Jenny From The Block: An Interview With Jen Hendershott.

Hendershott is on a roll with her controversial routines, first using human props in 2003 and then busted out with a religious theme in 04. Her second place victory launched her in the top tier of the fitness world. This OSU girl shares what's up...
Jenny is from da block is back to break it all down for us.

Hendershott is on a roll with her controversial routines, first using human props in 2003 and then busted out with a religious theme in 04. Her second place victory launched her in the top tier of the fitness world. This OSU girl shares what's up behind the routine themes along with everything else she has going on.

[ Q ] Name:

    Jen Hendershott.

[ Q ] Nickname:

    AKA - Martha Stewart.

[ Q ] OSU girl, right?

    Hell ya.

[ Q ] Tough year to be a buckeyes fan, you and Bookless cry over the defeats together this year?

    Bookless and I hardly see each other and I think we cry on our own! She will probably say what I say WE beat Michigan that's all that matters. GO BUCKS!

[ Q ] If that's your story. Aight.

[ Q ] How was it growing up the only girl in the Hendershott flock?

    I was spoiled; I was always and still am called Little Sissy. My brothers and I are all so incredibly different that I can't imagine what my parents go through. It's amazing how different we all are but yet we are similar about certain things.

    I learned to be tough and I was told to not take crap from people. I am great at all kinds of sports and wish I could play football full time. I am a great quarterback. I love my brothers dearly but like every family we argue occasionally. Hey that's family right!

[ Q ] You know it buckeye. What show did you earn your IFBB Pro card?

    1999 USA middle height class in fitness I took 1st.

[ Q ] What's been the most rewarding show/placing to date?

    Oh, I have to say the most recent 2nd place at the Olympia. That was the most rewarding yet, shocking. It made all the TUNA worth eating!

Jen At The 2004 Olympia.

[ Q ] Do you do all your own choreography?

    I have two friends that help with ideas but for the most part I do it all and I sometimes can be too creative. So I call my girlfriends and share my ideas and they help me make the final decision.

    I hate that we only have 2 minutes on stage by the way. I have so much I want to do up there and I have to cram it all in, in 2 minutes. I want to perform!

[ Q ] Do you help other competitors with their routines and what's the best way for someone to get in touch with you to help with their routines?

    Yes, yes, yes, this is one of my many successful businesses, last year I worked with Adela and designed her 45 sec that helped her win the International and the Olympia. I have worked with Lisa Lowe, Jenny Worth, Tracey Greenwood and many more.

    Jen At The 2004 Fitness International.

    This year for the 2005 International I am designing Kirsten Nicewarner's routines and I am working with veteran Carla Sanchez for the Fitness International. If you need help, I am your girl but you must contact me soon my schedule is filling so quickly. You can email me at

[ Q ] At the 2003 Olympia you busted out the "Madonna/Brittany/Christina" routine, which prompted the rule of now human props. How did you come up with the idea?

    LOL, isn't that hilarious I have a rule because of me! I love it! Well, I saw it on TV and I felt like I had nothing to lose, so I went for it.

    The two girls Trisha Rich and Carrie Fickle are both former Ohio State cheerleaders and love attention like me so when I asked them they didn't even hesitate. As you can see it was a hit, people are still talking about it.

[ Q ] Yeah, it was quite the performance; I still remember it like it was yesterday. Any who… How did your fans react?

    Well of course no one is going to tell you to your face they didn't like it, so as I know everyone loved it. Thought it was a ballsy move but smart on my part. They love the fact that every time I perform I do something totally different. My fans get tired of seeing the same old.

[ Q ] As if you're 2003 Olympia routine hadn't created enough buzz, you out did yourself in 2004 by coming out in a nun outfit and performing a "Jesus" routine. What was your thinking behind including the controversial issue of religion and integrating it into your routine?

    I have been battling my faith for over a year and a half. I can be a very private person at times and I had lost 5 friends over the course of 4 months so I was struggling for a while with Death, God, prayer, and the importance of my own life.

    Jen As A Nun.

    I wanted to out do the 2003 routine so I kind of put it all together and came up with proclaiming my faith in front of the industry. Again, what do I have to lose and hey I want to entertain and I want to stand out. I loved the end result and I have since found myself and yes, God really is my homeboy.

[ Q ] Sorry to hear about the loss of your friends. Glad you found yourself and able to kick it with your homeboy.

[ Q ] You finished second at the Olympia this year, congratulations. What do you feel helped you get past the hump of consistent 3-5 placings?

    You know I think sticking with it. Don't complain. Make BIG improvements where you are lacking and mostly be patient. I have taken a lot of places I didn't feel I deserved but the 2nd at the O was a sign of relief and something that I truly deserved.

    My physique has made huge improvements and I love the way I looked, I am thrilled the judges rewarded me for my progress. My routines were creative, different, and entertaining, so all I can say is watch out at the International. Ladies, now I know what I am doing and my game face is poker straight. GRRR!

[ Q ] Congratulations on your Arnold 2005 invite - can the Jen fans expect to see another new routine that pushes the envelope?

    Oh yeah! This one is going to be good. But, I don't like bragging or talking to much about it till its over. I think if you brag you set your self up for the kill and people expect way too much from you.

    So, I will just say this, it will be brand new, it will tight and hey this is my hometown, I am performing for my hommies! They all want a WIN as bad as I do!

[ Q ] Will you be bringing a similar package as you did at the GNC and Olympia stage into the 2005 stage?

    If it ain't broke don't fix it, that's all I can say!

[ Q ] I hear you'll be helping out with this year's Arnold Fashion show again. Can you tell us more about it and if someone wants to get involved as a model or show their clothing can they still do so?

    Yes, Jim Lorimer who is the promoter of the Arnold Classic weekend wanted me last year to get involved as a chairman of the weekend so we created my position as the Chairman for the Fashion Show. This year I will be doing it again. It will be held at 12:30 on Sunday and in the Expo hall and we are doing a RED carpet theme.

    Its all volunteers who would like to model and yes are still looking for models and clothing companies that are looking for free advertising. If anyone is interested they can email me at We would love to have you!

[ Q ] You started PHAT CAMP last year - what were your goals for the first year of the camp and did you achieve them?

    Wow you know I didn't know what to expect, I was however confident that I knew what I was doing and I knew I had a lot to share.

    I love helping others and I coordinated my camps like I use to coordinate my cheerleading camps of 300 kids when I was instructing in college. I knew with my organizational skills and being a multi-tasker, I would be able to pull the camps off as a success.

[ Q ] How did the first year of your PHAT CAMP go?

    All the camps, even the first one have been great. I have been lucky to have had NO problems and each camp gets better and better by trial and error. The first camp was in Calgary Canada with 40 women and this January will be my 3rd trip to Calgary. So I guess that kind of says it all.

[ Q ] Can we expect to see another PHAT CAMP tour in 2005?

    Oh ya, it's in overload. I actually hired my friend Heather who is now my full time assistant. I have 11 camps booked and honestly could have about 15 but I had to make time for myself, right?

    I have a new website that gives you all the info for 2005, where I will be, how you can get involved, and many pics and testimonials from previous camps. Check it out at

[ Q ] What's been the most rewarding thing of doing your PHAT CAMP?

    Plain and simple I touch peoples lives in one way or another. There is nothing more rewarding then helping others achieve their goals.

[ Q ] As if you weren't busy enough you're also involved with ScreaminSpirit. Can you tell us more about it?

    It is a clothing company that supplies cheerleading and dancing team apparel. I do customized art work and I also have an online store.

    Through out the course of my business I have also been working with the 9 world gyms in Columbus supplying them with clothing in their pro-shops. ScreaminSpirit was created to generate an income for my mother. Mom is an awesome employee and she loves her job.

[ Q ] Most memorable thing of 2004 for Jenny H?

    Hmm, well my friends would say beating Kelly Ryan. LOL! Kelly is the only competitor I have never beat in the IFBB besides Susie Curry so I guess you could say mission accomplished.

[ Q ] Anything else in store for 2005 that you'd like to share with everyone?

    You know I am just focused on ME! Only I can make things happen and only I have to compete against myself. I pray that 2005 was as great as 2004. I wish everyone the same success.

I would like to thank Mike McCandless, I have been signed with him for almost two years. I think the world of them. I would also like to thank Mike Davies for his love hate relationship. He knows what that means!

I want to thank my husband, Brian. Without him I would not be who I am, he is the core to my success. Special Thanks to the Manion family, Terry and Elaine Goodlad, Jim Lorimer, All the photographers in the industry and all those at Muscle and Fitness, Hers, Oxygen, Ironman, Flex, and Musclemag. You help make a familiar successful face.

Mostly, thank you to my parents, brothers, friends and my fans in the industry. The loyal years of support have encouraged me to be the TRUE person I am today. I have never forgotten all those who have supported me from the first year I started this journey. Thanks for everything. BEHIND every successful woman is a great support group.

Isaac, thank you for this interview. Love your site!

[ Isaac: ]

Thanks Jen! Best Wishes to you in this upcoming season and in all your ventures. I appreciate you taking the time to do this interview and share a bit of what's happening with cha. OUT!

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