Iron Man Magazine - January 2011 Issue Preview

The January 2011 issue of Iron Man features Joe Weider's 90th birthday bash! Also check out 6 Big Back Attack Tips!

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January 2011
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Iron Man January 2011 Iron Man Magazine: January 2011.

The January 2011 issue of Iron Man features Joe Weider's 90th birthday bash! Also check out 6 Big Back Attack Tips!

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Table Of Contents, January 2011
54 Train, Eat, Grow 135
More on the amazing 4X mass-building method and how to add 3X power hits for a total size blitz.
82 A Mass Odyssey
Todd Smith describes his training evolution through his teens, 20s, 30s and 40s—with cameos by Vince Gironda, Larry Scott, Arthur Jones and Bill Pearl.
100 Legends Of Bodybuilding: Robby Robinson
The Black Prince still looks incredible at 64—and he’s still courting controversy too.
122A Bodybuilder Is Born: Generations
Ron Harris explains why following the pros to grow can be very bad mojo.
126 Phill Collen: Heavy Metal!
The Def Leppard front man gave up hard drugs for a hard body, and at 52 he rocks harder than ever.
136 Dave Mastorakis: The Comeback Kid
Jerry Brainum interviews the 59-year-old high-intensity bodybuilder, who’s striving to get his contest body back—with twice-a-week workouts.
152 Joe Weider's 90TH Birthday
The Master Blaster hit the big 9-0, and John and Roland Balik were there to capture the moment—and the iron game stars who attended.
154 154 IM's Iconic Images
More legendary photos that define bodybuilding, its history and its future.
158 The Survive-And-Thrive Diet
From the archive, Layne Norton, Ph.D., outlines a sensible eating plan for preserving muscle as you unload ugly fat.
178 Muscle Beach Bodybuilding
Pictorial reports from the July 4 and Memorial Day competitions at legendary Muscle Beach. Hot bodies and fun under the Southern California sun.
180 Profiles In Muscle: Monique Ricardo
This pro bikini competitor and mixed-martial artist has got it going on. Here’s how she keeps it moving forward, from her training to her diet.
192 Femme Physique
Steve Wennerstrom, IFBB women’s historian, recalls the stars of the Team Universe—from Renita Harris to Peggy Schoolcraft to ’10 champ Gina Quinn.
202 Only The Strong Shall Survive
Bill Starr’s prime-time training—workout advice for older athletes.
24 Train To Gain
Row to grow rear delts, bodybuilding’s bottom line and the big finish.
36 Smart Training
Coach Charles Poliquin defines intensity.
42 Eat To Grow
CLA, the good trans fat; high-fructose corn syrup snafus; and 7-keto DHEA.
64 Naturally Huge
John Hansen discusses strength, muscle confusion and mass.
72 Shredded Muscle
Dave Goodin outlines a program for toasting your triceps for total growth.
74 Critical Mass
Steve Holman explains the direct/indirect split and the best upper-chest hit.
162 Bodybuilding Pharmacology
Jerry Brainum solves the mystery of the insulin/muscle connection.
172 News & Views
Lonnie Teper bestows his Olympia awards for 2010—what else? Plus Teper’s Rising Stars.
184 Pump & Circumstance
Ruth Silverman takes you over, under and around the women’s Olympias. Bikini history is made.
212 Mind/Body Connection
Differentiate yourself, the color for sex and the true fountain of youth.
224 Readers Write
Goodin knowledgeable, quintessential Q&As and Bodybuilder X speaks out.

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