Iron Man Magazine - November 2010 Excerpt - 10 Secret Muscle-Building Tricks.

From the archive, Vince DelMonte reveals his against-the-grain tricks for getting you thick. Prepare for mass!


10 Secret Muscle-Building Tricks - Go Against the Grain to Kick-Start Gains


There comes a time when three traditional straight sets of 10 just don’t do the trick anymore. And at some point, no matter what supplements you’re taking, you can’t max out any further on the big lifts.

Admit it. You’re even checking out the other dudes in the gym more often than the girls because it boggles your mind that everyone else seems to be growing except you. You’ve even ditched your muscle rags, dropped the two-hour ­bodypart workouts and started resorting to old-school, drug-free techniques—but the nut still won’t crack. What gives? You’re discovering that bodybuilding is not as easy as when you first started, and you’re beginning to believe that you may have reached your genetic potential—a total bummer because you’re nowhere close to your dream physique. No need to panic. I have walked in your shoes many times but have been able to come out the other side with more mass, more strength and new sense of confidence and pride.

You're Discovering That Bodybuilding Is Not As Easy As When You First Started
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You're Discovering That Bodybuilding Is Not As
Easy As When You First Started.

What follows is a bag of counterintuitive tricks that will require courage and trust.

Your first reaction will be, “That’s not going to work because.…” I encourage you to take on a powerful philosophy in life: Learn by doing, not by talking about it. Results are the only thing that matters, and as the old saying goes, The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results. Sometimes the biggest gains burst through when you go against your intuition, against convention, against tradition and against what everyone else is doing. These tricks will require courage in yourself and trust in me.

In order to tear through a plateau, you need to think unconventional. Many of these secret muscle-building tricks are completely the opposite of what once worked for me too—but that’s why they do work. Few trainees know about them, but those who do stand out from the crowd. I recommend you only incorporate one or two of them and see how your body responds. You won’t be able to do more, nor will it be necessary. Then, when the original ones lose their effectiveness, you can reach into your bag of tricks and try two more.

1. Flip Your Program Upside Down

Most of us get into a groove with our workouts; for example, we begin the week with chest, hit up legs next, and so on. For one week switch that around. Start the week with something you normally finish with and vice versa.

So if you train chest on Monday and arms on Friday, switch that around and do arms Monday and chest later in the week. Often a simple shake up in the order will be enough to shock the muscles and get them paying attention again.

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