's Supplement Company Of Month - Sci-Fit!

Originally started as a wholesale distributor of supplements, AT.F Fitness Products introduced Sci Fit. Below are some answers to the purpose behind this and how they feel about the industry.

[ Q ] When was your company started? Why was your company started?

    A: ATF Fitness Products Inc, Sci Fit's parent company, was started in 1991 as a wholesale distributor of a variety of popular supplement lines. Sci-Fit was introduced in 1997 as a product line that would resist extensive advertising and athletic endorsements enabling us to make more potent or higher dosed products for less money.

[ Q ] Who was your company started by, and what sort of background do they have?

    A: The corporation was started by James Vercellotti in 1991 and he is still president and CEO. His background is exercise physiology and alternative medicine research.

The Sci-Fit Domestic Sales Department.
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[ Q ] Tell us about your key employees. Who are they and what do they do?

    A: We have ten sales representatives that handle accounts in all fifty states, the European Nation, The United Arab Emirates and dozens of independent nations.

    We also have two shipping teams who handle UPS orders on one side and large freight truck orders on the other side. The manufacturing team is broken into two teams as well.

    Shipping Department
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    Team A is blending and encapsulation. Team B is bottle and labeling. Of course we have more colorful team names amongst ourselves.

    Manufacturing Department
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[ Q ] What separates your company from the rest of the industry?

    A: Because of our in house manufacturing capabilities, we have the ability to change with market trends and respond quickly to updated research with quick production times.

    Raw Goods Warehouse
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    Eliminating the production fee most other supplement lines incur has a substantial impact on how a product is formulated and the retail price it carries. Take a look at most any Sci Fit product and compare to a comparable item.

    Finished Goods Warehouses
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    Odds are that we are at a higher dose, or a more comprehensive stack for the same amount of money or less.

[ Q ] Are there any new and exciting products that you are coming out with soon?

    A: We are having huge success with the Kre-Alkalyn 1500 capsules. The technology of the Kre-Alkalyn ingredient is redefining expectations of a creatine product.

    In fact, the response is so strong, we are in the developmental stages of a pre-workout Kre-Alkalyn drink that will also feature nitric oxide precursors plus several metabolic adaptogens.

[ Q ] What other plans do you have to help your company grow?

    A: We do realize that advertising is an absolute necessity. The 2005 advertising campaign has been tremendously successful on getting the Sci Fit name out there.

    We will continue the campaign in Muscle and Fitness, Flex and Muscular Development featuring our new Kre-Alkalyn 1500.

[ Q ] Have you sponsored any athletes and if so, who have you sponsored? If so, how have they impacted your company?

    A: No athletes please. Does anyone reading this interview actually believe our Mr. O used a nitric oxide precursor to get that vascular? Does anyone reading this think sugar and creatine produce Kovacs arms? Of course not. We all know their secret to success.

Thermogen II, TZ3 Stack, Kre-Alkalyn and Truth Bar Ad as featured in Muscle and Fitness, FLEX, Muscular Development, and Oxygen.

[ Q ] What supplement combination would you recommend for someone just getting started?

    A: The answer would depend on the individual's fitness goals. The constants, no matter what the goal, would be protein (.8 - 2g/lb), multivitamin, glutamine and an EFA.

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[ Q ] What do you believe is the best thing about the supplement industry? The worst?

    A: Best: Seeing and hearing about success stories. Changing your body can change your life. A rich chubby guy is far less comfortable with himself than a tone muscular average income earner.

    Worst: Bogus, harmful or loophole ingredients and proprietary blends that give the industry a bad name.

[ Q ] Is there anything else you would like to say?