2004 Olympia Fitness & Figure Preview!

This is the big daddy, the big kahuna, the whole enchilada of competition for the year. Much like every other year, there are things already a brewin' on this Halloween weekend in Sin City. Read more!

Olympia Fitness & Figure Preview

This is the big daddy, the big kahuna, the whole enchilada of competition for the year. Much like every other year, there are things already a brewin' on this Halloween weekend in Sin City. The message boards are heating up, predictions are being made and there is the usual conclusions already being made. I'm reminded of an exchange from the popular late 90s movie, "Office Space"…

Tom Smykowski says, "It's a 'Jump to Conclusions Mat'! You see, you have this mat, with different CONCLUSIONS written on it that you could JUMP TO!"

Michael Bolton responds with, "That is the worst idea I've ever heard!"

To which Samir concurs, "Yes, this is a horrible, this idea!"

I'm always humored by the exchanges that take place on the message boards and all the "jumping to conclusions" going on. Some say, "Adela has it all", others are on the Fly'n Ryan plane to victory. Then there is the Figure competition, where Mo Brant "They will NEVER EVER EVER let Monica Brant win" and "Jenny Lynn is gorgeous...but Monica deserves a win!" with Davana "has the show hands down". I'll let you jump to you own conclusions on who will win.

Here is the skinny on the top contenders this year and how the field is shaping up.


Susie Curry

This reigning champ has retired from Fitness leaving the door open for a new Queen of Fitness. Who will it be? No one will know for certain until the evening of Oct. 29th but there are a few that have a legitimate chance at the thrown.

Learn More About Susie.

Kelly Ryan

Flyin Ryan suffered a calf injury before the GNC show and had to sit that one out. She's been rehabbing the injury, it's doing better and will be stepping on stage to bring her "A game". Ryan is the IFBB Fitness Athlete's Rep and doing a number of very positive things to help keep fitness alive and well. Check out her new web site at: http://www.kellyryanonline.com With her high flying leaps and sic strength moves, who better to take over the reign then Kelly?

Learn More About Kelly.

Adela Garcia-Friedmansky

Kelly will come up short if Adela has anything to say about it. Garcia-Friedmansky is seeking the triple crown of fitness this year. She's taken the Arnold Classic, the GNC and now her sights are set on nothing short of victory in Sin City. She has the momentum and comes into Vegas looking to leave with the crown.

Jen Hendershott

Last year's routines had a shake up when Jen Hendershott rolled in with two human props. I thought it was great, but then again so did any other straight man in the audience that night. The judges didn't take to kindly to it and have since banned human props in the routines. What does Jen Hen have up her sleeve this year? She's got abs that makes Janet Jackson jealous and is promising to push the envelope once again.

Learn More About Jen.

Julie Palmer

Julie Palmer and Kim Klein will both be looking to make some noise in the top spots, both have had solid placings in 2004.

Kim Klein

Does she have what it takes to grasp a top spot?

Stacy Hylton

Stacy Hylton has been taking a back seat to others this year and looking to move over and take back the driver's seat.

Anna Level

Anna Level has shown she has moves that can launch her into a top 5 slot.

Stacy Simons, Klaudia Kinska and Tanji Johnson round out the rest of the field and at the Olympia you never know who's going to be the wild card breaking into the top finishers.


If I was a gambling man I wouldn't place any money on who will walk away victorious in the Figure competition. There are the top 3 favorites, those are a given - Jenny Lynn, Monica Brant and Davana Medina.

Davana Medina

Davana is the reigning champ and someone has to come into Vegas better then her to take the crown away. She showed up in NYC looking a little softer the in previous shows but showed you have to be better then good to over throw the reigning champ. Will Jenny Lynn and Monica Brant be great this show? We'll all see soon enough.

Monica Brant

Monica always brings a complete package to the stage and is always a threat.

Learn More About Monica.

Jenny Lynn

Jenny Lynn came into the Olympia soft and came up short. I'd venture to guess she learned her lesson and she is looking for the Triple Crown in Figure this year, coming off wins at the Arnold Classic and the GNC.

Zena Collins

Look for Zena Collins to come in sharper then she did at the GNC. Props to anyone who can step on stage after battling all the hurricanes and crappy weather she has in Florida in the recent weeks.

Jamie Franklin

Jamie Franklin is a cutie that has taken 2004 by storm, she's improved immensely and is certain to be knocking on the top 5 door.

Amber LittleJohn

Amber LittleJohn is a favorite amongst the judges and looking to secure a top 5 in her rookie year on the Olympia Stage. Let's hope there won't be any oil on the stage so she can avoid a near fall like at the Arnold Classic.

Christine Pomponio-Pate

Christine Pomponio-Pate has had a break out year. The brunette beauty has put it all together this year with the help of trainer Carla Sanchez. Look for Christine to slip into a top 5 slot if she repeats what's she's done in the last 2 shows.

Mari Kudla and Elaine Goodlad are two women who have great physiques and stunning presence. The question is which one will show up on stage come Friday night. When they are on, they are top 5 competitors without a doubt, when they are off, the crowd is left wondering what went wrong.

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