The Amazing 10-10-2-20 Leg Routine!

After my first set of warm ups, I stood up and must have gotten into just the right light, because my quads looked so f$@king freaky, I almost jumped out of my shoes. Learn how I trained with the amazing 10-10-2-20 leg routine for huge growth!

So last Thursday was the first time I had worked out not wearing work out pants, instead just shorts. After I got warmed up on the stairmaster and did abs and calves, I started my chest routine with Incline DB Presses. After my first set of warm ups, I stood up and must have gotten into just the right light, because my quads looked so f$@king freaky, I almost jumped out of my shoes. Those things were hanging out of my shorts, sobbing like a 14-year-old girl when the N-sync hotline was busy. My hams were just like "POW, there ya go!" My calves had veins running all up and down them, my quads had them too, I am not even ripped, but there were veins and cross striations. I don't know how that happened, oh wait yes I do!

10-10-2-20 Routine

I know there are a million leg routines, but seriously try this one and let me know. Lately there has been a new routine I have been blasting my legs with. It is called 10-10-2-20. You know like the long distance commercial. Sounds simple, and it is. It's pretty fun too. I would outfit yourself with a dress and high heels for it. But seriously, this is what you do.

Get all warmed up, loosened up, stretched out, blood pumping, muscles ready to go. Do whatever it is you do to get ready to start your working sets. Jump on the leg extension machine set the pin to a weight you can do 12 reps with, and do 10 slow and controlled reps with a squeeze at the end, move the weight up (heavier) by 50 or so pounds (I know all extension machines are different, so make this heavy) and do 10 more reps, move the machine to the stack, all the weight available and do 2 reps, then move the weight to 20 pounds lighter than what you started with and do 20 reps. Do all this non stop with ZERO seconds of rest in between. Get a spotter is some advice I can give you. Rest for 90 seconds and do it again. Same weights, same scheme. In the last 8 sentences I just made your life a living hell, you'll know if you are doing this right or not by the look on your face.

Once you get done hop off and start warming up your hamstrings, squatting is next and I don't want any injuries. Do a couple sets to get your hams filled with blood. Do a warm up set on the squats to make sure you are ready to go, but do it quickly and get ready for more torture. Take 75% of your one rep max on the squat and load it up on the bar.

"Ideally this should take you 29 minutes from walking in the gym to passing out on the floor."

Jump under there, do 20 reps squeezing at the top, rest 90 seconds, do it again. 20 reps, all in a row, all with good form; abs tight, head up, full range of motion. Rack the weight, and take a nap right there, have your partner get your shake to start drinking. Ideally this should take you 29 minutes from walking in the gym to passing out on the floor.

The Warning

Here is a warning? this sucks. It hurts, it's not fun, it will make you cry, you won't be able to walk. However, it will make your quads grow like no other in the world! Huge, cut and awesome. It burns that deep fat right off. This is for advanced trainers, but anyone can try it. I would like some of your feedback on it also. If you can, when you are, done do a couple sets for your hamstrings, don't neglect those.

I was looking at the "50 Best sellers" on the updates page and personally I think it is a little disheartening that everyone talks about getting big, but Nlarge 2 is only at #7 and Guggubolic is at #1. What gives kids? Last I checked, Guggulbolic won't make you big, but slamming 600 calories real quick a few times a day combined with a couple pounds of chicken and bags of rice will. Next time that list comes out, it should start with N Large 2, then Whey protein, then maybe some ECA stacks or Guggulbolic. Get big first, then cut.

I just wanted to share this routine with you, as promised I'll get the Shadow III out soon enough!

Train hard, eat harder


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