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An Interview With Ever Popular James Marin, AKA JamerJay!

James D. Marin (aka. JamerJay) has one of the most popular profiles on BodySpace and it's no secret why! Read on to see what one of Bodybuilding.com's most popular & fittest members has to say about nutrition, training and life!

By: Jaime Filer

James D. Marin, aka. JamerJay. His BodySpace page is one of the most popular on Bodybuilding.com, and it's no secret why if you've seen his photo album and/or watched each of the YouTube Videos. He is truly remarkable for keeping himself in such great shape and for staying dedicated despite having multiple jobs and being so young. Why does he do it?

According to his BodySpace profile: "I took up working out (some may say religion) at age 17. I was around 125 lbs when I started out & 6 ft tall. I took it up for myself. Vanity, women, etc. were not driving forces for me - women come and go, cars and material objects come and go, but your body, motivation, dedication and lifestyle stay with you to the very end."

As you'll read in the interview, his body fat doesn't go above 9% and he doesn't have an off-season. Staying in that kind of condition takes the kind of dedication and love for the sport many people don't have.

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I Took Up Bodybuilding For Myself.

It really was an honor to interview him. Read on to see what one of Bodybuilding.com's most popular members has to say about nutrition, training and life.

Jamer Jay: The People's Champ

[ Q ] Tell me a little bit about how you got into training and fitness in the beginning.

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My Lack Of Size, Coupled With My
Height Made Me Decide To Start Lifting Weights.

    I spent the next few years more into bodybuilding than anything else. I think at my heaviest I was 228 lbs or so. I cut back to 200 lbs and decided I preferred that look. I eventually moved more into fitness just before turning 22. I liked the feeling of combing function, well shaped muscle with low body fat.

[ Q ] What kind of supplementation do you use?

    [ A ] I have used tons of different creatine powders over the years and I felt they helped me out during my first few years of training. However, I no longer really use creatine, as I like to keep lean most of the time and I don't feel I really benefit from it when in that state.

    I mostly use a good multivitamin, some flax seed oil on occasion, NO-Xplode for energy, whey protein, and the occasional protein bar or low calorie fitness food to keep me ticking.


JamerJay Workout Video!

    I no longer really use creatine most of the time due to keeping lean and being ready. I'll sometimes use it but it has to be a few weeks before I'd do a shoot. I use a multivitamin in the mornings, especially when I'm on a lower carb day. I use a NO product - like NO-Xplode before I hit the gym for an increase in energy and focus - that and I love the taste.

[ Q ] What is your nutrition regime like? Does it vary much between your off-season and on-season?

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All Meals Are Spaced 2-3 Hours Apart.

[ Q ] How much cardio do you do (on-season/off-season)? How do you manage to put on muscle at such a low body fat? Are your energy levels low, if not, why not?

    [ A ] I don't really have an off-season these days. I used to go through off-season, gaining around 10 lbs over the course of around 8 weeks, lean-slow bulking. These days I carb cycle. I go low carb (just under 100) from Monday to Thursday and high carb (regular bulk days) Friday through the weekend.

    I keep my cardio to around 3 times a week for 45 minutes at a 4 incline or slow and low intensity - a fast walk. I don't want to go intense because I don't have the carbs to do it and instead of burning fat I would end up burning muscle as fuel.


[ Click here to learn more. ]
Cardio For Bodybuilders!
While dieting for a bodybuilding competition, the ultimate goal is to lose body fat while maintaining the amount of muscle you have.
Derek Charlebois

    I find the low carb days and cardio keep me in check. I keep lean/get leaner and keep muscle by doing it this way. If I need to gain weight or cut more, I'll increase or lower the number of low carb days during the week.

[ Q ] What is your training regime like?

    [ A ] My training regime is focused around a 5-day weight split. I do cardio for 8-10 minutes at the end of my workouts these days to keep lean and to warm down.

    I normally go from 6-8 reps for a few weeks and then switch it up to 8-12 reps. It depends on what I'm trying to achieve at the time.

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My Training Regime Is Focused
Around A 5 Day Weight Split.

    I try to stick to around 13 or so sets per body part - 6 to 8 on smaller body parts like biceps/triceps, with 3-4 different exercises and compound exercises first. Sometimes I'll go a little higher on the volume to shock things up for a couple of weeks and then lower the volume.

    I train abs 3-4 times a week and love to do hanging leg raises and cable crunches as my main exercises.

    • Monday: Chest, Abs & Core
    • Tuesday: Back
    • Wednesday: Cardio/Off
    • Thursday: Shoulders, Chest, Abs & Core
    • Friday: Arms, Abs & Core
    • Saturday: Legs
    • Sunday: Cardio/Off

    Sometimes I have to miss a day and bring days forward but that's how it usually goes.


JamerJay Workout Video!

[ Q ] What do you do for a living? How do you balance the modelling/life? Where does normal life/competition fit in?

[ Q ] What is your body fat year round?

    [ A ] I try to keep below 9% body fat year round. If I bulk, I would draw the line at around that body fat percentage. It's a lot different to bodybuilding. A lot of those guys end up looking so overweight in standard clothing until they diet down. Whereas I could pretty much go unnoticed year round in clothing. Until I take my top off, of course.

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I Try To Keep Below 9% Body Fat Year Round.

[ Q ] How do you feel about all the attention you've been getting recently?

    [ A ] It is nice to see people tell me that they get inspired/motivated by my videos. I am by no means a big guy these days. I do not have a 500 lb bench press or 20 inch biceps, but I am in good shape/condition and decided to go a different approach to motivating others.

    I did this by releasing videos on YouTube. I found the majority of fitness videos on that website were done by guys very much full of themselves; flexing, etc. But none of them really motivated you as a viewer.


The Story So Far!

    My approach was to tell a story with a combination of music and workout videos. I have always loved cinematography, music, and video editing, so it was always a fun thing for me to do.

[ Q ] What is your most memorable accomplishment to date?

    [ A ] With fitness and modeling? Probably qualifying as a personal trainer and shooting in LA with Bill Comstock earlier this year - kind of picked up my modeling.

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My Most Memorable Accomplishment Is
Qualifying As A Personal Trainer.

[ Q ] What's the motivation that keeps you going? The one (or however many) thing that keeps you going when you're starting to go crazy from training and dieting?

    [ A ] The thing that keeps me in check the majority of the time is that I need to keep/get leaner in case of doing a shoot. That and I just like to look in shape as best I can. It is not much of a hardship after awhile and the results you get are worth it.

[ Q ] If you could give one piece of advice to someone who needs that little extra push in the gym or their diet, what would it be?

    [ A ] I think people should enjoy life and find an inner sense of peace before starting to hit the gym. The gym won't change you mentally or as a person, so it's important you have the right attitude before hitting the gym. Don't get me wrong, take out any frustrations you have in the real world out in the gym, but also make sure that you are enjoying life and not shying away from other advantages due to diet, etc. Because that will make it very hard in the future.

    In addition, train for yourself. Don't train because of women or as a New Year's Resolution. Train because you want to become fitter and look better. It's not a quick fix and it isn't an instant pass to the girl of your dreams.

    Diet and successful training come in a package. You aren't going to see results if you are eating badly after training throughout the day. When you buy your membership to a gym you are buying a pass to the healthier food section of the supermarket.

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Diet & Successful Training Come In A Package.

    Keep to purchasing non processed foods, quality/complex carbohydrates like brown rice, yams, whole grain cereals, oats, green vegetables, lots of water, and lots of lean protein sources - it's the best start anyone can have.

    You just have to remember that you should be doing this for yourself. If you keep pushing yourself in the gym, eating well and are keeping focused on your short-term goals for yourself, you will be ok.

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An Interview With Ever Popular James Marin, AKA JamerJay!

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