Be A Freak!

Learn how to be a freak. Crank up the intensity. Use this true story of how I train as your motivation! You will want to print this and read it every day.

My last article I was giving an overview of what is going on with me in my realm of lifting, nutrition and preparation for summer. This article I am going to focus on what I am doing in the gym...being a freak that's what.

Being A Freak

Remember I am trying to toss on some thickness and bulk in my muscles through weight training, and trimming off some fat through nutrition and cardio. Well its working, pretty good I might add. I see differences everyday.

Every week my workouts get better, they are so much more fun cause I am looking good and getting strong. Here is what it's like for me in the gym. Remember, I go to school with the kids I lift with so they know how I really am.

When I step foot to my locker and change my shoes for training, its like turning on a switch. I become a creature, not a human. I look to tear apart anyone and everyone in my way to hugeness and I don't care how I do it. I can feel my heart start jumping and my body saying,

"Beat me into the ground like a red-headed step-child.
I want punishment. I want to be a freak.

I go and fill up my water bottle at the fountain, at the time I am scoping out the scene, thinking about what exercises I am going to do, how much weight I will be doing. Things like that. I head back downstairs to the powerlifting pits and my partner and I start warming up real slow, nothing hard, just enough to get lose and ready to kick ass.

So by this time I have taken off my warm up jacket and my skin tight shirt is clung around and ready to be shown off. We start loading up plates for whatever we are doing, then like two savages out of the darkness we toss around iron like a pimp and an undisciplined ho.

By now the sweat has started to bead up, veins are coursing around like the internet and I can't see straight I am so excited. We start yelling and getting transfixed by the swell we are getting. After we do our first couple of power/mass movements in hiding, we arise from the dungeon and join the amateurs in the regular world.

Do You Psyche Yourself Up For A Workout By Yelling In Public?

Yes - The Barbells Quake At My Approach!
No - I'm Timid And Shy.

Triceps Day

Tricep Dips:

    On Triceps days we will sometime start over at the dip bar. Crank out a set of 25-30 real fast like a track star, stretch them out a little bit and then grab a belt. The belt has attached to it a 45 pound plate with which we jump up and crank out a set of 12 easier than a freshman on prom night.

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    Now, we have somewhat of a crowd, all the kids in the area take a break to see what we are up to, wondering how we got so strong. So we toss on a 25 on top of that, just to tease them a little bit, cause we are still cold of course.

    Crank out another set, people run and get their friends and in turn they get their friends. So now we have to put on a show, so on goes another 45 pounder. Two cookies hanging between our feet as we crank out dips as easy as the set without any cookies.

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Dips: Triceps Version
Exercise Data
Main Muscle Worked: Triceps
Other Muscles Worked: Chest, Shoulders
Equipment: BodyOnly
Mechanics Type: Compound

    Have we finished?...No.

    We grab another one and start our working sets giving a show to those who paid for the front row. Now everyone has taken a seat and gotten out a pen a paper and are taking notes. All the blood has pooled in our carved out tri's and we are ready to move on.

Overhead Extensions:

    Across the room are the dumbbell's, a little overhead extension action seems eminent.

    We hurl the gigantic DB's up over our head and start tossing, all eyes on us. We start getting a little crazy, dedicating sets to people..."Hey bro, this set right here is for you."

    I threw down after a set once and a kid looked at me and said,

    "That weighs more than my car!"

    God damn right it does, I want to be a freak, so I train like a freak. It just so happens we have DB's here or I would be doing it with your car. Hell, if I had to I would come to your house and workout with your family, I don't care. I have goals.

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    Now we cruise over to the cable machine for some pushdowns, no f***ing around here though, we put the pin right at the bottom to include all the weights. How would you feel if you were left out of something great? Just throw down, that's all I can say.

    Now we have all the blood in the world strapped into our muscles as they tear our shirts as we strut away with our heads held high, cause we know we have done it once again.


Our intensity level is so high, we can only see the weights and sets ahead of us. We can't hear people talking to us, or fire alarms going off. I just ignore people if they ask me a question while I am lifting.

Of course when I am done, after I drink my shake, I always go back, apologize and ask what they need. My point here is if YOU want to be a freak, you have to be intense. Screwing around won't get it done.

It has been 3 weeks since I wrote the last article, and since then I have made GREAT gains on my program that I outlined in it.

I want to thank all those people that watch us, we get a lot of motivation from you. We know we can't let you down, so we always have to do our best. For everyone that has ever emailed me with questions, please drop me a line and let me know how your training is coming.

Do something everyday to make yourself a champion.