Top Female Bods: Hottest Women Of Hollywood Show It Off!

Hollywood is not lacking when it comes to sexy curves and hot women who take it to the next level when it comes to looking great! Here are 19 women whose bodies are on occasion, idolized, by the lesser populace.

Top Female Bods

In no particular order...

dot Jennifer Lopez: dot

Jennifer Lopez
+ Click To Enlarge.
Jennifer Lopez In "Gigli."
© 2003 Columbia Pictures.
From having 'junk in her trunk' to driving a very small car, J-Lo lost a lot of weight in all the right places, while maintaining her lean and sexy curves.


dot Mariah Carey: dot

Mariah Carey
+ Click To Enlarge.
Mariah Carey In "Glitter."
© 2001 20th Century Fox.
Not only did her singing career make a comeback, but so did her body. And it's out in full force!


dot Hilary Swank: dot

Hilary Swank
+ Click To Enlarge.
Hilary Swank In "Million Dollar Baby."
© 2004 Warner Brothers.
Her back in 'Million Dollar Baby'; enough said.


dot Linda Hamilton: dot

Linda Hamilton
+ Click To Enlarge.
Linda Hamilton In "The Terminator."
© 2001 MGM Home Entertainment.
Any woman saw 'Terminator' when it first came out, and even now, wanted to look like Sarah Connor.


dot Jennifer Aniston: dot

Jennifer Aniston
+ Click To Enlarge.
Jennifer Aniston In "Along Came Polly."
© 2003 Universal Pictures.
Is it her lean, toned and cut arms that made people want to be 'Friends' with her? Bad joke.


dot Jennifer Garner: dot

Jennifer Garner
+ Click To Enlarge.
Jennifer Garner In "Elektra."
© 2004 Twentieth Century Fox.
Long, lean, powerful and tight. She got cut for her role in 'Elektra' and has maintained her level of fitness thanks to Valerie Waters, trainer to the stars.


dot Cameron Diaz: dot

Cameron Diaz
+ Click To Enlarge.
Cameron Diaz In "What Happens in Vegas."
© 2008 21 Laps Entertainment.
In almost every single movie she does, there's a scene of Cameron in a barely-there nightie, or teeny little boy underwear. Good thing she has a body to pull it off!


dot Madonna: dot

+ Click To Enlarge.
Madonna In "Swept Away."
© 2002 Screen Gems.
Reppin' the over 40 crowd, but making the under 20s jealous. Power to her!


dot Carmen Electra: dot

Carmen Electra
+ Click To Enlarge.
Carmen Electra In "Meet the Spartans."
© 2008 New Regency Pictures.
Featuring in Playboy says it all.


dot Pamela Anderson: dot

Pamela Anderson
+ Click To Enlarge.
Pamela Anderson In "Blonde and Blonder."
© 2008 Insight Film Studios.
People aren't just noticing her chest anymore. After all that running on the beach, her whole body looks phenomenal.


dot Angelina Jolie: dot

Angelina Jolie
+ Click To Enlarge.
Angelina Jolie In "Mr. & Mrs. Smith."
© 2005 Twentieth Century Fox.
Before she was less than 100 lbs. Think of her in 'Mr. and Mrs. Smith' and 'Tomb Raider'.


dot Sandra Bullock: dot

Sandra Bullock
+ Click To Enlarge.
Sandra Bullock In "Miss Congeniality."
© 2000 Castle Rock Entertainment.
Beautiful legs and arms that she showed off in Miss Congeniality after being transformed from a tom-boy to a beauty pageant queen.


dot Elizabeth Hurley: dot

Elizabeth Hurley
+ Click To Enlarge.
Elizabeth Hurley In "Bedazzled."
© 2000 20th Century Fox.
Legs that don't seem to end.


dot Tyra Banks: dot

Tyra Banks
+ Click To Enlarge.
Tyra Banks In "Coyote Ugly."
© 2000 Touchstone Pictures / Jerry Bruckheimer, Inc.
She's a professional model. Need I say any more?


dot Lauren Conrad: dot

Lauren Conrad
+ Click To Enlarge.
Lauren Conrad.
Star of one of Hollywood's best reality shows is seen daily in tiny dresses and revealing club-wear. She's in great shape.


dot Hayden Pannetiere: dot

Hayden Pannetiere
+ Click To Enlarge.
Hayden Pannetiere In "Ice Princess."
© Disney Enterprises, Inc.
She's got a young, fresh, and down to earth attitude, to match her natural, awesome, young physique.


dot Britney Spears: dot

Britney Spears
+ Click To Enlarge.
Britney Spears In "Crossroads."
© 2002 Filmco Enterprises.
Granted her weight goes up and down, but when she looks good, she looks D@MN good.


dot Rebecca Romijn: dot

Rebecca Romijn
+ Click To Enlarge.
Rebecca Romijn In "X-Men: The Last Stand."
© Twentieth Century-Fox.
Did you see her naked, painted blue in the X-man movie series? Wow! Just wow!


dot Eva Longoria: dot

Eva Longoria
+ Click To Enlarge.
Eva Longoria In "Desperate Housewives."
© 2007 abc.
In my opinion, the hottest of the 4 'Desperate Housewives'. But her husband is a professional basketball player; so she kind of has to be in shape to practice with him. Bad joke again. Sorry.


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