Iron Man Magazine - September 2007 Issue Preview: Arnold's Psychology Of Success!

The September issue of Iron Man will present Arnold's psychology of success. Other notable features include a mass-building system, core strength, and much more! Check it out!
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September 2007
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Iron Man September 2007 Iron Man Magazine:
September 2007.

The September issue of Iron Man will present Arnold's psychology of success. Other notable features include a mass-building system, core strength, and much more! Check it out!

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Table Of Contents, September 2007
64 Train, Eat, Grow 95
The TEG men discuss what they've learned about building muscle-plus exercise tweaks for better physiques.
92 Arnoldthink
Bill Dobbins probes the California governor's psychology of success, the thought processes that have led to his rise to the top.
104 Shoulder Shock
William Litz gives you a compact lateral attack for dense delts that look like cannonballs.
116 A Bodybuilder Is Born 26
Ron Harris helps prepare his young protégé for competition-mentally and physically.
130 Power/Rep Range/Shock Q&A
Steve Holman hits Eric Broser with questions on Boser's P/RR/S massbuilding protocol and variations that can create more size and striations.
154 L-Carnitine
Jerry Brainum explores the research on this so-called fat-to-muscle nutrient.
180 Victor Martinez
How the new Arnold Classic champion did it-his training, nutrition and a few secret weapons.
198 Heavy Duty
John Little analyzes Mike Mentzer's statement, "As the body changes, training requirements change."
214 Get Ripped!
From the archive, Myron Mielke discusses a commonsense approach to etching in muscularity.
230 Legends Of Bodybuilding
Rod Labbe talks to Kevin Levrone about his bodybuilding career, the current state of the sport and Levrone's latest foray into the movie biz.
256 Hardbody
Shocker Mom-Gina Ostarly strips down and pumps up for Michael Neveux's camera. Very nice!
282 Only The Strong Shall Survive
Bill Starr's take on developing your core-for more strength, solid size and fewer injuries.
28 Train To Gain
Joe Horrigan's Sportsmedicine: Why Does My Shoulder Hurt? Plus, stretching, strength and size.
42 Smart Training
Coach Charles Poliquin's tips on getting bigger and stronger fast.
48 Eat To Grow
Stubborn-fat busters, new beta-alanine research and natural sources of arginine.
82 Critical Mass
Steve Holman maps out how to get wide bi's and tri's. Also, his complete, quick 3D back workout.
86 Naturally Huge
John Hansen fends off a leg-training barrage and then outlines a size-building supplement program.
224 Bodybuilding Pharmacology
Jerry Brainum looks at thyroid drugs and busting diet plateaus through chemistry.
244 Muscle "In" Sites
Eric Broser reports from the Web on sites by Dennis Wolf and Mary Lado. In his Net Results Q&A section he discusses triceps training and nutrition tips for mass.
248 News & Views
Lonnie Teper's gold mine of good stuff on the competitive-bodybuilding scene. Also, look for IM's photo featurette of the Muscle Beach Venice Memorial Day Bash on page 254.
272 Pump & Circumstance
Ruth Silverman's inside look at the women's body sports. (Pretty pictures too.)
292 Mind/Body Connection
Randall Strossen, Ph.D., explains cumulative consequences, while Dave Draper says, It's all in the mind, Smiley.
307 Readers Write
Arnold, the Great; creatine cred; just say "know"; and HIT me again.