2006 NPC Carla Sanchez Fitness Fiesta Review By Isaac Hinds.

2006 NPC Carla Sanchez Fitness Fiesta Fitness, Figure & Model Search Championships were held in Denver, CO on October 21st. Find the full contest review and results here! Written by Isaac Hinds.

Contest Review

IFBB Pro Carla Sanchez and NPC Promoter extraordinaire Jeff Taylor teamed up to bring one of the only shows that focuses solely only on the female side of the sport. Many said it couldn't be done but Jeff and Carla are proving their skeptics wrong.

Over forty competitors put on their tan and high heels for the 4th annual NPC Carla Sanchez Fitness Fiesta. This was by far the best show since its inception in 2003. Every show has its share of ups and downs and in the past the date seemed to be problematic for the promoters. The show used to be held in August and September however the move to mid October proved to be the right one for Jeff Taylor and Carla Sanchez.

2006 NPC Carla Sanchez Fitness Fiesta Contest Review & Results 2006 NPC Carla Sanchez Fitness Fiesta Contest Review & Results
2006 Tokyo Joe's NPC Carla Sanchez Fitness Fiesta Fitness, Figure & Model Search Championships were held in Denver, CO on October 21st.
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Many people claim that a show cannot survive without men's bodybuilding but this show dispels those theories. The attendance at the show was tremendous. The show had several categories for the competitors.

-> Divisions:

    They ranged from Fitness, collegiate figure, open, novice as well as Master's classes. The show also featured Men's fitness category. Along with the figure and fitness classes the show also had a Men and Women's model search, sponsored by top industry photographer, Terry Goodlad's Bodysport.com

-> Model Search:

    The Model search has always been a big draw for many women who are looking to get into fitness modeling but not sure about throwing their shoes in the Figure world just yet. This year there was a fan favorite as well. On the men's side of things Jason Carlton took top honors in the model search, the fan favorite as well as men's fitness.

    Carlton took a chapter out of the WWE by encouraging the audience member's to applaud while pointing to them and following it up with a back flip. The women's portion of the model search went to Lindsey Giometti who had the looks and the physique of a fitness model. She had a spunky attitude along with it to help capture the title.

    The fan favorite went to Chelsea Shirley who had quite the posse in the audience. The panel of judges varied from model scouts, doctors and IFBB Pro sensation, Phillip Heath.

-> Figure Division:

    The biggest figure winner of the night came from the under 5'2" class, as Miranda Hubbard took home took home top honors in the Novice and Open Figure. Teresa Nystrom won the novice and open over 5'6" class as well as the Master's Overall. There were a number of great physiques that showed promise for future NPC shows.

-> Special Guests:

    There were a variety of special guests and performers showcased through out the night. Past guests at the show have included Susie Curry, Bridgette Newell, Adela Garcia and Laura Mak. Elaine Goodlad was on hand again this year two weeks out from the IFBB Sacramento Figure show. Elaine is always stunning and had a number of fans at her table asking diet tips and getting her autograph. Colorado's top IFBB figure competitor, Christine Pomponio-Pate was also in attendance helping to hand out awards and showcase her recent cover of IRONMAN magazine.

    Julie Childs wowed the crowd with her fitness routine despite injuring her finger the day before. When I saw Julie she gave me the finger to which I returned the favor. Putting our friendly banter aside, Julie proceeded to tell me her entire fingernail was ripped out of her finger when retrieving her luggage.

    Gak. Elements of Motion, a hip hop dance team from the Denver area, had the crowd in awe with their spinning, flipping and contorting. This group was definitely one of the more entertaining things of the show and I'd recommend any promoter add them or someone similar to their show.

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Gak. Elements of Motion.

    Last but certainly not least, a few of the Denver Nugget cheerleaders showed off their dance skills.

Click Image To Enlarge.
Denver Nugget Cheerleaders.

-> Junior Fitness Divisions:

    The highlight of the night, as it has in year's past, were the Jr. Fitness routines. Five young ladies that had the crowd in awe. Every one of the young ladies performed amazing routines that would leave current pros shaking their heads. It's awesome to see a venue to give these young ladies a chance to have fun and show off their skills.

Click Image To Enlarge.
Junior Fitness Participants.

    The Laratta family appears to have a dynasty in the making as all three sisters competed and with their own style and bit of flair. Look for them on an IFBB stage in a few short years.

-> Promoters:

Hats off to Jeff Taylor and Carla Sanchez for giving the women another platform in which to showcase their hard work. Check out Jefftaylor.com for upcoming shows in the Colorado area. The next big show will be held December 2, 2006 in Denver, Colorado where IFBB Montreal Pro Champ, Johnnie Jackson will be the featured guest poser.

Contest Results

    Women's Model Search

      1 Lindsey Giometti
      2 Chelsea Shirley
      3 Renee Paul
      4 Amanda Berthod
      5 Katy Bixler
      NP Liza Kampstra
      NP Eowyn Suchan
      NP Kimberly Hall
      NP Kristina Hull
      NP Melissa Robinette
      NP Lisa Held
      NP Yasamin Barghelame
      NP Diana Stark
      NP Brigitte Brodski
      NP Jaime Jon'ee
      NP Stephanie Brown


      Chelsea Shirley

    Men's Model Search

      1 Jason Carlton
      2 Malcolm Havens
      3 Andy Holmes
      4 John Krane


      Jason Carlton


      Collegiate Figure

      1 Amanda Berthod

    Figure 30 - 35

      1 Liza Kampstra
      2 Eowyn Suchan

    Figure 35 - 40

      1 LeeAnn Johnson
      2 Evon Schones
      3 Noriko Higginbotham
      4 Lisa Boren
      5 Kit Balasopoulov
      6 Lynette Nickodemus
      7 Lisa Held

    Figure Over 40

      1 Teresa Nystrom
      2 Megan Squires
      3 Martha Pasquale
      4 Brenda Pomranka
      5 Faith Powelson
      6 Beth Humphrey


      Teresa Nystrom

    Figure Novice Under 5'4"

      1 Miranda Hubbard
      2 Katy Bixler
      3 Amanda Berthrod
      4 Melissa Robinette
      5 Eowyn Suchan
      6 Brenda Pomranka
      7 Lynette Nickodemus
      8 Jackie Guerra
      9 Beth Humphrey
      10 Krystal Bouet

    Figure Novice 5'4" - 5'6"

      1 Martha Pasquale
      2 Kit Balasopoulov
      3 Yasamin Barghelame

    Figure Novice Over 5'6"

      1 Teresa Nystrom
      2 LeeAnn Johnson
      3 Brigitte Brodski
      4 Heidi Joy Tuck
      5 Melissa Radulovich
      6 Lisa Held
      7 Milissa Bizer
      8 Jaime Jon'ee
      9 Diana Stark
      10 Amy Cebollero


      Miranda Hubbard

    Figure Open Under 5'2"

      1 Miranda Hubbard
      2 Liza Kampstra
      3 Katy Bixler
      4 Euowyn Suchan
      5 Lynette Nickodemus

    Figure Open 5'2" - 5'4"

      1 Melissa Robinette
      2 Faith Powelson
      3 Beth Humphrey

    Figure Open 5'4" - 5'6"

      1 Evon Schones
      2 Lisa Boren

    Figure Open 5'6"

      1 Teresa Nystrom
      2 LeeAnn Johnson
      3 Brigitte Brodski
      4 Megan Squires
      5 Melissa Radulovich
      6 Lisa Held
      7 Amy Cebollero


      Miranda Hubbard

    Men's Fitness

      1 Jason Carlton

    Junior Fitness Ages 7 & Under

      1 Bianca Laratta
      2 Paulina Diegel

    Junior Fitness Ages 8 - 10

      1 Victoria Bixler
      2 Guiliana Laratta

    Junior Fitness Ages 11 - 14

      1 Dominique Laratta