An Interview With IFBB Pro Jen Hendershott!

Up close and personal with Jen Hendershott. This buckeye fan isn't afraid to lay it all out and share how she really feels. She continues to hold her own as an IFBB Fitness Pro. Take a gander inside the mind of Jenny H.
Up close and personal with Jen Hendershott. This buckeye fan isn't afraid to lay it all out and share how she really feels. She continues to hold her own as an IFBB Fitness Pro. Take a gander inside the mind of Jenny H.

Jen Hendershott

Born/Grew up in:
Ashland, Ohio

Current Residence:
Columbus, Ohio

Any drawbacks of living in Ohio with your fitness career:
The only draw back is the weather! Its hard to train outside year round, we are the home of the buckeyes how much more can u ask for.

Big Buckeyes fan?
Hell yes! We live for OSU football.

I have a bachelors degree in Rec. Ed. and a bachelors plus certification in elementary education.

How did you get into competing?
I was a cheerleader at Wright State University, Ohio State, then danced on the dance team at Ohio State and when I graduated I didn't feel like I was done pursuing my athletic career and goals. I had and still have way too much energy to just be a mom; I am ready for my next physical challenge

Ever contemplate going back to teaching?
Sure, when you're a teacher you don't have to diet... :) Other then that not really I have to many things I want to be and do and teaching will not allow me to do that.

You've had a busy year in 2003. What's been the highlight of the madness?
2003 is less hectic then 2002; it's not been a great year for me... I have lost 5 close people in my life this year and it seems every time I turn around something goes wrong... so through it all I would have to say the highlight was Fit camp Buffalo. It was a turning point for me...

You recently started a new company called ScreaminSpirit ? what made you start it and can you tell us more about the venture?
I love the sport of cheerleading and I love kids... I love clothes so I wanted to get back into the industry and starting this company was a way to do it. I pretty much do everything with the help of some family so I can make it as big as I want or keep it as small as I want. I think running your own business can be so rewarding, and I wanted to start something that could create a steady income for some people in my family and it has.

It's no secret your choreography is some of the best in the industry. Other pros have sought your help in their routines, how has this relationship worked since you compete against them?
This works great for me; I am not sure what they would say. I guess I was born and raised in a creative environment and coming up with ideas for a routine is easy and putting it together with music is even easier. I believe that my success is your success and your success is my success. I am a very honest person, I can admit when I should be beat and I can admit when I should not have been beat and why? I am not afraid to share my ideas and thoughts about routines, it's what happens on stage that makes a difference and makes a routine.

You're one of the few IFBB pros that have really made a vested interest into marketing yourself. What has helped you in your efforts or any advice for others looking to get noticed?
I have invested probably too much time into all of this... I guess I know that I have such an amazing personality and I am who I am. I don't try to be something I am not and I don't kiss anyone's ... you either like me or u don't. I have never done anything in my life 1/2 way... I have always given every bit of energy into what I am doing so I would be a success. I live everyday with the motto, you only live once, give it your all.

So if you want to achieve something don't be afraid to hear the word "NO" and don't wait for your phone to ring, because it won't. You want something bad enough and want it done right, do it yourself. This is my advice to others, I can't make anyone do anything they don't want but I can say, "try" trying something is a step closer to an accomplishment.

What advice do you have for competitors or trainers looking to have their own web site? Things to look for or look out for:
Jeez, I have spent so much time and money on web sites... all I can say is ask around. Talk to people like me who have had good and bad web designers and base your decision on that. There are a lot of bad web designers. I have a girl who does my site and she is amazing. She is courteous and quick, that's what I want and need.

Do you feel your Web site has benefited your business?
Oh hell ya, I live on the Internet. makes a steady income. So yes all the money and time is finally paying off

You recently announced a live chat room on your site. How is that going so far?
I love this. I want something different, something that aloud me to eliminate so many weekly email and allow the fans to get to know me. Many of my fans and I have met but not all my fans can make it to the shows so this helps me get to know them and visa versa. The fans I have met are cool, they keep in touch with me and keep me posted on their lives and that's fun and interesting. I really care about those people who support me. They help make me "Jen Hendershott"

Phat Camp is coming soon ? what can people expect from your new camp?
The camps are awesome. I have learned so much over the years in the sport. Mike Davies has been a dear friend and my trainer; he has taught me allot. So I share with the people a lot of what I have learned from him but at the same time I bring a lot of creative ideas of my own to the camp. These camps are awesome for women who want to learn from me and from each other. They share the same interests and goals. The more camps we do the more I even learn about people. These camps are an amazing time for me because I am using my teaching skills to touch people's lives.

What's been the highlight of your career to day?
I would have to say making the Top 5 at the Olympia last year and making the Top 3 at the Arnold Classic in 2002.

What advice do you give women who feel insecure with their current state of fitness and scared to get on stage?
Do it, everyone is so different on that stage, their genetic make up is different, their preparation for the show is different so I think everyone should go make the best of it. If you get on stage you have already "won". Because you know how many women are petrified of going up there. Be proud of yourself and know you did your best. The worst thing women do after a show is look around and say, "how did she beat me", it drives me nuts. The worst thing women do in general is compare themselves with other women, like who you are and be blessed to be alive and healthy.

What's your answer to those who say they're too busy or there's no time to train for a show?
I say "bullcrap" I don't have time... you have to make time and make a commitment to yourself and your lifestyle. Training and dieting are not easy, if it was the bodybuilding and fitness world would be huge. Make time to do something. Remember this, if you think your fat, go to a public pool in the summer and look around, then tell me your fat. People making a commitment are hard to find.

How did you and your husband meet?
We knew each other from the gym but not real well. At the nationals in 1998 we ran into each other in Dallas Texas and talked a bit, exchanged numbers then started hangin out when we got back to Ohio... within 4 months we were dating and I knew he was the one.

What advice do you have for other couples to staying happy, where one or both of the people in the relationship compete?
I can only give advice for being happy where one person competes because Brian doesn't compete and that's ok. We have an amazing relationship. We are best friends and we have an enormous amount of respect for one another. I admire what he does and he admires what I do. We love each other and NEVER try to change one another... you get what you see at our house, if you don't like it... then leave. Brian and I could live on a desert island alone for the rest of our lives and have a freaking blast. We are so different when you first meet us but when you get to know us you see that we are so much alike. Brian is the biggest part of my success in this business. He is not a jealous person; he is full of confidence and love. He helps me make decisions; he doesn't make decisions for me. I just love him dearly.

You're insanely busy ? what do you to relax?
Relax, what's that? Are you kidding me? Well once or sometimes twice a year, Brian and I force ourselves to clear our schedule to go on vacation or on a weekend away, We have to purposely schedule in our families on the weekends just so we can see them.

Being in the top 5 of IFBB pros you have a large fan base ? what's the oddest thing anyone has said or asked you?
Hummm, probably "can I buy your shoes" yuck! Are you serious? Someone told me in a letter once that I had a nice pumpkin (butt). That's hilarious, my fan mail is interesting.

What music gets Jenny H's booty shaken?
Jen can shake her booty to anything. I love music, although I love Justin Timberlake. I have great respect for great music artists. If you got music, then you got me shakin it.

Biggest Pet Peeve:
Insecure people and dramatic women, I can't stand when people bring other people down just to make themselves feel better... pathetic.

Baggy clothes or tight clothing when working out?
Baggy baby.

Coolest person you've ever met?
Arnold Schwarzenegger, a man of his caliber takes a weekend every year to visit Columbus, Ohio to help promote Bodybuilding and Fitness, Do you know how lucky we are. Vote for Arnold!

(And the voters of Cali did just that)

One thing people may not know about you:
I would retire from Fitness tomorrow if a greater opportunity came about.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Hummmmm, that's scary. I will be 37, jeez I don't know. I don't think that far ahead. I live from year to year and moment to moment. If you ask Brian he would tell you where he sees me, but for me, I can't really say, all I know is "Happy and Successful"

Any regrets in your competition history?
Yep, Not following my instincts or my heart at times, doing what others want me to do instead of me saying "NO"!

You're competing in the Olympia next week ? how's your training going and what can your fans expect to see from you?
Well prep is going good, and quick, the days are flying by, I am so amazed. My fans can expect me to walk in with the same attitude as always and know that if I make the top 5 I will make me extremely happy. I made a lot of choices and put along of things aside to prepare for this show, so if I make it to Vegas with a smile on my face, I have already accomplished something major. Making Top 5 like last year will make me even more successful.

Favorite thing about competing at the Olympia?
Vegas! I love Vegas! The fans and the Olympia stage is so exciting. I love being on that stage, it rocks. Oh ya and I love the sound of the Slot machines... ding, ding, ding...

Your fans can see you this year at the Olympia Expo?
Yes, I will be there all day Saturday and I will be excited to hug everyone and take photos with my friends and fans.

Bulk, Screamin Spirit, and Ab Mat

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Thanks for taking the time to share "Jen Hendershott" with everyone. I really appreciate the support and friendship. Best Wishes to all of you.

Rock on Jen! Thanks so much for your time! I appreciate it. Make sure you stop by and say hello to Jen at the Olympia Expo and help cheer her on as she looks to place well in the Fitness Olympia 2003.

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