HRT: Wycked Week In Hell: 'That Sh*t Wasn't Faked'

In the Hell Raiser Trainer, Tom Rage Fuller tortures IFBB Pro Mike 'Wycked' Van Wyck with Hellcentric reps. In this exclusive feature, Mike finally finds his voice.

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Back in August, I had what I thought was the pleasure of being invited to Boise, Idaho, to film the HRT video series coming out on on behalf of Animal. Little did I know I was walking into hell, and Lucifer was replaced by Animal's own Tom "Rage" Fuller.

"Hello, Satan? Wycked Here."

Going into the video shoot, I communicated via email with Rage about the basic premise of his training philosophy. Based on that exchange, I was pretty sure I had figured out the gist of it.

F#ck was I wrong.

On the first day of shooting, I knew I was in for it. The gym chosen for the shoot was as basic and barebones as it gets. The place felt like something out a horror movie. It was perfect.

If you're unfamiliar with HRT, or missed out on the buzz on and the Animal FORVM, crawl out from under that rock and listen up. There are many approaches possible when it comes to HRT training. For example, die-hards use it constantly for every body part.

I planned to use it for my own devices, based on what Rage had told me. Basically, I figured I'd bust out HRT on certain lagging body parts that really needed a good ass-kicking. I'd also use HRT to give any body part an extreme f#cking jolt to mix up my routine for that day or week. It sounded like a great tool for shocking a body in need of a wake-up call.

Wycked's Wake-Up

Many of you who watch the video will think, "Well, it's a video, so Wycked isn't going all out." If you think that, you're dead f#cking wrong. HRT has little to do with the amount of weight being used and much to do with controlling the weight and asking your muscles to fire when a stronger force is pushing back.

I don't care what weight you use. After two hellcentric reps, your muscles will be screaming at you to stop. At that point, you still have two hellcentrics left, for f#ck's sake. This training style is neither for the faint of heart nor weak of will.

Also, keep in mind I had never trained like this. I don't even do negatives in my day-to-day training. Most of the time, I tend to train with a more volume-oriented approach, really going for maximum pump. The funny thing is, I never thought in a million years that HRT would give me the pumps I'm used to.

F#ck was I wrong. Again.

When the workout hit, my legs and arms were especially pumped. Even Rage was amazed at how quickly it happened. My legs were so pumped after the hack squat and leg press sets that they started cramping. During the arm work, the barbell curls were f#ckin' brutal. My biceps and brachialis were so pumped I could barely bend my arms. No lie.

Your Personal Hell

If you have the balls to step up to the challenge, you guys are gonna love it. Every exercise produces a unique feel and rush. You'll find your own favorites, based on your strengths, weaknesses, individual physiology and level of advancement.

By the last day of shooting, I was f#ckin' dead tired and couldn't wait to get back home and get some rest to start growing anew. A week of hell was well worth it, though. I expanded my knowledge and learned a great new training style that will make me a better bodybuilder down the road.

Getting to know Rage was a pleasure, too. He's a real stand-up guy. I thank him for including me in this project and for being such a good dude. He loves bodybuilding and his contribution to our lifestyle is a big deal.

I hope everyone likes the video and all my yelling in it. That sh*t wasn't faked. I was really yelling like a little b*tch. It was all real. If HRT doesn't have you grunting, screaming and maybe even crying for your Mama…

You're f#cking doing it wrong.

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