An Interview With NPC Figure Competitor And Fitness Model Ava Cowan.

NPC Figure Competitor And Fitness Model Ava Cowan was kind enough to take some time and allow me to ask a few questions about who she is and a little about her competition and modeling experience. Learn more right here!
Ava has only two shows under her competitive belt, but you'd never know it by her polished physique and stage presence. Currently residing in Florida, Ava is preparing for the NPC Jr. Nationals where she hopes to walk away an IFBB figure pro in just her third show.

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You may recognize her from BSN ads or a recent cover of Natural Muscle Magazine.

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She's also appeared in a number of other fitness magazines. Ava Cowan is a name you'll be seeing more and more throughout the year. provides you with a closer look at who this rising star is.

The Interview

[ Q ] Basic Info:

[ Q ] What's the best part about living in Florida?

    It is so tropical and beautiful. Right now it is amazing!

[ Q ] If you didn't live there, where would you reside and why?

    Possibly move back to Los Angeles. There are more opportunities in the fitness industry there.

[ Q ] An Army Brat and a Catholic school girl, hmmm. You didn't rebel at all did

    Ha ha... yeah, slightly.

Ava Cowan
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The Lovely Ava Cowan.

[ Q ] Any pets?

    I have a Blue Russian cat named Tootie.

[ Q ] Tootie, eh? How did you come to name your cat "Tootie"?

    I tried to come up with an exotic name, but that Denny's commercial was running all of the time... Rootie Tootie, Fresh & Fruity - LOL... It just stuck!

[ Q ] Occupation?

Ask A Fitness Model! Ask A Fitness Model!
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[ Q ] What's your heritage?

    French Canadian, Dutch, Scottish, and Sicilian.

[ Q ] Competition History/Results?

    2005 NPC Southern States Figure Overall Winner. That was my first show. Then I went a month later to the 2005 North American and placed 3rd in my height class.

[ Q ] So you're telling me that this will only be your third show at Jr. Nationals,


[ Q ] What's up next for you on the competition stage? Where can all the Cowan
         fans see you compete?

    I will be in Chicago for the Junior Nationals on June 16-17, 2006. I will also compete in the Figure Nationals and the USA's.

Ava Cowan
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Ava During Competition.

[ Q ] What did you want to be growing up?

    I don't know, and I am still working on that.

[ Q ] You've been popping up all over the place lately - BSN ads, covers of fitness
         magazines, etc. How did you get your start in the fitness industry?

    I went to school to be a personal trainer and when I received my certifications, I just wanted to see what I could do with my physique by applying that knowledge to myself. It was really just a personal challenge to take a risk in my life regardless of other's opinions about doing so.

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[ Q ] What's been the biggest learning experience getting work as a fitness model?

    You have to believe in yourself, and you have to keep pushing. Doing at least one thing daily that is beneficial to your career.

[ Q ] Have you done or do you have any desire to do modeling outside of the fitness

    Yes, I do. I think that combining glamour and fitness has yet to be done in the mainstream media. Agents are very quick to point out to me that top men's interests magazines are looking for only one type of woman. I feel that men really appreciate a fit and feminine woman.

Ava Cowan
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You Have To Believe In Yourself.

[ Q ] Will we be seeing a blonde or brunette Ava on stage this year?


[ Q ] Did you notice any difference in the way people treated you or reacted as a
         blonde vs. brunette?

    No not really. But I have gotten a lot of compliments on the darker hair. I like it better as well. I feel more like myself.

[ Q ] What made you decide to compete in NPC Figure?

    I had originally seen Davana Medina and thought she was incredibly beautiful. I had never seen beauty and a fit physique put together like that. So I decided to give it a try.

Ava Cowan
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Ava As Brunette.

[ Q ] Why not compete in Fitness - you do have a competitive gymnastics
         background, right?

    Yes, I do. I just don't think I would have the energy. This isn't easy without a routine. I give those women a lot of credit.

[ Q ] Do you think you'll go back and try your hand at acting again?

    I am open to all possibilities. You just never know what life will bring you!

[ Q ] Considering that you're a Libra, would you say you're indecisive and change
         your mind often?

    The funny thing is that I am on the cusp of being a Scorpio. And I am a Scorpio rising if you follow that type of stuff. I am very decisive. Relentless, actually.

Ava Cowan
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Washboard Abs.

[ Q ] How would you describe yourself?

    I am a seasoned soul. I am loyal, empathetic, driven, and have a huge heart. I am very comfortable in my own skin.

[ Q ] Outside of the fitness world, what's your passion?

    Helping others in any capacity.

[ Q ] What's something that people may not know about you? Come on - one little
         secret you hide behind the pretty face.

    That I have been clean and sober for 3 years as of June 24, 2003. It is the reason I am able to finally pursue my dreams, and I am very grateful to have put that part of my life behind me.

Ava Cowan
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Just Hang On.

[ Q ] Congrats on being clean and sober for nearly 3 years. Do you feel that
         competing helps you stay on track in that regards?

    Yes, I do. I will always have that aspect of my personality that is a bit compulsive. I embrace it and redirect it to something that is a whole lot healthier.

[ Q ] What advice would you give someone who was struggling with their own
         demons and trying to kick a habit of their own?

    You have to be ready. And you have to know that no matter what it gets better. My worst day sober is 100 times better than my best day while using.

Did You See Ava In The May 2006 Edition Of Natural Muscle Magazine?

Yes, She's A Hottie!
No, Not Yet... How'd I Miss That?

    Also, that no matter how you feel at this moment, it will change. So if you are feeling horrible, I promise that will pass, so just hang on.

[ Q ] Who do you admire or look up to?

    Monica Brant. I do not know her personally, but she is amazing. I admire her strength, individuality and business savvy. In my opinion, her physique is the best in the industry, hands down.

[ Q ] The obvious question all the men reading this want to know... Is Ava single?

    I am very single. It is very hard to have a relationship when competing. I would have to date someone else who competes, no question.

Ava Cowan
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I Am Very Single.

[ Q ] Are you currently signed/endorsed by any companies?

    No, I am not.

[ Q ] Any parting words for those reading this?

    I just say follow your dreams and just come with love, the rest will come.

[ Isaac: ] Thanks for your time, Ava, and best of luck in your competitions this year. I wouldn't be surprised if you add the title IFBB Figure Pro to your growing résumé by year's end!

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