Dymatize Project Mass Trainer: Cycle 3, Microcycle 3, Day 82

Push your limits with today's chest and triceps training session! It's time to build some serious pushing power.
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By now, the exercises in today's workout should be drilled into your head. Remind yourself that "practice makes perfect." Use that to fuel your drive you, but remember that your goal is progress, not perfection. Stay true to your rest periods and make sure the last few reps on that final set feel nearly impossible. Never sell yourself short. The body only goes as far as the mind dictates. This will be a tough workout, so get ready for your date with the iron.

Workout: Push Strength


Meal 2
Meal 3: Pre-Workout
Post-Workout Snack
Daily Total
Calories 3,392
Total Fat 14g
Total Carbs 416g
Protein 267g
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