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Tara Scotti Interview!

Tara Scotti aka da hotti shares her feelings on a disappointing loss and how she bounced back to kick some booty. A true New Yorker Tara tells it like it is. Take a minute to get to know more about Da Hotti!
Tara Scotti aka "da hotti" shares her feelings on a disappointing loss and how she bounced back to kick some booty. A true New Yorker Tara tells it like it is.

This woman has the potential to turn pro without question. Take a minute to get to know more about Da Hotti and be sure to stop by the Twinlab booth at the Arnold Classic and tell her you saw her on Bodybuilding.com

Tara Scotti

Place you call home:
Born and raised in Queens NY, live in White Plains NY

Personal Fitness Trainer, Fitness Model, Figure Competitor

You placed a disappointing 4th at the 2001 NPC Figure Nationals, give us the lowdown on the show and your hibernation after that.

I was so excited for the show, because it was the first ever Figure Nationals. I felt I was on point with my training and diet and was very happy with my physique. I was confident that I was doing very well that night. After pre-judging, I got a lot of positive feedback. And not just from my friends and family.

When I was called for 4th place, I was very disappointed. I was more upset because when I asked why I took 4th, I was told I was a little too "hard", but the girl who took 1st in the short class was very hard herself, so I was upset at the inconsistency of the judging. Looking back now, I should of just sucked it up and not been such a sore loser, because it wasn't too shaby to be in the top 5 in the first ever Figure Nationals with the likes of Davana Medina and Jenny Lynn.

After that competition I decided that I would distance myself from competing for a while because I was drained. And Figure wasn't a pro division anyway at the time. I concentrated on making my personal training business very successful.

What made you compete at the 2003 NPC Eastern USA show?
For me personally the timing was just right. I wanted to give it one more shot, and I looked up the NPC New York schedule and saw that the Eastern USA was in November. It was just the right amount of time for me to get ready.

You had to be stoked to come back and win the overall title there - yeah?
Stoked is and under statement. I was ecstatic. It felt just as good as I'd imagined it would.

What did you do to prep for that show and make such a showing with two years off?
I never got out of shape. Training is a very big part of my life, so I didn't do anything too drastic. I did tweak some things in my training to bring some areas up that I felt needed to be brought up.

I am fortunate to have a good friend of mine Franky DiCiccio to help me prepare for my shows with regards to diet and supplementation. He is my personal guru!

What shows are you planning to compete in for 2004?
I am getting ready to compete at th JR. USA's on April 17th. Depending on how things go there, I will know what other shows I will do. I am only doing pro qualifiers this year.

You're pretty confident you'll turn pro this year - what makes you deserving of a pro card?
I feel I have put in my dues and have a pro level physique.

Have you done any fitness modeling?
Yes, I have been modeling for quite some time. Lately I have been shooting with a bunch of photographers and have been fortunate to get some good work.

Who do you train with?
I have a trainer Gerry who has been my trainer for 12 years! I go to see him at least once a week. The rest of the week I train alone. I like it that way.

You'll be at the Twinlab booth at this year's Arnold - how did you get hooked up with them?
I spoke with several companies at the 2003 Olympia, and I had a few offers on the table for endorsement deals. I decided to go with Twinlab because I use their products.

Favorite Supplements?
Ripped Fuel Extreme, CLA and Glutamine.

How many times did you cheat on your last contest diet?
Not at all. I have a hard time allowing myself the opportunity to cheat. (Even thought I know in my head that it is OK and probably even good to cheat once in a while)

What is the most challenging thing about competing?
Timing. Trying to make sure that you don't peak too early.

Worst job you've ever had in life?
Working as a legal secretary. 9-5 is not for me!

Are you a tomboy or a girly girl?
Girly Girl!

What line did your current boyfriend use to pick you up?
We were friends for a while and I was in a bad place in my life and he asked me if I wanted to get away and go to Mexico! I guess that is a line. Haha (FYI... I said yes and the rest is history)

Favorite place to visit:
California. I try to go out a few times a year.

When you're not competing and dieting what do you like to do?
I love to cook and entertain. I enjoy eating, drinking and being merry!

Who inspires you in life?
My mother is my inspiration. She raised me and my brother alone as a single mom. Worked 2 jobs always, never complained and still always looks fabulous.

Other sponsors?
Not yet. Looking though!!

You'll be launching your new web site as well as a member's only site soon. What can fans expect to see on your sites?
I am very big on making sure that the content will be current and updated often. I will have tons of sexy pics and great info.

Best advice someone has given you in this sport?
Stay true to who you are. Develop your physique as best you can and don't get to consumed with the judges. It is a subjective sport.

What advice do you have for others who are considering competing in Figure?
If competing is something you have always wanted to try, give it your all and go for it! You will know immediately after your first show if it is for you or not.

Anything else you'd like to share?
Lets see, check out TaraScotti.com. I am very happy to be back. It is only the beginning!

Thanks Tara Best of luck to you. I appreciate your time and honesty!

Thank you!

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