Ten-week Program To HUGE Calves!

This program will get your calves HUGE. Just follow these rules...

-Work calves twice a week
-Only do one-legged calf raises the first day each week
-Only do donkey calf raises the second calf workout of the week

Week 1 (take it easy)

Day 1 3 X maximum reps with no dumbbell to start with. Begin with left leg first, perform a full set and then do the same number of reps with the right leg.
Day 2 3 X 30 reps donkey calf raise with someone fairly light on your back.

Week 2

Day 1 3 X 20 reps using a light weight in which it only allows you to easily complete 20 reps for the first set. Then use a weight that will barely let you complete 20 for the last 2 sets.
Day 2 3 X 20 reps using somebody of moderate weight on your back

Week 3

Day 1 3 X 20 reps but add five pounds and really try to exceed 20 reps with outstanding form
Day 2 3 X 20 reps have someone hold weight while they are on your back for added resistance.
*Now at the end of each set creep in burns or partials in a slow non-rhythmic fashion until failure.

You have to lock yourself into the pain and savor it.

Week 4 (same type of workout as week 3)

Day 1 3 X 20 reps and add five more pounds
Day 2 3 X 20 reps and add 10 more pounds

Week 5

Day 1 3 X 20 same weight as week 4, now before you do burns/partials put down the dumbbell, and on the same leg you just worked do as many reps as you can! Then do burns.
Day 2 3 X 20 Do the same workout as week 4, but add a few more reps.

Week 6

Day 1 3 X 20 reps add 5 more pounds again. Same workout as week 4 but now after the final burns on the final set of each exercise, lower yourself to a full stretch and gently bounce in the low position.
Day 2 3 X 20 add 10 more pounds, and same rules for above apply.

Week 7

Day 1 Add 5 more pounds, do maximum set, drop down half the weight and then doing the same number of reps. Then repeat week 6 workout.
Day 2 Add 10 more pounds. just do about workout using lighter people and plates.

Week 8

Day 1 Add usual 5 pounds, now do week 5 workout again.
Day 2 Add usual 10 pounds, now do week 5 workout again.

Week 9 and 10

Day 1 Repeat week 7 workout adding the usual 5-pound increase
Day 2 Same workout as above and with 10-pound increase

NOW measure your calves and you should have gained at least another inch.