An Interview With Top Trainer, Kim Oddo - Kim Gives Insight Into The '07 Arnold.

I caught up with Kim right after the Iron Man Pro to get his thoughts on the next big show for the ladies. See how he feels about his ladies and how he plans on being at two shows happening at about the same time.

Kim Oddo is one of the premier trainers in the industry. He has worked with many top champions in the past and continues to do so now. Kim will be bringing a number of women into the Arnold Classic shows and look for them to do well.

He knows what he's doing when it comes to contest prep and his competitors are always prepared. I caught up with Kim right after the IRON MAN Pro show to get his thoughts on the next big show for the ladies.

[ Isaac ] How many pros and amateurs are you training for the Arnold?

    [ Kim ] I am very excited about this year's Arnold Classic, as each year seems to bring a new physique/look to the stage with bright new competitors. I have four pro figure competitors, Amanda Savell, Gina Aliotti, Sonia Adcock and Jane Awad, and I have 15 NPC Competitors.

Amanda Savell Gina
Sonia Jane
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Amanda Savell, Gina Aliotti, Sonia Adcock & Jane Awad.


[ Isaac ] How are they looking on their Arnold Prep?

    [ Kim ] Everyone is right on track and each seems to have improved in areas of need from last year. It will be fun to see how each one's new changes projects on the stage as they have all worked very hard to improve themselves and now is the time to show it off. They are all itching to get up there and have some fun, as the excitement of the show is growing nearer to reality now.

Kim Oddo & Laurie Vanniman
Date: 10/05/05

This week we have our first women's training segment with trainer to the pros Kim Oddo, and Fitness Pro Laurie Vanniman. We also take you in the kitchen with the founders of Gourmet Fitness Foods David and Alexis Ellis.
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[ Isaac ] This is the first year adding an amateur show, do you think it is a good idea and how are you going to be in two places at once?

    [ Kim ] I am currently working on a cloning machine and I think I had better speed up the process, quickly!! Logistically it is going to be a little challenging as the shows are in two separate places; I will spend time with the amateurs in the morning as long as possible until I have to head over with the pro's for their prejudging.

    I have some of my non-competing pro's who will stay with the amateurs to provide help and encouragement while I am away and I am sure I will spend a lot of cell phone minutes checking up on them.

    I think it's probably the only way they were going to be able to promote both shows and be effective, and I know Mike and Jim have worked very hard to set up the mechanics of everything to be in the athlete's best interest. I think it's awesome that amateurs have a golden opportunity to compete in such a prestigious event and I am looking forward to seeing its continued success.

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[ Isaac ] You worked with the winner of the IRONMAN NPC figure contest, Monica Mark. Where can we expect to see Monica next and what areas will she be working on before the next show?

    [ Kim ] We are looking at doing the Emerald's Cup and Jr. USA's in April and her structure is pretty balanced; we are working on little tweaks now such as rounding the glutes a little more, sharpening areas of conditioning a little more and continuing to polish the stage presentation. She has such a great work ethic and I am very blessed to have gifted athletes such as Monica contact me to work with them.

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Monica Mark At The 2007 Iron Man
Shown With IFBB Fitness Pro Tanji Johnson,
& IFBB Pro Bodybuilder, Troy Alves.

[ Isaac ] Anyone we should keep an eye on in 2007 that you could see making some noise?

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Rebecca Slatt

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    [ Kim ] Man, that's a tough one as I have so many gifted girls and singling them out is so hard.

    A couple to watch for are Houng Arcinious, Erin Heath, Rebecca Slatt, Reagan Brenner, Crystal Sheppard, Gayle Elie, Nola Trimble, and the list goes on and on.

    I have been very blessed each year to have very talented clients and it is fun to help each girl reach their own individual potential.

[ Isaac ] Where can someone go if they want more info on your services?

    [ Kim ] Please feel free to visit my web site at for information on my services.

Women's Training with Kim Oddo.
Date: 10/25/05

This week we finish our women's training segment with trainer Kim Oddo, and Fitness Pro Laurie Vanniman. We also take you in the kitchen with the founders of Gourmet Fitness Foods David and Alexis Ellis.
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[ Isaac ] Thanks Kim for taking the time out of your busy schedule. Best wishes to you and all your competitors at the Arnold.

An Interview With Top Trainer & Nutritionist Kim Oddo! An Interview With Kim Oddo! Kim Oddo shares how he got started in the industry and tips on choosing a trainer that's right for you. He is currently working with super star Monica Brant on her upcoming Arnold Classic figure competition.
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