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You're a Socializer! Here are the pitfalls associated with your fitness personality and how to overcome them. Reset, rebuild, and rewire!

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You've taken the Rewired fitness personality test and found that your predominant personality type is the Socializer. Congratulations! This is the first step toward a new you.

As a Socializer, you face specific challenges that may cause you to lose track of your fitness goals. I'm here to help you overcome this array of challenges and put the best parts of your personality to work for you.

I don't want to change who you are. I want help you embrace who you are so you can make calculated and informed changes. Armed with the knowledge about your personality type below, you'll be able to identify and overcome hurdles that frequently face Socializers. You'll be able to reset, rebuild, and rewire your fitness life.

The Socializer
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Potential Obstacles

Once you can determine which issues keep you from achieving your fitness goals, you can learn how to conquer them. Here are some of the biggest obstacles Socializers have to overcome:

Easily Influenced

Socializers are often easily influenced by the people around them. They tend to do what other people are doing and like to be part of a group. Being around a social group which doesn't support your fitness goals can be a huge challenge.

Too Much Food and Alcohol

The Socializer is always the life of the party. Wherever you find the Socializer, you'll find friends, food, and alcohol. It's also common for the Socializer to have a career that calls for him or her to entertain colleagues or clients. If this sounds familiar, then you probably have a fair amount of hidden calories in your diet. Between the cocktails and restaurant food, you probably eat way more than you think you do.

"I have a lot of social struggles in terms of fitness. If somebody wants to go out and have a great meal, dessert, and a number of cocktails, I'm always all for it. That piles up." – Chris Ullery, 10% Socializer

Constant Comparison

Sometimes, Socializers spend too much time comparing themselves to others. If you're constantly worried about other people's progress, you may end up unhappy with your own. Negativity can be a tough hurdle to get over.

Talking Instead of Training

The gym is a social outlet for many Socializers. While that's good in theory, Socializers can actually spend more time talking than they do training. If you spend a couple hours in the gym but don't even break a sweat, you know you might not be working as hard as you could be.

Breaking Habits

Now that we identified some of your potential pitfalls, here are some of the ways you can transform them into proactive behaviors.

Surround Yourself With Like Minds

I'm not telling you to ditch all of your old friends, but I suggest you encourage your current friends to take up training or find more friends with similar fitness goals. Because you're easily influenced by people around you, make sure you're being influenced to make healthy choices.

You may also want to find a training partner. Find someone with a different personality type; someone who will keep you accountable and stop you from talking too much between sets. The perfect training partner will reel you back in and keep you focused and on track.

Plan Social Events and Vacations as Rewards

Fitness should be fun, but don't lose sight of your goal to stay committed to your fitness plan. Because you like events, parties, and vacations, you can use them to your advantage. If you have a vacation planned, use it as motivation and a reward.

"I love to ski, but I love to ski and have a PBR. So when I'd go skiing and couldn't have a PBR, that's what made me sad because I associated PBR with skiing and fun." – Lindsey Sapien, 20% Socializer

If you've been on track for 30 days, host a party or go out to dinner. In order for your fitness to be a permanent change, you have to enjoy it. Associate your healthy lifestyle with fun and enjoyment, not deprivation.

Focus On The 90/10 Plan

Your social life is important to you, so focus on eating clean and avoiding alcohol 90 percent of the time. Once per week, have a good meal or enjoy a beverage. This way, you're not depriving yourself. If you deprive yourself, you might build up those cravings in your head until all you think about is the end of the program when you can quit.

The Next Step

Before jumping into the program, I encourage you to take some time to reflect. Watch some of the other fitness personality videos because we all have a little of each personality type. The more you know about yourself, your potential challenges, and how to use your personality traits to your advantage, the more successful you'll be.

After you view the personality videos, watch the Clean Slate video. In it, you'll learn the tools and tips to help you achieve your goals. From there, you can begin the Rewired program with your specific hurdles and action points in mind.

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