An Interview With 2007 Arnold Competitor, Jen Hendershott!

Jen is back and she's ready to for the Arnold. I caught up with Jen H Shot and asked her a few questions as she sits 1 1/2 weeks out from the Arnold. Catch the rest of the interview right here!

Jen is back and she's ready to for the Arnold. I caught up with Jen H Shot and asked her a few questions as she sits 1 1/2 weeks out from the Arnold.

[ Isaac Hinds ] This will make how many times to the Arnold?

    [ Jen Hendershott ] 8 times to many... holy crap I swear I said I was not doing this but here I am, I truly believe that I am here because this is where God needs me to be. I love performing in Columbus where my family and friends all come together. I can't wait.

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I Can't Wait.

[ IH ] Where are you living these days?

    [ JH ] I live in North Carolina and but still consider myself a OHIO girl. I still own my house in Ohio and go up often. I love competing there, all my peeps still support me no later where I live.

An Interview With Arnold Classic And Ms. Olympia Fitness Winner, Jenny Hendershott. An Interview With Jenny Hendershott.
Jenny has made thousands of fans the world over. In the following interview, Jenny speaks about her recent successes, various plans she has and the methods she uses.
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[ IH ] Any hint on what we will see in your routine?

    [ JH ] Lots of action and entertainment. And you know I don't tell my secrets.

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Lots Of Action & Entertainment.

[ IH ] Did the camps with Adela take away from the training for this show?

    [ JH ] Absolutely not, I have had 5 camps leading up to this show. I love competing but I love phat camps too. Having Adela as a guest was a great way for people to see you do not have to be rude, back stabbing or two faced to be a winner.

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    Adela and I are both champions, we can see beyond the big picture here. THIS IS NOT our lives, Competing is part of our lives. Some competitors this is it. Competition and winning. We can honestly say that we are true friends and are going to the Arnold to do ONLY our best!

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Adela Garcia-Friedmansky.
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[ IH ] What motivates you to keep competing?

    [ JH ] Well my fans of course. I love doing my camps like I said, but I truly keep competing because I am proud to say I am 35 and can still perform like a 25 year old. Competing in Columbus is a good time and I will keep doing this till I feel its time to move on.

This Interview Was Broadcast Live On On October 14th, 2005 At The Olympia Expo In Las Vegas.

[ IH ] Will you be working a booth at the Arnold?

    [ JH ] I have my own booth this year. "PHAT CAMP"... we will be next to my Sponsor, "iSatori" and will be promoting my new book and my new fat burner "Curvelle". I hope everyone will stop by - I will be there all day Saturday, my staff will be running the booth on Friday while I am competing and Sunday I will be hosting the fashion show again in the expo and I will stop by the booth as often as possible.

[ IH ] Where can fans learn more about Jen H shot?

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Jen Hendershott.

[ IH ] Thanks Jen and best wishes at the Arnold. Those who can't make it to the Arnold be sure to check out the FREE webcast.

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