When a complex is present, it displaces the more efficient innate activities and functions and replaces them with less efficient survival mode functions and activities. Learn what this means to YOU!
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Over a lifetime, as compensation responses evolve, they do so in an innumerable series of patterns that are different for each person. Each of these patterns may be composed of physical, mental, emotional and biochemical memory segments that, in the process of treatment, come to the surface one at a time in a kind of layering that we can call unfoldment.

A particular area of the nervous system may be the binding site or neural nexus for one or more of these patterns. The name we use for a pattern, along with its neural nexus, is a complex. When a complex is present, it displaces the more efficient innate activities and functions and replaces them with less efficient survival mode functions and activities.

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What Is Neural Therapy?
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When the primary symptoms are physical pain or dysfunction (a somatic complex), the neural nexus binding the complex in place is usually a scar or a physical trauma site on the body. This is basically the finding of the 57-year brilliant ongoing research of Neural Therapy, whose principles are the direct antecedent of the work described here.

In fact, the work described in this article could be considered as new research in the field of Neural Therapy. In the case of complexes that relate more to mental-emotional symptoms, the neural nexus may be in less predictable areas.

Thus, in the return to the innate health of the body, or the essential nature of soul it is crucial, in certain parts of our healing, to address and assist the dis-assembly of these complexes.

The Central Nervous SystemThe dis-assembly of a complex has several phases of unfoldment. The first is to bring to the awareness of the consciousness or nervous system all relevant parts of the complex.

This phase may be accomplished through finding and contacting body areas, organs or tissues that are associated with the complex, or bringing to the conscious mind the specific traumas, issues or defenses that are associated with the complex.

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The Treatment
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The second phase is specific treatment: structural therapies such as chiropractic, cranio-sacral or muscle therapies- chemical-nutritional therapies such as herbs, vitamins, minerals-energetic therapies such as neural therapy, homeopathy, acupuncture. The first two phases may go back and forth between each other.

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The third phase is the direct treatment of the nervous system, the neural nexus at the core of the complex. This is accomplished through direct application of therapies designed to flush the neural nexus with electrons (ElectroBLOC or chemical electron donors such as local anesthetics) or other directed energy (soft laser or infra-red light), erasing the underlying neurological pattern that sustains the complex like you would reformat a computer disk that has damaged sectors.

The primary tool used to track the unfolding is kinesiology, or muscle testing. Kinesiology is like a biofeedback device or stress detector that can pinpoint tension in the body. Touching an area of tension may create a reflex of weakness in a muscle that had previously been strong. This lets us know that that area is of present importance to the unfoldment.

A further contact of another area or the introduction of a therapeutic substance may bring that muscle back to strength, leading us to the next, deeper, tension. As one tension is addressed, the next, deeper tension is then able to be found, like unfolding a map or untying a knot.

As with a map or a knot, trying to speed the unfolding by starting in the middle might be useless or even create a bigger knot or rip the map. In the body it can create defensive tension, complicating the process. So, honoring the unfoldment is a crucial part of the procedure.

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It cannot be known at the beginning of a session what will be the nature of the complex that will unfold The very act of the practitioner trying to figure it out can conceal the path of the unfoldment. It is like reading a great mystery novel, with amazing plot twists, unexpected characters popping up, and suspected villains winding up the greatest allies. It would be ruinous to skip to the end.

Following the thread of unfoldment with kinesiology, we are eventually brought to the neural nexus of the complex, the specific area(s) of the nervous system that require treatment or clearing to dissolve the neural nexus and dislodge the anchor of the complex. Experience has shown that locating and clearing of a complex may take from a few minutes to weeks or even months depending on the intricacy of the complex and the amount of scar tissue to be removed in getting there.

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About The Author
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