Iron Man Magazine - January 2008 Issue Preview: Just Say Yes To NO!

The January issue of Iron Man will present findings about the effectiveness of NO. Other notable features include 4 complete winter workouts, mass-packing diet, and much more! Check it out!
Here's what's what (and where) in the latest edition of Iron Man. For more information, head on over to Iron Man Online.

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January 2009
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Iron Man January 2009 Iron Man Magazine: January 2009.

The January issue of Iron Man features anabolic training for the over-40 bodybuilder! Other notable features include getting shredded at 50, anabolic leucine, and much more! Check it out!

Click here to read an excerpt from the January issue of Iron Man Magazine: Anabolic Training for the Over-40 Bodybuilder!

Table Of Contents, January 2009
64 Train, Eat, Grow 111
The TEG men reveal what they learned from this year's extended ripping phase. Plus, a peek at their new X-mass workout ("Hey, Claus, give me a spot!").
90A Bodybuilder Is Born 42
Ron Harris teaches his young protégé how to plan for more muscle.
96 Older-But-Better Texas Shredder
Drug-free bodybuilder Dave Goodin discusses how he gets sliced-and how he keeps building muscle as he closes in on 50.
114 Leucine
The The Wilson brothers analyze this key amino-and the ways it can give older bodybuilders a magic anabolic edge.
126Squat Science
Jerry Brainum gives the king of the mass moves a good going over, researchwise. Plus, a solution for low-back squatting problems.
136 X-Files
Steve Holman and Jonathan Lawson show you how to X-celerate your gains.
142 Muscle-Science Study Haul
Jerry Brainum reports on the International Society of Sports Nutrition conference in Las Vegas. Lots of views you can use to get huge-and cut!
158 Strapping Up To Glory
David Young's Q&A with Terry Baldwin, a 53-year-old bodybuilder and powerlifter and the developer of the innovate-to-isolate Flexolate training cuffs.
176 Anabolic Training
From the archives, Jim Brewster outlines how the over-40 bodybuilder can jack up muscle-building hormones.
202 Joe Rollino
Doris Barrilleaux's impressions of a 103-year-old legend of the iron game.
230 IFBB Mr. Olympia
Big, full-page pics of the most muscular men in the world.
246 Profile: Joel Stubbs
The over-40 pro talks about training, life philosophy, supplements and overcoming obstacles.
254 Heavy Duty
A classic Mike Mentzer diatribe on aerobics: myths, lies and misconceptions.
266 Only The Strong Shall Survive
Coach Bill Starr reveals how strengthening one small body part can improve your big lifts and athletic performance.
28 Train To Gain
Tips for over-40 beginners; plus, Joe Horrigan on cable rows and lower-back pain.
44 Smart Training
Coach Charles Poliquin outlines work-capacity training to shock your shoulders.
52 Eat To Grow
Go fish, D-rail illness and beta-alanine's anabolic connection.
74 Naturally Huge
John Hansen lays out the best workout for growth.
82 Shredded Muscle
Dave Goodin on the state of natural bodybuilding.
86 Critical Mass
Steve Holman's muscle-building tips and trips for putting some freak on your physique.
186 Antiaging Research
Is DHEA the fountain of youth? Jerry Brainum explains its pros and cons.
208 News & Views
Lonnie Teper's raucous report from Olympia Weekend in Vegas.
224 Muscle "In" Sites
Eric Broser's monthly Web-surfing results. Plus, a new DVD review and training advice, including burst cycling (no, it's not having gas on a stationary bike).
248 Pump & Circumstance
Ruth Silverman's views of the Olympia extravaganza, emphasis on the ladies.
276 Mind/Body Connection
Dave Draper's look at the diverse paths of winter training; BodySpace Physique of the Month, 54-year-old Ed Cook; and how to live to be 100.
288 Readers Write
Military might, ballsy comments, hot Hardbody and X-traordinary workouts.