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Once you know your fitness personality mix and accompanying obstacles, it's time to clean the slate, set yourself up for success, and rewire. We'll show you how!

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Everything that we've talked about up until this point has been about addressing your personality: the traits, behaviors, and things that not only make you who you are, but could hold you back from achieving your fitness goals. Now, it's time to clean the slate. It's time to reset, rebuild, and rewire.

Clean Slate
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You'll use the next nine weeks not just to change on the outside, but to make a change on the inside. You'll learn how to turn your liabilities into assets and create a program you can sustain to create a lasting fitness lifestyle. Here's how to start:

Set A Goal

The most important thing about setting a goal is to break down your major goal into small, achievable chunks. It's great to work toward your ultimate physique, but you're not going to achieve it overnight; it's certainly not going to happen in nine weeks. If you think it will, you only set yourself up for frustration.

I believe in stepping stones. Every small goal will carry you forward to your big goal.

I believe in stepping stones. Every small goal will carry you forward to your big goal. If you create a short-term goal—something that's reasonable and attainable—you'll be more likely to achieve it. Feeling consistently successful will build your enthusiasm and motivation to keep working.

Find Your Dedication

I think your mindset and mental preparation for your journey into fitness are vital. One of the biggest reasons people fail is that they skip the commitment process. Commitment means unwavering dedication to your goal. No matter what happens in your life, no matter which excuses you might have, being committed means you're devoted to your goal. So, before you even start planning how you're going to achieve your fitness goal, you need to commit 100 percent.

It's also important to recognize how your environment can influence your behaviors. If you're a Socializer, your friends and family are going to have a major impact on some of the decisions you make. If you're a Provider, your kids, spouse, and job may influence how and when you practice fitness. If you're a Feeler, your emotional state may change the way you train and eat. It's important to recognize these potential obstacles so you can plan how to overcome them.

Track Your Progress

The next important step is learning how to track your progress. Sign up for BodySpace, get your body fat measured, log your workouts, take photos, and do regular weigh-ins. Track your progress with actual numbers and photos to help you measure progress beyond how you feel. It will also help you stay motivated and plot your next success.

Start The Program

Rewired is a nine-week program which will help you create new habits to carry you through your life. The training, nutrition, and supplement regimens are easy to follow and will garner results. They're designed so that you can easily fit them into your daily routine right now.

If you haven't already, make sure you take the Rewired personality test and watch the corresponding videos before you start training. It's also a great idea to watch all of the personality videos because we each tend to have multiple fitness personalities.

Before you begin the program, take a "before" photo so you can mark where your journey began. It's also important to tell your family and friends about the journey you're about to embark on. With those tasks accomplished, you can dive into the training, nutrition, and supplementation specifics.

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The Thinker | The Feeler | The Socializer | The Provider

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