Iron Man March 2010 Excerpt: Master Your Metabolism For Fat Loss!

You've slashed your calories and living on the treadmill to lose fat... Right? So why is the body fat coming off so slowly? Learn more.

Master Your Metabolism
How To Rev Up Your Fat-Loss Machine

You’ve slashed your calories, you’re living on the treadmill, and you’re sending supplement company owners’ kids to college with what you’re spending on fat-burning supplements. So why is the bodyfat coming off so slowly? The diet options and experts have muddied the waters so much that most of us don’t even know what real dieting is supposed to be anymore.

Metabolic physiology is a mystery that leaves fewer clues than Professor Plum left in the library after he snuffed out someone with the candlestick. I’ve certainly left my own trail of complicated and sophisticated articles on very specific components of dieting and peaking. In this discussion, however, I want to go back to the beginning and show how your body can burn body fat most effectively.

-> How To Burn Fat More Effectively:

    For years registered dietitians have cried, “ A calorie is just a calorie! Off with the heads of those heretics who claim that anything other than just lowering your calories is necessary.” Isolcaloric studies now show that, as so many of us understood, the dietitians were wrong.

    Subjects who all got the same number of calories have been divided into groups based on different percentages of protein, carbohydrate and fat. Some groups lost weight twice as fast on one “diet” as others who got the same number of calories but with the percentages manipulated differently.

Isolcaloric Studies Now Show that, As So Many Of Us Understood, The Dietitians Were Wrong.
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Isolcaloric Studies Now Show that, As So Many Of Us Understood,
The Dietitians Were Wrong.

    I’ll give you the punch line right now so you don’t have to wait until the end of the article: Those who ate fewer carbs lost twice as fast. Now, before you skip to the next article, don’t assume that those on the lowest-carb plans were the most successful.

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