Ask The Ripped Dude: How Important Is The Mental Game To Leaning Out?

Obi Obadike, The World's Most Ripped Fitness Model, explains the importance of your mind and fitness.
Hey Obi, how important is my mental game to getting ripped?

The mind is a very powerful tool. Before you can get in shape and lose fat, you have to envision the body you want. If you can't visualize it, then you'll find it difficult to attain your goals. After all, your body follows your mind.

This isn't just a fitness thing. The greatest athletes in the world also have the world's strongest minds. They envision running faster, jumping higher, scoring more points than any of their competitors. These athletes accomplish their goals before the task even gets started.

Mind Mastery Made Simple

You can inspire yourself to do just about anything. Even if you have a long way to go in your fight for fitness, if you can make your mind see how you want to look, your body will tag along. Positive mental thinking will always be an incredible asset to your fat-loss quest. Negative mental thinking will be your downfall. Your mind is your best friend, but it can be your worst enemy at the same time.

Incredible Asset

Never let your mind tell you that you can't. Arnold Schwarzenegger would envision himself winning the Mr. Olympia thousands of times. The great Bill Russell, who won 11 NBA championships, would mentally see himself as a champion before he ever actually won one. Before he even stepped foot on the court, Michael Jordan would picture himself making the game-winning shot. These men are just a few successful examples of the power of positive thinking.

Negativity is Nothing

Those who fall off the wagon do so because they surround themselves with people who aren't supportive of their goals. Negative influences can warp your diet and your training. Find people who are positive; spend time with people who make you feel strong. Feed your mind nothing but wholesome, healthy energy.

Healthy Energy

There have been days when I don't want to go to the gym. I've been there. And there are days when I'd rather do anything than eat another piece of chicken. But that is my mind trying to give me reasons not to be who I can be. It doesn't matter that you have the ability to physically train and eat healthy. If your mind doesn't want to do it, then you physically won't be able to. You already mentally defeated yourself. It takes mental discipline to get a ripped, lean body. Ninety-percent of your challenge will take place in your head.

Carpe Discipline

If you can master your mind, your time in the gym and the kitchen will be much less challenging. Your mind controls everything you do; so you must turn your head in the right direction - forward. Don't let yourself look back. Be the master of yourself, and you will achieve the body you always wanted.

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