Wish They All Could Be California Girls... Meet Erica Davidson!

Erica Davidson is as adorable as they come in the fitness biz. She shares a little more about herself in this interview.
Erica Davidson is as adorable as they come in the fitness biz. She shares a little more about herself in this interview.

I met Erica at NPC Nationals last year and she's a very sweet, humble woman. She has a ton of potential and an incredible physique. Take a gander at Erica Davidson...

[ Q ] Name

    A: Erica Nicole Davidson.

[ Q ] Reside in:

    A: Roseville/Rocklin, California.

[ Q ] Wanted to be... growing up?

    A: Actress, cosmetologist, singer (even though I can't sing).

[ Q ] How did you come to work with Kim Oddo?

    A: My friend IFBB Figure Pro Rhonda Riley has always been there to help me during contest prep. She started training with him and I knew I couldn't do my own training for Nationals, so she referred me to him. The best decision I have made so far!

There is nothing wrong with hiring a nutritionist or a personal trainer that is skilled in the area of physique competition to assist you in your efforts. The extra support is also very helpful!

An Interview With Top Trainer & Nutritionist Kim Oddo.
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[ Q ] How's it been working with Kim for your contest prep?

    A: Physically rough! LOL. But Kim is SO amazing and good at what he does.

[ Q ] How long have you been working with him?

    A: Almost one year now.

[ Q ] Mentors or someone you look up to in the fitness industry:

    A: Monica Brant is who I definitely look up to. Not only because she has THE BEST physique ever but also because she is very humble. She places consistently behind Jenny Lynn and she still keeps a smile on her face and doesn't show poor sportsmanship what so ever.

[ Q ] Who does your choreography?

[ Q ] New routine planned for this year or tweaking the current one?

    A: Well... taking a break from fitness and gonna give the figure stage a try.

[ Q ] Why the switch to figure?

    A: For a few reasons I guess. Number one reason comes down to money. Fitness becomes very expensive when you consider paying a choreographer, gymnastics coach, routine music, an additional suit and a trainer it becomes very pricey!

    We would also like to buy a house this year, and for me to be traveling to more competitions this year is pretty difficult financially.

    With a busy life I was finding it very hard to find time for routine practice, gymnastics, cardio, lifting, etc. I was constantly frustrated and upset. I talked to Kim and we came to the conclusion that I give figure a shot this year and see where it takes me.

[ Q ] Number of years competing?

    A: Going on my third year.

[ Q ] Competition history:

    2002 Contra Costa Fitness - 2nd place
    2002 California State Fitness Championships - 3rd place
    2003 Contra Costa Fitness - 1st place
    2003 Contra Costa Figure - 2nd place
    2004 Fitness Nationals - 7th place

[ Q ] Next show:

[ Q ] Favorite body part to train:

    A: Shoulders.

[ Q ] Most stubborn body part to train:

    A: Urgh, my darn legs!

[ Q ] Best Feature:


[ Q ] Couldn't live without:

    A: Gum, cell phone, coffee and lip gloss.

[ Q ] How did you and your hubby meet?

    A: At the gym, our friends introduced us.

[ Q ] What's the cheesiest pick up line someone has used?

    A: Wow! Do you workout?

[ Q ] Are you a fan of Jessica Simpson's music and her hubby Nic?

    Oh, you better believe I'm a fan of Nick's! :-)

[ Q ] Sponsors:

    A: I would love to have a sponsor!

[ Q ] Web site:

[ Isaac: ] Good luck in your final weeks of prep for the Emerald Cup, Erica. I saw you on stage at Nationals and you looked great. I'm confident you'll do well in figure and wish you the best. Thanks for taking the time to share a bit about yourself with everyone here.