2006 IFBB West Palm Beach Figure And Fitness Report.

The first pro show to hit West Palm Beach with IFBB pro and figure took place October 7, 2006 in a small intimate venue. See who took the top spots and who is retiring. Read on for more!
The first pro show to hit West Palm Beach with IFBB pro and figure took place October 7, 2006 in a small intimate venue. Promoted by John P. Organ, an NPC National judge, and trainer in West Palm Beach was well run and a fun event. I applaud John on his efforts to help keep pro fitness and figure thriving in the IFBB.

What Do IFBB And NPC Stand For?
IFBB stands for the "International Federation of Bodybuilding & Fitness". Visit their website at http://www.ifbb.com/. (The IFBB is for professional competitors.)

NPC stands for "National Physique Committee, Inc." Visit their website at http://www.npcnewsonline.com/. (The NPC is for amateur competitors.)

He is looking to add an amateur portion to the show next year, which I believe will help in selling more tickets. The event had 2006 Fitness Olympia champion Adela Garcia guest performing one week after she reclaimed her title in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

Also appearing as special guests were Debi Laszewski who is preparing for NPC Nationals - slated to be held in just a few weeks, and Darrem Charles, who dazzled the crowd with his always impressive posing.

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Darrem Was A Bit Off At The 2006 Olympia,
Which Led To His 16th Placing.

More Pics/Results From The 2006 Olympia.

Last, but certainly not least, was IFBB Pro Figure competitor Valerie Waugaman who has been the talk of the figure world since the Olympia. Valerie performed the first ever "figure posing routine".

It was interesting and had the music been cut better and choreographed a bit more she could have pulled it off. She took a step at giving figure competitors a chance at doing more than showing up and looking pretty.

If this concept is to take off it needs to be more polished so it doesn't come across as hokey and amateurish. The show had a great turnout for competitors with 26 figure and 13 fitness competitors taking the stage.

Valerie Waugaman Valerie Waugaman
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The Lovely Valerie Waugaman.


After pre-judging it looked like Olympia Figure runner-up Amber Littlejohn would be crowned the champ. Amber looked every bit as good here as she did last week at the Olympia. Nipping at her heels is top 6 Olympian, Gina Aliotti.

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Amber Littlejohn.

Gina looked to be in second followed by Tara Scotti in third. Gina is definitely one of the stars in the figure world and after chatting with her this weekend, she has a good head on her shoulders and should take things far in her career. I had the chance to shoot with her after the show and she is not only a great competitor but tremendous model.

Tara looked much better at this show then she did last week at the Olympia. It will be a nice ending to her IFBB pro career as this is the last time she will put on the clear shoes and strut her stuff on stage. I did a bit of an interview with Tara while at the show and more to come on that later.

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In 4th it looked to be Danielle Hollenshade who was able to bring things together for her best pro showing to date. The spark was back for Danielle and you could see her radiate on stage. I'd have Christine Wan in 5th based on the callouts but getting there isn't a walk in the park for her at this show with a few others looking to slide into that spot.

One to watch in the upcoming shows is a beautiful and stunning woman from Brazil, Juliana Malacarne. She was a bit hard for this show but if she were to bring a similar package to the 2007 Arnold stage (and she gets my vote for an invite) she is a contender.

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Juliana Malacarne.

I'm getting a little better at picking the results after attending countless shows this year. The final results turned out as I had thought and the judges did a good job with this show. I'd like to see Juliana get her due in a few weeks as she travels to Sacramento before returning home to Brazil.

This woman has an incredible physique and gorgeous on stage. Others that did well at this show were Cheri Lewis who placed in the top ten and brought a great package to the stage.

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Dina Al-Sabah.

Veteran Dina Al-Sabah has the tiniest waist you will ever see and had tremendous stage presence. I spoke with her after the show and she was happy with how she looked and didn't let her poor callouts bother her.

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Figure Top 5.

    Figure Pro Pictures here.
    Guest Posing Pictures here.


Notes after prejudging: This was Julie Palmer's show. She brought her best physique to date and was much more polished then in her earlier shows of the year. She looked better here then she did at the Olympia and I thought she looked great at the O.

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Julie Palmer.

Julie deserves to be called out next to Fitness Champ Adela Garcia at the Arnold if she brings this same look to the stage.

Adela Garcia-Friedmansky
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Fitness Olympia Champion,
Adela Garcia-Friedmansky.

She's improved on her routines and won this show without question. Second looks to go to Angie Semsch based on the callouts.

My fitness stand out goes to Julie Lohre though. Julie looks the best I have seen her, very poised on stage, great physique, looks smaller and tighter then when I saw her in Dallas. Her 45 second routine was one of the best of the day. I'd personally have her in the top three and I hope she gets the 'O' qualification here as she is worthy of it from what she brought to the stage.

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Julie Lohre.

Mindi O'Brien should round out the top five. She didn't get the top 5 callouts in the first round but should have, they moved her up into the top five callouts in the second round.

Mindi brought a much softer look this show and it looks great on her. The 45 second round should go to Jane Prado, this woman has mad hops and if she could streamline her physique she'd do some damage.

The top three were only announced at night and score sheets were not available at the time of writing this. The only complaint would be the size of the stage, but the competitors all did a great job of adapting to the stage and putting on a great show.

Newcomer Hollie Stewart put on an amazing routine at the night show. Her two minute routine was one of the best and will make a name for herself in upcoming shows. Heidi Fletcher also improved from her Olympia showing. She is one of the more animated performers on stage and if she gives her body a rest, I look for her to come on strong in 2007.

    Fitness Pro Pictures here.
    Guest Posing Pictures here.


This was a great addition to the IFBB women's list of shows. West Palm Beach is a beautiful place and made for a relaxed weekend. After the show nearly every competitor headed to the conveniently located Cheesecake Factory across the street.

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IFBB Figure Pro Tara Scotti.

There was a small after party at a club called Blue Martini where a few people found their way to after indulging in the long awaited cheesecake.

This show brings to an end the competitive careers of Mavis Tozzi who looked great, Amber Littlejohn who captured her first title and Tara Scotti who has long been a top competitor. We'll see if the bug hits either of these women to compete again next year or if they will be able to hang it up as they said this weekend.