Dial In Your Plan To Achieve Summer Perfection - Part 1.

Now that summer is upon us I would like to share my third phase which inlcudes an addition to diet.

I had written a couple articles a while ago describing what I have been doing for summer prep. I just got done reading Big Red's article about getting shredded for summer while maintaining muscle mass. I thought I would give you my third phase to perfection for summer.

Well here is where things pick up for me, things get intense. This is the time when I have to make a few sacrifices for what I want to achieve. Luckily I have a great girl that is supporting me every step of the way. She is just as much into fitness as I am, and that makes a huge difference.


Let's talk diet first. My training has taken a twist so my diet has expanded a little bit also. I have added some calories and foods I didn't eat in the first two phases. The first two phases were to get rid of winter fat and get things in gear for summer. Now that it is here it is time to show it off. I have added more fruits and vegetables to my diet, along with more meats and different carbs to fill out the muscles more.

Here is a sample meal plan with guides as to why:

Meal 1: 20 Minutes After Wake Up
Meal 2: 1 Hour After The Shake
Meal 3: Post Training I
Meal 4: 2 Hours After PTI
Meal 5: 2 Hours After
Meal 6: Post Training II
Meal 7: 1 Hour After PTII
Meal 8: Right Before Bed


I am using a split routine trying to get the frequency up through the week. Trying to hit every muscle once every 4 days instead of 6. Arms I am trying to hit every other day, something I want to try as I need to get my arms bigger.

Day 1 ///

Morning: Chest

Evening: Arms

Day 2 ///

Morning: Quads

Evening: Back

Day 3 ///

Morning: Shoulders

Evening: Arms

Day 4 & Sometimes Day 5


Day 6

    Start Over

I mix and match all the exercises up all the time, this is just a sample routine of what I do. I sometimes can't always train twice per day so if and when I have to I will do it all in one session. Then I cut down the sets. All sets, except for warm-up sets are done with 6-8 reps as heavy as I can go.

I usually get a spot on my last 2-3 sets for the last 1-2 reps. I train calves every other day to warm up. Abs are done on the days calves aren't to warm up. After every workout I get on the Stairmaster or treadmill and hit some cardio for 20-30 minutes. Then I stretch for about 10-15 minutes after that. Then I get back to my room and hit the poses for about 30 minutes.


My next article will talk about my supplementation during this phase. I am experimenting with a couple things so I want to devote more time to filling you guys in on it. Get at me with any questions.

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