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Molecular Nutrition was founded by William (Bill) Llewelyn, one of the most famous writers on anabolic supplementation. Molecular came out of the gates quick with hardcore products!

Molecular Nutrition was founded by William (Bill) Llewelyn, one of the most famous writers on anabolic supplementation.

The Interview! Please tell us about your background.

William Llewelyn: Well I was born and raised on Long Island, NY. As I mentioned I was interested in anabolics since I was a teenager, but for a very long time it remained just a hobby. I did a little writing here and there. I published a small newsletter, The Athletes' Pharmaceutical Update, for a while. In 1997 I built a website dedicated to steroid profiles and pictures. I was the first to build an extensive database like this, and to this day I still don't think any are as well done as that one was. Dan Duchaine actually wrote in an issue of his Dirty Dieting newsletter that it was his favorite steroid site on the net. It was wild. It wasn't until 1999, though, that I was able to work full-time in the industry, when I took a position at MassQuantities to manage their product line. What did you do before working in the bodybuilding industry?

William Llewelyn: I worked with computers for a number of companies in Manhattan including People Magazine, Showtime, Simon & Schuster, even the good old accountants at Arthur Andersen. How did you get involved with that?

William Llewelyn: Oh man, I was the biggest computer geek as a kid, you have no idea. My mother could never pry me away from the damn machine. I barely went out, and when I did it was usually to swap games over someone else's house. My friends still make fun of me about it. This all changed when I was about 16 though, and got arrested for "theft of services" (making free phone calls). You were arrested at 16 for making free phone calls?

William Llewelyn: Yeah, Telecom (MCI now) got really upset at the way I was using one of their pin card systems. My lines were tapped and everything, it was too much. You have to remember that this was before the internet, and when we wanted to swap files we'd have to get on the modem and call one another. With all the long distance and international charges, "Phreaking" was an important skill. You would never be able to afford the phone bill otherwise. What ultimately came out of this?

William Llewelyn: Well with a 16 year old kid whose crime was sitting in front of a computer and making phone calls, the judge was understandably pretty light on me. A small fine and community service was about it. With the arrest my phreaking days were over though, so I actually started to make it out into the sunlight from time to time. About a year later I was turned-on to weight lifting, and my life has taken a considerably different path since.

Molecular's NY Warehouse Tell me about how Molecular Nutrition was started?

William Llewelyn: I started it last summer after I left my partnership with another supplement company. I don't want to even talk about the specifics of that relationship. I'll just say it was a nightmare, and I am still dealing with it today. I don't remain angry about it though, and try to look at it as a hard-earned life lesson about choosing who you trust carefully. Anyway, I had to get out on my own and start my own company, so I took my savings and started Molecular. I was putting the money away for a house, but went with the company instead. I know I made the right decision now, but it is tough putting things on the line like that. You know the saying about taking risks though. What are your feelings about the success of the company so far?

William Llewelyn: Things have been going absolutely great, and I honestly couldn't be more excited. I thought it would have taken a couple of years to get where we are right now. Sometimes it doesn't even seem real, and I expect to wake up on a train somewhere commuting to the city for work. Why do you believe Molecular has been so successful?

William Llewelyn: Well I'd like to think our products are a big part of it. I didn't start the company to just sell the same supplements as everyone else. Our marketing is also very honest, and I think people really appreciate it. I know I'm tired of seeing companies lie and misrepresent the facts to sell products. It drives me nuts to see some of the claims. What are your future plans with Molecular Nutrition?

William Llewelyn: Really I just want to continue going in the direction we are going. I want us to have an established line of sport supplements, recognized and trusted by consumers as being amongst the best products in the industry. We are not rushing anything to market for the sake of increasing our sales totals though, and I will continue to take my time researching and developing only the best products I can. Slowly but surely Molecular will get there.

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