Iron Man Magazine - October 2009 Issue Preview: 10x10 Workout For Unstoppable Arm Size!

The October issue of Iron Man features a 10x10 workout for unstoppable arm size! Other notable features include training for lower back, the latest on vitamin D and more! Check it out!

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October 2009
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Iron Man October 2009 Iron Man Magazine: October 2009.

The October issue of Iron Man features a 10x10 workout for unstoppable arm size! Other notable features include training for lower back, the latest on vitamin D and more! Check it out!

Click here to read an excerpt from the October issue of Iron Man Magazine: 10x10 Workout For Unstoppable Arm Size!!

Table Of Contents, October 2009
72 Train, Eat, Grow 120
New rules and tools bring workout density plus size.
102 A Bodybuilder Is Born 51
Ron Harris explains why it's always darkest before the dawn when it comes to contest prep.
108 D-Lightful
Jerry Brainum sheds light on the sunshine vitamin and what it can do for your health and muscles.
126 Retro Role Model
Steve Holman talks with 45-year-old iron dad Clark Bartram about how to get better with age.
146 Happy Birthday, Jack
Jack LaLanne turns 95, and IM publisher John Balik salutes him and his accomplishments.
150 Unstoppable Arm Size
From the archives, it's the 10x10 one-hit-wonder arm blast. Prepare for a pump!
156 Back In The Game
Lonnie Teper interviews Doug Brignole on his return to bodybuilding at age 49.
186 Heavy Duty
John Little channels Mike Mentzer on self-esteem and muscle decompensation.
200 Safe, Effective Bodybuilding
Roger Schwab, gym owner and former IFBB judge, says machines are king—as in the best way to engage in meaningful, scientific exercise.
230 Femme Physique
Steve Wennerstrom, IFBB Women's Historian, looks at female muscle on the Continent.
236 Mr. Olympia Preview
Lonnie Teper discusses who will go to the big show, including key comebacks and possible upsets.
250 Only The Strong Shall Survive
Coach Bill Starr reveals how to bulletproof your lower back by building lumbars of steel. Can you say, good morning?
32 Train To Gain
Arm size and big lies. Plus, squat myths exposed and Joe Horrigan's Sportsmedicine.
48 Smart Training
Coach Charles Poliquin on thick-bar training, grip strength and power building.
58 Eat To Grow
Low carbs and training intensity, HMB and bodybuilding's secret weapon.
84 Naturally Huge
John Hansen discusses chest stress and how much rest is best.
94 Shredded Muscle
Dave Goodin talks bikini and bodybuilding. More gorgeous gals onstage can't be bad.
98 Critical Mass
Steve Holman outlines strategies for achieving superhero shoulder width.
176 Muscle “IN” Sites
Eric Broser checks out a new natural-bodybuilding site and reviews Branch Warren's new DVD.
194 Bodybuilding Pharmacology
Jerry Brainum updates the latest info on myostatin, the notorious muscle-growth muffler.
208 News & Views
Spotlight on Lonnie Teper's star-studded '09 Junior Cal—plus his Rising Stars.
224 Pump & Circumstance
Ruth Silverman checks in on the '09 NPC Masters Nationals. Hot mamas!
258 Mind/Body Connection
Bomber Blast: A Day at the Beach. Plus, Transformation (a book review) and mental floss.
270 Readers Write
Arnold extravaganza and mutant muscle.

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