An Interview With Canadian IFBB Figure Pro Jane Awad.

Say hello to one of the newest IFBB Figure Pros - Jane Awad. This laid back Canadian captured the coveted IFBB Pro card in a short period of time...

Say hello to one of the newest IFBB Figure Pros - Jane Awad. This laid back Canadian captured the coveted IFBB Pro card in a short period of time, with her great genetics, hard work ethic and total dedication. How does one go from running the New York City Marathon to stepping on stage to compete in figure? Jane shares how having mental toughness can get you through it...

    Name: Jane Awad-Kelly (Just got married on Nov. 20th)

    Birthday: October 12

    Born: Windsor, Ontario Canada

    Currently Reside:  Brooklyn, NY

[ Q ] How does living in the US differ from living in Canada?

    A: Canadians tend to be more laid back. Things move a lot faster in NYC.  Thank God my husband is a native New Yorker, so he has taught me the ropes.

[ Q ] Pets?

    A: We have a golden retriever named Sammy.  He just turned 4 years old.  He is my little baby boy

[ Q ] I read that you participated in the 2002 NYC marathon. What prompted you to do this and how was the experience?

    A: Running the 2002 New York City Marathon was an interesting journey.  I started jogging just to burn off a few extra calories here and there.  When I really started to get into it I thought to myself....I could do that.  I have a very tough mental outlook, so that was the easy part for me.  The hardest part would have to be the actual training for the marathon. 

    The next hardest thing was the last 5 miles of the run.  Your mind starts playing tricks on you and you are physically exhausted.  This is where the mental toughness comes into play.  It was a very difficult 5 miles but I am proud to say that I have finished a marathon.  When I get old, I want to look back at my life and feel like I have accomplished many great things.  A marathon was one of those great things.

[ Q ] Any tips for someone thinking of running a marathon for the first time, aside from have your head examined?

    A: Yes, first have your head examined then follow the New York City Road Runners Club training.  They have a website with all of the training schedules.  The most important part is stick to it.

[ Q ] How do you like being a newlywed?

    A: I love it.  I am married to my best friend and soul mate. He is such an amazing person.  I truly feel like I moved to NYC to meet him.  It was like a magnetic pull that brought us together!

[ Q ] When and how did you start competing in NPC Figure?

    A: I actually never competed in an NPC show.  I just started competing this past June up in Canada.  My first show was a National Qualifier which I placed 2nd, then my next show was the Canadian Nationals where I placed a disappointing 11th. 

    I ended up competing in the North American Championship because I qualified to do so with my 2nd place finish at the Canadian National Qualifying show.  The rest is history.  I won the North American Championships and obtained my Pro Card.  Did I break any records by getting my pro card in 3 months???

[ Q ] What made you switch to the NPC from the other organizations?

    A: I didn't switch.  Canadians have to compete in their own federation to go to a National show.

[ Q ] Currently being trained by?

[ Q ] Are you still sponsored by EAS?

    A: Yes.

[ Q ] How did you come to be sponsored by them?

    A: It was all about the timing.  I had shot 3 covers for their magazines in the past and was fortunate enough to be in the right place at the right time.  They are very good to me!!

[ Q ] What's your favorite part of competing?

    A: I actually have a few favorite parts.  The first being the competition, second the intensity of the training, and third meeting so many new people.

[ Q ] In your free time one may find you at...?

    A: On my couch with the remote in my hand.

[ Q ] When the remote is in hand what's your favorite TV show or movie to watch?

    A: I really like watching the food network.  My husband and I enjoy entertaining, he is actually better in the kitchen that I am but I try to keep up.  I also love the television show Law & Order.  Of course Seinfeld re-runs as well.

[ Q ] Favorite diet food?

    A: Egg whites and oatmeal.

[ Q ] Favorite cheat food?

    A: M & M's, a really good italian dinner (Brooklyn style), and chocolate chip homemade cookies.

[ Q ] When dieting, what can't you live without?

    A: Coffee.

[ Q ] Best advice anyone has given you?

    A: My dad gave me this advice.  "Respect yourself and others will treat you with respect."

[ Q ] Highlight of 2004 for you was...?

    A: Getting Married in Nov.  Earning my Pro Card in Sept.

[ Q ] Goals for 2005?

    A: Compete to the best of my ability.  I would also like to work more with my Charity (organ transplant and organ donor society).

    We are working on a very large event up in Canada.  My entire family is involved in this event. Two years ago my Uncle was a transplant recipient and this has inspired our entire family to get involved in the cause.  We are trying to raise money for this cause as well as raise awareness on the importance of donor card signing.

[ Q ] Where can people go to find out more information on the charity you're part of?

    A: The Charity that my family has started is a grass roots effort to raise awareness for organ transplants and donor card signing.  We are in the middle of designing the final website, it should be completely finished by the middle of January.

[ Q ] Congratulations on your Arnold Figure invite. How did you find out about the news?

    A: I was getting a pedicure when my cell phone rang.  It was Mike Davies. 

    Anyone that knows Mike knows he is a man of few words.  When I picked the phone up all Mike said was "You're in!" 

    Then I started screaming.  The rest is blurry.

[ Q ] Quite an accomplishment to make your pro debut on the Arnold stage. What can people expect to see from you at your pro debut?

    A: I have been training hard in the off season and hope to come in with a bang.  I will be standing on stage with some amazing competitors that have molded the face of Figure today. 

    All I can say is that I will be ready for the big weekend and honored to represent Canada.

[ Q ] Anything you'd like so share with the people reading this?

    A: I would like to thank my family, friends and the many people that send me emails of encouragement. I am very fortunate to have come from an amazing family and I embrace their love and support.  Thanks for every kiss and hug!

Thanks Jane. Congratulations on your recent wedding and your continued success in the fitness industry. We will all look for you on the Arnold stage in March.

Good luck!

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