Glutamine & The Ultimate Delivery System.

Glutamine has been touted as the best of the best of the amino acids. It is the most abundant amino in the body and has great bodybuilding potential. Find out why along with what the ultimate delivery system is!

Two Mini Articles: About Glutamine & The Ultimate Delivery System.

Article #1: About Glutamine

Glutamine has been touted as the best of the best of the amino acids. It is the most abundant amino in the body and has great bodybuilding potential. It is a conditionally essential amino acid, meaning the human body produces it naturally, but under special circumstances, more is required than the body can produce. One such special circumstance would be intense physical training. Marathon runners and bodybuilders train at extremely intense levels. Glutamine has been shown to help runners recover after the marathon.

A 26+ mile run is tough, but so are many serious lifters' programs. Glutamine may be the key to shorter recovery times after hard weight room workouts. Glutamine is a required fuel for some immune system cells, and may even stimulate overall immune function. Muscles will not grow when the nutrients they require are being used to battle an illness; Glutamine may keep you from getting sick, keeping your muscles flooded with nutrients. Studies indicate lowered levels of Glutamine could result in a slower response to infection, which means more time off from training. It may boost the immune system, keeping you in the gym and pumping hard all year long.

That benefit alone makes Glutamine a worthwhile supplement for most serious lifters. Glutamine also has the potential to neutralize the lactic acid generated during physical exercise. Lactic acid is responsible for the burn experienced while working out. When too much is produced, contraction becomes more difficult, and eventually becomes impossible. Glutamine may increase the muscles' buffering capacity, keeping lactic acid levels low and allowing a workout to continue longer than it would without the supplement. With all of its positive contributions, Glutamine has earned the title, best of the best.

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Article #2: The Ultimate Delivery System

Method of delivery, this seems to be the phrase of choice this year, and rightly so. We in the science and research industry have known for years that introducing a nutrient into the body can create significant physiological changes. This does not always produce the wanted physiologic effect because of the inadequacies of the delivery system that is used. For instance, introducing large amounts of one or more amino acids can result in dramatic increases in growth hormone and insulin. The problem is that most won't take these intravenously, which is the best way of introducing it into your body!

Ingenious formulas and raw materials have come out year after year that could be so much more potent with the correct delivery system. Perhaps, this delivery system will protect the substance from the acidic environment of the stomach. Others change the chemical makeup of the product before it is ingested. One other problem with many products is particle size. If the size of the particle is too large (ex. polypeptides), it is often cleaved into smaller subunits. The resulting "product" is nothing like the original.

Delivery systems also drastically alter the timing of a nutrient and its release into the bloodstream for use by skeletal muscles. Sometimes it is a benefit to get a substance into the bloodstream in large amounts quickly (e.g., creatine). Other times, it may be an advantage to get high levels of a product (e.g., prohormone) for a sustained period of time. How would you accomplish this? Liposomal technology! A liposomal shell should produce better anabolic effects than the quick and ephemeral "spike" seen with the regular prohormones.

What is a liposome you ask? Liposomes have been used previously for the delivery of drugs, vitamins, and cosmetics. They are phospholipid shells used to encase various insoluble molecules such as prohormones. The encapsulation of a prohormone within a liposomal shell should produce better anabolic effects than the quick and ephemeral "spike" seen with the regular prohormones. For instance, you could encase a prohormone within the phospholipid shell. As layers of the liposome "peel off" you get a sustained release of the encased prohormone. So you have a delivery system kind of like a topical patch, but is instead ingested orally.

Recently a company aptly named, Innovative Delivery Systems came up with the idea of combining liposome technology with the prohormones 19-Norandrostenediol and 19-Norandrostenedione. Why the combination? Liposomes could control the release of the prohormones once it entered the bloodstream reducing the bolus "spike" that results from general application of non-liposome prohormones.

Thus, you get a sustained level (how high it is depends on the total dose taken) of the prohormone ingested. Theoretically, this should produce better anabolic effects than the quick and ephemeral "spike" seen with the regular prohormones.

According to Dr. Antonio, the active ingredients 19-Norandrostenediol and 19-Noandrostenedione are theoretically superior prohormones than androstenediol or -dione. Also, IDS has overcome the taste of the liposome liquid by using a liquid gel cap. The combination of liposomes and the potent anabolic prohormones, 19-norandrostenediol and dione called Norandrosome, will enhance muscle protein accretion in bodybuilders and athletes. This custom designed liposmal 19-nor product (Norandrosome) provides the most anabolic combination of prohormones using the most efficient delivery system on the market all due to a new delivery system.

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