big, you need to eat big. If you are huge, you need to eat big!
In one of the last IFBB Undercover articles someone asked about why all the big guy's guts are sticking out. They asked/claimed it was from gH use, or excessive amounts of anabolics or whatever. However they quickly overlooked the obvious, and the undercover pro set them straight. It is from OVEREATING. Think about it, every competitor on the Olympia stage uses just about the same thing, what separates Darrem Charles from Ronnie Coleman? When Darrem eats out, he orders a 10oz steak and plain baked potatoe. When Ronnie eats out, he orders a cow, eats what he wants and rides the rest home! Have you seen Ronnie's newest training video. The man has about 2 lbs of chicken tenders on his plate, looks like your average American's plate at hometown buffet, the difference is Ronnie is walking around at the same weight with 35% less bodyfat!

"When Ronnie eats out, he orders a cow, eats what he wants and rides the rest home!"

Look at Ruhl, that guy is ridiculous with his most muscular. I wrote him from his website and asked him what his diet was, he replied " Everything, I ate my best friend after he drank a protein shake. I have eaten small villages before. Sometimes I eat metal just for my iron intake. I drink N-large2 by the 10-pound tub and wash it down with a couple fields of potatoes. Usually that is for breakfast?."
Note: he really didn't say this, I am making it up for effect.

But make no mistake, eating is the number one thing you need to do to pack on muscle. There are a million great articles at that outline certain diets and such. What foods to eat, super secret meals that you would never dream about. If you are small, you need to eat big. If you are of medium stature, you need to eat big. If you are big, you need to eat big. If you are huge, you need to eat big. Have you watched any of the training videos? If you have in all of them they are always eating, or shopping.

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I am a firm believer in eating to grow. You can lift all the weights you want to lift, but with out eating all day long, you'll never, ever grow. NEVER.

Here is my daily eating regime:

I wake my ass up about 5:30am and grab some pre-made chicken from the fridge. I don't feel like cooking first thing in the morning, except my oatmeal in the microwave over, ? a cups worth. The chicken runs about 10-12oz. I also drink a couple gallons of coffee and water.

At this time I take 4 grams of BCAA, 500mg potassium, B-complex, 500mg Vit C, 500mg Zinc and some calcium. Not to mention of course a multi and some Flax/Lecithin. This meal is just to get me started. About 7:30am it's feeding time again. I eat the same thing of course, why not, it worked for breakfast, it will work for?after breakfast! I love this stuff!!! My next meal is a shake, 3 scoops of Isolean from Sci-tec, only a few calories so this shake comes at 9:45. Don't forget to factor in the time it takes me to eat. My 7:30 meal takes about 20 minutes so I am not done until?got it yet?7:50. So 9:45 is 1:55 minutes. Good job.

Isolean is my choice because it is the best protein available, again in my opinion, but it's a pretty damn good one. 52 grams of Cross Flow Microfiltered Whey Protein Isolate. In case you don't know what that is, it's the best protein you can put into your stomach. After that great tasting shake I fill up again about 11:30 with some chicken and a large baked potato, and head straight to the gym to knock it out! A good four meals pre-workout has me filled up and ready to go. By this time I already have 200+ grams of protein in my and its only noon. I lift heavy and hard and its time for the post workout shake, guess what I grab?! MyoMax Gain, I love this stuff, with the same protein source accompanied by 60 grams of complex Carbohydrates, aminogen, glutamine peptides, BCAA' and some Vition, I am good to go.

The juice flows into the spent muscle and starts repairing and then rebuilding, damn I love it! My next meal is about 2:15 where I have some more chicken and usually rice or a baked potatoe, maybe two. From here, it is clear sailing through the day, I eat again at 4:45, 7:00 and at 9:30 I will have 18 egg whites, two yolks, ? cup oatmeal, protein shake and some flax, call it good and hit the sack. I strive to get no less than 300g of protein a day, but really shoot for 400 or so. Being so heavy, that is a basic requirement. I can tell the days I am not getting all my meals, I get dizzy, a headache, can't talk, I get very sweaty and come close to passing out.

I don't always eat just chicken, I eat lots of salmon and turkey. I get steak once in a while, but I am genetically predisposed to high cholesterol so I have to watch it, that is why I eat so much oatmeal. I try to get in about 4000 calories a day from good foods. Yes it does suck eating this much, but hey, I have a goal. To be big, bigger than everyone.

I hope you still find these articles enjoyable. I try not to write about "how to" anymore because by now everyone should know and there are a million of those articles out there. I try to give insight on what I am doing, because for us young'ins, we are still trying to figure out what works for us. I am always reading other people's program and trying out what they say. There is always room to learn and grow!

Lift heavy! Eat big, then eat again!