Iron Man Magazine - August 2007 Issue Preview: 3D Back Blast!

The August issue of Iron Man will present a birthday bash for Arnold. Other notable features include a giant arms Q&A, X-Man training and diet, and much more! Check it out!
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August 2007
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Iron Man August 2007 Iron Man Magazine:
August 2007.

The August issue of Iron Man will present a birthday bash for Arnold. Other notable features include a giant arms Q&A, X-Man training and diet, and much more! Check it out!

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Table Of Contents, August 2007
68 Train, Eat, Grow 94
The TEG men get candid about their different body types and explain the pain of training for max gains.
100 Hit Redux, Part 2
More from Ellington Darden about old-school bodybuilding and Nautilus. Plus, a few complete HIT programs.
118 A Bodybuilder Is Born 25
Ron Harris helps bring the bodybuilding lifestyle to the younger generation.
128 Big-Arms Q&A
From the archives: Hugo Rivera has arm-building answers to get your guns growing.
142 Happy Birthday, Arnold
The big man turns 60 on July 30 (in case you want to send him a card), and we celebrate with page after page of rare classic photos of the Oak in his prime.
180 Beyond Vitmain E
Jerry Brainum explores the so-called sex vitamin and explodes the latest negative research.
198 Heavy Duty
John Little channels the wisdom of Mike Mentzer. This month: size vs. strength.
214 3D Back Blast
Steve Holman explains the 3D POF approach to building a big, broad back-with detail that'll make mountain climbers drool. Plus, four complete POF programs.
228 Toney Freeman
David Young talks to the body X-traordinaire about training, diet and winning the IM Pro.
250 Hardbody
Hot picks for your femme-muscle fix, courtesy of Bill Dobbins.
270 Weights Vs. Cardio, Part 2
Research gone wrong. Jerry Brainum looks at the latest studies on metabolic stimulation.
282 Only The Strong Shall Survive
Bill Starr's inside look at goal power. (No, it's not about soccer).
32 Train To Gain
Pulldown praise, the power of the press and Arnold and X Reps.
46 Smart Training
Coach Charles Poliquin gives you the specifics on how to get bigger and leaner.
52 Eat To Grow
Does fish oil help burn body fat? Fewer carbs, less need for sleep? Find the answers here.
86 Critical Mass
Steve Holman shakes off a training daze and explains away exercise haze.
92 Naturally Huge
John Hansen outlines a complete quick-start routine for building muscle.
240 Muscle "In" Sites
Eric Broser uncovers printable workout e-books, Mark Dugdale's site and a worthy drug-free bodybuilding organization. Then he discusses dieting for contest prep.
244 News & Views
Lonnie Teper's our man in the know; he's got the goods on who's doing what to win the big show.
258 Pump & Circumstance
Ruth Silverman has her ear to the stage and her eyes on the Internet for all the happenings on the women's side of the sport. And, of course, lots of hot pics.
264 Bodybuilding Pharmacology
Use steroids, become a criminal? Does a higher testosterone level predispose you to violence? Jerry Brainum dissects the research.
292 Mind/Body Connection
Randall Strossen, Ph.D., explains why you should write it down after you pump it up. Lots of New Stuff here too.
304 Readers Write
On a Hardbody roll, Mentzer mania, awesome Aukland and axe the X?