's Supplement Company Of Month - S.A.N.!

S.A.N. is rapidly gaining the reputation as an industry leader in innovation and cutting edge formulations and has already introduced several of bodybuildings hottest compounds ever!

With our premiere edition of "The Industry Profile", is very excited to profile S.A.N. (Scientifically Advanced Nutrition) Nutrition Corporation out of Marina Del Rey, California. S.A.N. is rapidly gaining the reputation as an industry leader in innovation and cutting edge formulations and has already introduced several of bodybuildings hottest compounds.

Today we have an exclusive interview with Matthias Boldt the CEO and founder of S.A.N. and Joey Rodrigues the new head of Sales & Marketing at S.A.N. Now let's take a closer look at S.A.N. and two of the people who will play an instrumental part in the future success of S.A.N.

The Interview!

Ryan DeLuca: Matthias can you give me some background information of yourself and how you became involved in this industry?

Matthias Boldt: As you know I am from Hamburg Germany. I started out like most people who visit your site by weight training at a young age and reading all the body builder magazines. I even competed several times with good success. I became really motivated to introduce products to "OUR" industry that would have the potency to assist in the muscle-building and fat-burning processes without any negative side effects.

Ryan DeLuca: How have you been able to introduce so many new compounds to the industry?

Matthias Boldt: I have a sound understanding of biochemistry and the human body. I used to spend a great deal of my time in medical libraries, but now I can access most of the information I need on the internet. With a scientific background and the ability to wade through hundreds of pages of often irrelevant data I have been able to make some very interesting findings. I must also say that not all of these compounds or ideas are all my discoveries. Like the saying goes you cannot reinvent the wheel. I like to make the wheel better.

Ryan DeLuca: Great. I am glad to hear that. OK, Joey you are a former amateur bodybuilder of the week and last time I talked to you, you were with another company. Share a little bit about your involvement in the supplement industry with our readers.

Joey Rodrigues

Joey Rodrigues: Growing up and being involved in competitive athletics like baseball, football and wrestling at a young age I was always seeking a way to enhance my performance. I am really competitive by nature and expect the best out of myself. I began weight training religiously having been inspired by Arnold Schwarzenegger's Encyclopedia of Bodybuilding and read every bodybuilding magazine in existence from cover to cover. I was lucky enough to get a job in High School working at a sport nutrition supplement store where I was able to do more research in the field of nutrition, weight training and supplementation. Getting great deals on supplements I was able to try every supplement you can think of... boron, smilax, Hot Stuff, Chromium, HMB etc... I use supplements religiously to this day; as a matter of fact some of my boys bust my balls and call me "SUPPY BOY" because I am always popping pills.

Eventually I ran my own nutrition/supplementation operation in San Diego (my home town) for several years and drew up various training, nutrition and supplementation routines for several people including some local professional athletes that would train at my gym, formerly Gold's and now World Gym in Pacific Beach, California. Eventually I was lucky enough to land a job as Head of Sales & Marketing at Syntrax Innovations. I worked very closely with Derek Cornelius and helped him introduce the latest additions to his line, Swole, Isomatrix, Radox, Sauce and a few others. My year plus with the company was a huge eye opener. I can honestly say I am a better person for working for the company and I am very excited to have the opportunity to work with Matt Boldt. We share a similar passion for the industry and we both are focused on keeping the ingenuity with the SAN line and staying true to our market.

Ryan DeLuca: Who wants to tell me what SAN is all about?

Joey Rodrigues: Matt you better answer this or we might be here all day.

Matthias Boldt: That is true. The company motto is "Innovations For The Serious Minded Athlete". We realize that people serious about sports nutrition, bodybuilding and sports specific training are seeking that extra edge to accomplish their respective goals, and we are also aware of the fact that supplements can play an important role in helping individuals achieve their specific goals.

Joey Rodrigues: It is really important for people to know that no matter what they put in their body (ie: protein, creatine etc...), it always comes down to the individual making it happen. Supplements basically help you "kick it up a notch" to get more efficiency out of what you are doing, but there is a lot more to it than popping pills. Bottom line is that you have gotta want it and you have gotta get in the trenches and make it happen! Do you feel me Ryan?

Ryan DeLuca: I feel you J-Rod and I think I am ready for a workout! Hey, so who is going to tell me what is in the works?

Matthias Boldt: Well we have about 25 to 30 projects in the Research and Development pipeline.

Joey Rodrigues: Also Ryan, we are introducing a new performance enhancing and cell volumizing formula named Fuel Injection V12TM. This product is really going to kick...please trust me on this. It should be ready to go in as little as 8 weeks if all goes well and it is really a special formula that is comprised of the latest technological breakthroughs. It will contain some new cell volumizing compounds the industry has not seen yet. This product is literally designed to make you feel unbreakable and help you break all plateaus in strength, endurance and muscle volume. I will be sure to let you test out a container.

Ryan DeLuca: Thanks, I will hold you to that. Well it was really cool having you guys here. I can't wait for the new products. Until next time... take care.

Matthias Boldt: Thank you for having us.

Joey Rodrigues: Good looking out big playa... I will talk to you later.

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