The Colorado Connection: An Inside Look At The Competitors & Competition Scene.

Welcome to the first installment of 'The Colorado Connection.' Each month I will feature a competitor, trainer, gym, and more. I'm here to show you that life in the bodybuilding and fitness world also exists outside of California.
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Welcome to the first installment of "The Colorado Connection." Each month I will feature a competitor, trainer, gym or other influential people related to health, fitness and bodybuilding in Colorado. The fitness and bodybuilding magazines do a great job of featuring pro bodybuilders and to a lesser extent pro fitness and figure competitors.

Typically most of what we see comes from California and Gold's Gym Venice "The Mecca" of bodybuilding. I'm not taking anything away from Cali or the Mecca as it has a deserved spot as the hotbed for bodybuilding. I'm here to show you that life in the bodybuilding and fitness world exists outside of California and more specifically, in Colorado.


Did You Know...

The Colorado Territory was organized in 1861. It was admitted to the Union in 1876.
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Colorado has over 300 days of sunshine, contrary to many who think it's always cold here. We recently had a massive snowstorm that shut down Denver's International Airport but those types of storms are few and far between. Generally speaking, one can venture out in the middle of winter without a coat in the Denver area.

Obviously, if you were to venture into the high country and the mountains you'll find a much different climate. That's one of the beauties of Colorado, the weather. In the summer we don't have to deal with the humidity and in the winter it typically snows and melts within a couple days.

Again, I'm speaking of areas outside of the high country. The weather lends itself to a more active lifestyle for those living in Colorado. We have the mountains at our disposal and are only a short hour drive from Denver.

You may or may not be familiar with the fact that Colorado is also home to many top trainers and competitors in the IFBB Pro ranks. Along with the numerous pros that reside in Colorado, it also has a large number of top amateur competitors.

I'll be featuring many of the pros and amateurs here over the next few months. Last year Denver added an IFBB Pro show to the list of events and it will be back again in 2007.


Two Colorado IFBB pros are making their Arnold Classic debuts in a few short weeks.

Heather Policky:

    Female bodybuilder, Heather Policky will be stepping on stage in Columbus as a rookie with a ton of potential. Heather has some of the best legs you will ever see and makes many men envious of the wheels she displays.

Heather Policky Interview! Heather Policky Interview!
Heather started bodybuilding fairly early only just two years ago did she win her weight class and the overall crown and then preceded to win every local and regional show that she entered from that day forward.
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Phil Heath:

    The other Colorado pro who technically is no longer a rookie, is Phil Heath. Phil won his first two IFBB Pro shows by winning the Colorado Pro show and then followed it up with a victory at the New York Pro.

Phil Heath
Phil Heath Wallpaper
Winner, 2006 Colorado Pro/Am Classic.
Photo By SecondFocus.
Week #10 - 5/16/2006
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    Phil will be taking the stage in Columbus for the first time since his victory in New York.

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Phil Heath At The Colorado Pro & New York Pro.

Phil Heath's 2006 Colorado Pro/Am Routine
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    We'll get a glimpse at how his off-season has treated him and how he matches up to the defending champ, Dexter Jackson.

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    Dexter Jackson At The 2006 Arnold Classic.

    Both competitors are sponsored by Met-Rx, but one will end up ahead of the other. Who will it be? We'll have to wait until March to see but of course I'll be rooting for the Arnold title to make its trip back to Colorado.

      Coming Soon: A New Video Series With Phil Heath Leading Up To The 2007 Arnold Classic!

Ms. Fitness Olympians:

    Two Ms. Fitness Olympians reside in the Denver area, Carol Semple-Marzetta and Mary Rust (formerly Yockey). Mary was the 1999 Fitness Olympia champ and Carol wore the crown two years prior to that. I will feature both of these champions and let you know what they are up to now.

    Mary Rust Mary Rust
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    Mary Rust.

Figure & Fitness Pros:

    A number of current IFBB figure and fitness pros reside in Colorado and I will let you in on what their competition plans are for 2007. There are a fair share of NPC competitors knocking on the door of turning pro and you'll find out who some of they are as well.

Ava Cowan Interview. Ava Cowan Interview.
NPC Figure Competitor And Fitness Model Ava Cowan was kind enough to take some time and allow me to ask a few questions about who she is and a little about her competition and modeling experience.
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Nancy Di Nino Interview. Nancy Di Nino Interview.
Nancy Di Nino is full of energy and you can't help but smile when you're around her. Check out this great interview and see what Miss Nancy is up to!
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Erica Davidson Interview. Erica Davidson Interview.
Erica Davidson is as adorable as they come in the fitness biz. She shares a little more about herself in this interview.
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If you know of anyone you'd like to see featured or think your gym in Colorado is one of the best around, email me at and let me know. Denver is a huge sports town and there is always a ton of things happening. I will do my best to bring the latest scoops on the Colorado Connection to you all here on

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