Jake Wilson's Project Mass: Intraset Stretching

Intraset stretching - An advanced training technique that takes advantage of two important muscle-growth mechanisms to help you build more size.

Intraset stretching is a completely novel technique our lab has just introduced in the last year. This method takes advantage of two important mechanisms of hypertrophy: It increases muscular tension, which leads to more damage, and it increases the cell-swelling response. Activating these mechanisms leads to more growth!

When you get a pump, the connective tissue around your muscle stretches. If you combine this stretch with the added tension of holding a weight at a stretched position, your muscles go through a huge amount of damage.

This technique is also great because it's easy to implement into your workouts and can be utilized to hit multiple muscle groups. Check out the video on this page to see intraset stretching in action. For even more information on how to apply this technique to various lifts, check out this article.

Project Mass Trainer Intraset Stretching
Watch The Video - 3:35

To perform intraset stretching, complete a regularly prescribed set to muscle failure. Once you're done with that set, allow the weight you're lifting to put the muscle on stretch. You don't need to actively stretch the target muscle group; just allow the weight to sit on the activated muscle.

Once you've let the muscle stretch under load for 30 seconds, strip a considerable amount of weight and perform another set to failure. After you hit failure, stretch again for 30 seconds.

You'll do this technique with various exercises and muscle groups, so you may have to experiment until you find the stretch—appropriate position on the exercises prescribed throughout Project Mass. For a perfect example of how to stretch your calves on the leg press machine, make sure you check out the video above.

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