Dymatize Project Mass Trainer: Cycle 3, Microcycle 1, Day 65

Well-defined wheels are the difference between an incredible physique and a decent physique. Carve out a killer lower body with today's workout!

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You've done it: You've reached the final cycle of Project Mass! By now, your body has been hammered into iron shape. You've got six burly microcycles ahead of you still, so it's important to push harder and resist the urge to throw in the towel.

Start off strong with today's epic leg strength workout. If you've been tracking your lift numbers—and I hope you have—you should be able to lift as much or more on every exercise today. If you're feeling really good, consider going for a new 3-rep max! Either way, lift with everything you've got.

Workout: Leg Strength

Barbell Squat

4 sets of 3 reps
Barbell Squat Barbell Squat


Barbell Deadlift

4 sets of 3 reps
Barbell Deadlift Barbell Deadlift


Leg Press

4 sets of 3 reps
Leg Press Leg Press


Romanian Deadlift

4 sets of 3 reps
Romanian Deadlift Romanian Deadlift

Cycle 3, Microcycle 1 Nutrition

Once again, it's time to change things up so that you never plateau. In Cycle 3, you'll add about 200-300 more calories to your daily intake. You'll down almost 250 grams of protein, 70 grams of fat, and roughly 330 grams of carbs per day. This program isn't for the faint of heart. Remember, you need to eat big and lift big. Never stop growing!


ground beef

12% fat ground beef 4 oz

whole eggs

whole eggs 3


cheddar cheese 1/4 cup


chobani greek yogurt 3 cups

Meal 2
boneless pork loin

boneless pork loin chop 4 oz

barbecue sauce

barbecue sauce 2 tbsp

brown rice

brown rice 1 1/2 cups


apple 1

dymatize 100

Meal 3: Pre-Workout

chicken breast skinless 5 oz


orange 1

rice cakes

rice cakes 5

Post-Workout Snack
dymatize 100

sports drink

sports drink (gatorade or powerade)

Meal 4
turkey burger

turkey burger 1

whole wheat bun

whole wheat bun 1


sweet potato 1


blueberries 150 g

Daily Total
Calories 2,947
Total Fat 71g
Total Carbs 340g
Protein 237g

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