Resolve To Evolve!

Each time this year, the number of gym goers increases by nearly 50%. However, within just a few weeks that number drops dramatically. Learn why!
Another year is beginning and we have re-dedicated ourselves to becoming a better and more fit person. Each time this year, the number of gym goers increases by nearly 50%. However, within just a few weeks that number drops dramatically. As the year begins we all have set expectations for ourselves to lose inches in various areas of the body, gain a sense of well-being by adapting a regular exercise routine or simply getting fit.

The Reality

Unfortunately, many times these expectations of ourselves are never realized and we fail. Why? In my opinion, many of us set unrealistic goals. We want it all and we want it all NOW. So, we develop a mind-set and work-ethic to realize immediate return. You may begin a "crash" diet by cutting foods from your diet that you feel are deterring you from reaching your goal. You may start a work out program and train like there is no tomorrow.

In reality, these sudden and drastic changes in your lifestyle spell disaster. Most people fail to achieve any success because they seek too much too soon. A gradual and well-defined approach will evolve into the change you desire. A hasty approach without thinking will undoubtedly result in failure. As this new year begins, I've personally heard and made several resolutions. I thought I'd give my personal advice to help guide some of those serious about making a change.

Resolution: "I want to lose my gut and have a 6-pack."

    Evolution: Many times I've seen people at the gym doing sit-up after sit-up day in and day out. Over the course of several months I notice that instead of reducing the middle, they actually produce around the middle. Why? Reduction in any area is a direct result of good eating habits. You would be surprised how much you can "reduce" your middle by eating smart. If you truly want to reduce, stop the habitual high sugar snacking. Try instead to replace high sugar snacks with fruit or vegetables. Of course, exercise is also important and complements good eating.

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Resolution: "I want to firm up my backside (Glutes)."

    Evolution: OK, this one is easy. You want a tight behind? One that you can bounce a quarter off of? Are you sure? Well, here a several exercises that will help get you there: squats, lunges, leg curls, butt blaster, and leg press. You've probably heard this before but the exercise itself is not nearly as important as its execution. To get the results you want, you must squeeze you butt at the top of each rep.

    For example, doing squats (plie-style or wide-stance with feet at 45 degrees) and coming up from a rep, stop and squeeze those glutes at the top and hold for a 3-count. This same execution can be replicated for any of the exercises previously mentioned.

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Resolution: "I want to get rid of my flabby arms."

    Evolution: This is a popular area of concern for many women. Although, there are many exercises that will help and I suggest the following: Tricep dips (parallel bar or bench), Close-hand pushups, Staight bar pushdowns, Rope pushdowns. Again, execution is important. You must try to keep you elbow tight and close to your body. You can accelerate you progress by alternating between the above exercises non-stop until you've completed 3 sets for 8-12 reps of each.

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Resolution: "I will rid myself of my saddle bags (or love handles)."

    Evolution: Okay, come closer. I mean, put your ear as close as possible to your monitor and listen. AS I SAID BEFORE, YOU MUST HAVE GOOD EATING HABITS! You can only hope to reduce that ever present love handle by adopting better nutritional habits.

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Resolution: "I want to begin and continue an exercise program."

    Evolution: This one is not as easy. We all have varying schedules and commitments and sometimes it's hard to find the time to workout. Or is it? How much time do you waste during the day? Watching un-stimulating television programs, sitting in a bar drinking, sleeping, talking on the telephone or walking in the mall. Finding the time may be as easy as identifying how to effectively use that wasted time. It may sometimes be more complicated. Especially for those having children. You may have the option to purchase workout equipment for home. Or, you may rotate gym time with your spouse. Personally, I have found the convenience of having a gym nearby that opens very early in the morning. I can train before work and not worry about finding time during or after the work day.

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It's also important to gradually adapt a new workout regiment. Many times, I see new faces in the gym that train like Olympic hopefuls! They don't last long. They crash and burn before getting to the 2nd week. I suggest beginning a program where each training session lasts no more than 45 minutes for a total of 3 per week. Train each major and minor muscle group for 3 sets 12 reps each. As you gradually increase strength and flexibility (you'll know when) increase training sessions and sets accordingly. Remember, there is tomorrow and it doesn't have to be all done in a single day!

Well, Happy New Year all and thanks for you consistent support of!

Happy New Year,