Dymatize Project Mass Trainer: Cycle 3, Microcycle 3, Day 87

Whether you're pulling up your body weight or rowing a stack of weights, be sure to give today's pull session everything you've got!
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Today you'll be doing a lot of pulling movements that engage everything from your lats and middle back to your shoulders, biceps, and forearms. Remember to stretch in between. Stretching can not only reduce your chance of injuring an overworked muscle, it can also increase the blood supply to muscle and cartilage, reducing post-workout soreness. The less sore you are, the sooner you can give your training your best efforts.

Today's tough hypertrophy workout also calls for intraset stretching and blood flow restriction, so make sure you have your wraps and your mind ready for action.

Project Mass Trainer Blood Flow Restriction
Watch The Video - 7:10

Pull Hypertrophy


Meal 1
Meal 2
Meal 3: Pre-Workout
Post-Workout Snack
Meal 4
Pre-Bed Snack
Daily Total
Calories 3,447
Total Fat 71g
Total Carbs 426g
Protein 227g
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