Iron Man February 2009 Excerpt: Transform Yourself In 12 Weeks!

I began my 12-week transformation challenge because of the massive amount of weight I gained after I injured my back... Learn more as I discuss the how to and importance of this 12 week plan!

I began my 12-week transformation challenge because of the massive amount of weight I gained after I injured my back and was diagnosed with a severe curvature of the spine. My asthma was extremely hard to deal with thanks to my weight gain, which motivated me even more.

I lost a total of 61.6 pounds over 12 weeks. I felt much less pressure on my back, joints and lungs and had much more energy for participating in sports and accomplishing daily tasks. And now I want to help you transform your physique by late spring, so you'll be ripped and ready for summer.

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Kris Gethin Lost A Total Of 61.6 lbs.

arrow Setting Goals:

    Setting a goal is essential for transformation success; otherwise, why are you doing it? Ask yourself that question and then write down your answer. Search deep down, and then make your answer as detailed as possible. The more answers you have to that question, the more reasons for it to be an accomplishment worth making sacrifices for.

    Have you exercised today? Did you go for a run or attend a kickboxing class? Or when the alarm went off, did you just turn over in bed and snatch another precious hour of sleep, vowing that you would do twice as much tomorrow? Everyone experiences something similar at one time or another. What you need is motivation and commitment.

    One of the most common reasons that people don't exercise is a lack of motivation. It's also often the excuse when they don't continue a program. Unfortunately, motivation and commitment aren't commodities that you can buy. (I'll have three packets of motivation and a large bag of commitment, please!).

    Each of us needs motivation, and it can take many different forms. What may be a stimulus for one person may be a complete turnoff for another. Encouragement or words of wisdom from a coach or trainer before an important contest can often motivate a team or individuals to perform well above their expectations. The key is to recognize what motivates you. Here are a few tips to help you get motivated and stay committed.

    Short and long term. Without goals we tend to drift aimlessly. While the goals may not necessarily be physical, they do need to be:

      and have a Time frame

    Be SMART. Formulate your goals, write them down, and reaffirm them often. Put a notice above your desk at the office or on the refrigerator door at home.

    Reward yourself. When you have achieved some of the goals, treat yourself to something special, such as a weekend away or new clothing.

    Use a trainer or train with someone. Exercising alone can be boring, and having someone to encourage you is a real bonus, especially when mornings are dark and cold and you are not convinced that going outdoors or going to the gym is a good idea.

    Make exercise a habit. Try to make your exercise time a regular feature of your day. If you exercise at the same time each day, it will become a habit. Eventually, if you have to miss a session for one reason or another, you will become quite resentful of whatever it was that made you miss your important workout—believe it or not.

    Keep it interesting. Try to vary your activity as much as possible. Keep it enjoyable. If exercise is a chore, you usually won't keep at it. Cross-training is a great way to stay fit and interested.

    Be prepared. Leave your exercise gear out the night before (if you train in the morning) so you can make an easy transition from inactivity to activity. A routine is much easier to maintain than a haphazard approach.

arrow Nutrition:

    When I was training clients, many of them presumed that something was wrong with them medically because they couldn't lose weight even though they'd been training for years and had always eaten a "healthy" diet. I've heard hundreds of excuses, ranging from "thyroid problems" to "my mum's side of the family is overweight, so it must be hereditary."

    Time for a reality check.

12 Weeks To Your Future Physique!
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12 Weeks To Your Future Physique.
Most of us would like to burn some fat, tone up, look healthier, have more energy and live a better life. That is exactly what you will get in 12 short weeks.
Kris Gethin

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