Meet The Man Behind The Mask At The Fitness Olympia - Choreographer Kevin Creegan.

Kevin Creegan was kind enough to take time out of his busy schedule to answer a few questions for the devoted readers of
Kevin Creegan was kind enough to take time out of his busy schedule to answer a few questions for the devoted readers of Many of you have seen his handy work but may not of known it at the time. He has an "A" list of clients and is one of the top choreographers in the business.

[ Q ] Name

    Kevin Creegan.

[ Q ] Reside in:

    South Beach Florida.

[ Q ] What keeps you in Miami?

    Mostly the weather, the diversity of people, I love walking down the street and hearing 3 or 4 different languages being spoken at the same time.

[ Q ] Get hit by any of the hurricanes?

    We were VERY lucky here in South Florida this season, not so for our Northern neighbors.

[ Q ] I read somewhere that you're the inventor of FANtasy Step, which incorporates decorated flags for an enhanced upper-body workout. Are you're the mad scientist behind this and can you tell us more about it?

    This is basically a step class which incorporates the use of a bout a 2 foot square of fabric in each hand, not only does it make the class more visually interesting, but it gives you an incredible upper body work out as well!

[ Q ] You're known for your choreography in the fitness world - is there anything else we may be missing that you're known for?

    You mean besides my fabulous cooking? (Ask Adela) and the fact that I am allergic to housework!

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[ Q ] What's your background?

    Actually my first sport was Rodeo believe it or not, I moved from that other equestrian events, then around 8 I started to do gymnastics. I was a Cheerleader in College and taught Cheerleading camps for 5 years, I later competed in Sport Aerobics, where I was U.S. National and World Champion.

[ Q ] How did you get into choreography fitness routines?

    I started with choreographing sport aerobic routines and as the rules in that sport got too restrictive I moved on to fitness which offered me much more artistic freedom.

[ Q ] Who was your first client?

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Minna Lessig.
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[ Q ] You've worked with a number of very popular fitness competitors. How do you get most of your business and come to work with the top competitors?

    So far it has been all through word of mouth, a matter of fact just this last Christmas one of my clients gave me business cards because she was tired of me being so "ghetto" and scribbling my number down on pieces of paper!

[ Q ] Care to name a few of the competitors you're currently working with?

    Adela GF, Tracey Greenwood, Angie Semsch, Kim Seely, Bridgette Newell, Sandi Ward, Anna Level, Carla Freda, as well as many NPC girls including Michelle Marciante, Celeste Turner, Jennifer Casseti, Fabiana Luzaro, Kim Seely, Kirsten Nicewarner, Sandi Ward, Sarah Krajnik, Stacey Simmons, Christine Bergeron as well as a few girls who compete in the WTF including Sylvia Ferraro, I know that I have left some names off the list and I do apologize but my brain is a little frazzled right now.

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Tracey Greenwood, Angie Semsch & Sylvia Ferraro.

[ Q ] Do you work with the competitors on their outfits and music selection? What's the process you take a new client through?

    It all depends on the client, with some of them I help pick the music, the costume the theme etc, with others they simply come to me with their music and I choreograph the routine to the music that they have chosen.

[ Q ] Word is that you're the man behind the mask - the brainchild behind Adela Garcia-Friedmansky's mask routine.

    True? Yeah, but it was a collaborative effort that's for sure!

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Adela Garcia-Friedmansky Practicing Her
Routine Before One Of Her Contests.

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[ Q ] Where do you find your creativity to continue to come up with new routines for each woman?

    Honestly I have no idea, many times I actually have dreams about moves, or I'll be watching Star Search or something and think if I "tweaked" that move it would look really cool in a fitness routine, I also watch a lot of Gymnastics, College/High School Cheer competitions, and Figure Skating.

Did You Know? Employee Tom Taylor Won Star Search 1991!

[ Q ] Do you work only with NPC and IFBB competitors?

    Primarily, but I do also work with WTF girls and occasionally FAP and Fitness World pageant girls, but I am pretty booked with the IFBB and NPC girls.

[ Q ] If no - is it different choreography for the NPC/IFBB where there are mandatory strength moves as opposed to other organizations?

    Not really too different, the mandatory moves you see in most of the routines of the other federations, the main difference I would say is that in the FAP organization it is MUCH more difficult to do well in the routine round if you are not a gymnastic, I know this is a generalization and I will probably get some shit for saying it but it is true, how many non gymnast FAP winners have there been?

NPC Fitness Rules And Moves!
In answer to the questions probably asked the most - what are the NPC women's fitness rules and scoring procedures and how one can qualify to be an IFBB professional fitness competitor? What moves are required?
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    The only one that I can think of off the top of my head is Kelly Gignilliant, (and by the way I choreographed her routine to help her look like she was a gymnast).

[ Q ] A little birdie told me that you may not be working with amateurs any longer due to your popularity and scheduling difficulties - any truth to this?

    No, that is not true, being that the prep time for the different organizations is pretty far apart it still gives me time to do both, for example the last couple of month I have been working primarily with the IFBB girls, and I am now starting to work with the NPC girls since their shows tend to start later in the season.

[ Q ] How do you assess what talent a competitor has or doesn't have?

    I try to find what a competitor does and does not look good doing, for example if you can't "hip hop" don't even try it!

    It will end up hurting your score rather then helping it, the same goes for gymnastics, nothing looks worse to me then sloppy tumbling, and if you have to run half way across the stage to do a round off you might want to rethink including that move.

    I also have new clients send me a video of past routines so I can see what they look good doing.

[ Q ] Has there ever been anyone that you couldn't help, no names of course, or are you simply the routine God?

    Honestly in all of these years there has only been one, and God knows I tried but I finally had to say:

"honey you're wasting your money, this just is not for you!"

[ Q ] It seems every competitor you work with reaches a higher level; every routine you design is what makes some of these women turn pro. What's the secret to your success in helping women reach the next level?

    Like I said earlier I believe it is my job as choreographers to find each girls strengths, and capitalize on those, also giving the ability to BELIEVE in themselves!

[ Q ] How do you know what to do with, current Ms. Olympian - Adela Garcia-Friedmanksy or Bridgette Newell, who is known for amazing routines, in their routines? They are completely different skills and styles yet they both kick ass…

    That's a tough one, they are both completely different yet equally skilled in the areas that they excel in, it's just a matter of putting a routine that suits their style, while at the same time trying to push their comfort level, and get them to try new things that they may not have thought of doing before.

[ Q ] How can you make a non-gymnast, non-dancer, non-cheerleader a pro caliber routine?

    Fitness is not a gymnastic, cheerleading or a dance contest! Fitness is "supposed" to be about fitness, strength, flexibility, and any demonstration of their athletic ability.

    I also strongly believe there needs to be some kind of "code of points" implemented so that there are values placed on each movement, for example it is just as difficult to do a one arm one leg push up as it is to do a full twisting back flip! (And yes I know I can do both)

    They just require very different kinds of strength and abilities.

[ Q ] Are these routines more difficult to choreograph or is it a matter of the competitor struggling to get through the learning curve? It is mostly a matter of getting through the learning curve in my opinion, but it is no easier for a gymnast to learn a new routine than a "non-gymnast"... each routine requires "specificity".

    It is mostly a matter of getting through the learning curve, but it is no easier for say a gymnast to learn a new routine then a "non-gymnast" each routine requires "specifity"

    For the moves in that routine, even if you were to change the order of the moves in the routine the endurance would change for getting through the routine.

[ Q ] When people come to you and seek your expertise, are you honest with their current level? Do you tell them that their skills suck or to you fluff them up and tell them they are super stars, when they really do suck?

    I am honest, but I really don't believe anyone really "sucks" I would much rather work with someone with drive and determination, then some stuck up "diva" who thinks she is all that!

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[ Q ] Any one we should be on the look out for with a new routine… the Arnold is right around the corner.

    Adela and Tracey both have great new routines for the Arnold, the show in general should be a great one and I am really looking forward to it!

[ Q ] If someone wants to get in touch with you what's the best way?

[ Q ] Have a web site?

Under construction.

Thanks! Thank you and as I always say:

"Create Yourself A Beautiful Day!"

[ Isaac: ] Thanks Kevin. We'll all look forward to seeing the new routines this season.