Three Laws Of Bodybuilding!

Maintaining and improving your health provides energy you never thought you could have and how the three laws can affect you day to day.

Law Of Relativity

basketballMany of us have wondered at times "why". Why we were so much stronger that day? Or, when you were a teenager, why could play basketball, go to the pool, then walk around the neighborhood all in a single day and not feel the least bit sore the next day?

Why is it that no matter how you tried, as a youth, you could never put on or keep decent size and now, older and wiser (I hope), you have to worry more about not putting on "too" much size. To me, all these questions boil down to one thing, "Relativity".

It's all relative to that moment in time. For instance, the fact that you were so much stronger on a particular day may not mean that you were weaker on the day or days to which it is compared. It may relate to the fact that you are doing the proper things outside the gym and are truly "getting stronger" and that strength is relative to that moment in time.

If you stopped working out for months, you would be weaker in relation to that time when you felt stronger, however, you would probably still be stronger in relation to when you first started an exercise program.

I remember as a kid, having the energy to light an entire city! I could do an unimaginable number of activities in a single day and still, I say STILL, have energy to hang-out. Can you relate? In a typical summer day, I remember going to the basketball courts and playing ball. Make it, take it, was the name of the game and, as long as you won, you stayed on the court to take on the next challenger.

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When all was said and done and if you had a really good team, you could "hold" the court for up to 8 or 10 games! After all that, we'd head to the pool to cool off. Another couple hours swimming and playing. After that, we'd bike ride around the neighborhood looking for something to do.

By the time the sun set, and, if it was a weekend, we would head to the youth center where they had a weekly teen dance all summer. Those were the days and to think how energetic and alive I must have had to be to do all that amazes me! Again, it was relative to that moment in time.

My youth was my youth, however, the energy that remains is expended in a much different way now. Now, I expend energy exercising and doing things that "grown-ups" do. I have accepted the fact that, relative to my youth, my energy level is much less. Although, I do believe it is above average in comparison to others my age. I also remember eating like a mad man in my younger days.

clockHaving a pencil-thin frame was a curse as far as I was concerned and I desired to be big. I shoveled all kinds of food and supplements with no idea what would or could produce the "size" I wanted. I eventually realized that, being genetically inclined to being thin, the only solution to putting on the size I desired was "time". Time would eventually provide the results. I've heard it referred to as, "Late Bloomer". That's me.

After a few years of trying, the weight began to pack on! Before I knew it I, at one time, weighed 221 lbs. At 5'7", I was pretty stacked and not fat! That was a huge difference from my high school graduating weight of 156 lbs (dripping wet). Again, gaining size was relative to time. When asked by younger adults wanting to gain size (the natural way, of course), my usual advice is, when all else fails, time will make the difference.

Law Of Crisis

The realization that taking care of yourself should be higher on your list of priorities sometimes is the result of a crisis situation of some sort. Whether the crisis is direct or indirect, it can sometimes be that awakening that some of us need to re-align our priorities in life and realize what is really important.

It could be a crisis resulting from the loss of a loved one, the end of a relationship, bad news from a doctor's exam, or even a tragic world event like the one that occurred on September 11th. No matter what that crisis might be, you will find many people with changed views. One of those changed views is sometimes related to a persons health.

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More specifically, the changed view may be that taking care of ones self should be given higher priority. Unfortunately, many of us go through life with our health near the end of our daily priorities. Year after year, we abuse and mistreat our health. We are constantly feeling drained and lack energy. We just don't always feel good about ourselves.

We rationalize these feelings and say it is something outside our control that causes these feelings. It's sometimes not until a crisis occurs that we find out that we do control more than we think. Maintaining and improving your health provides energy you never thought you could have. It produces a higher self-esteem and you feel so much better about yourself. My crisis was the loss of a loved one.

When my father passed away due to stomach cancer, I realized that my health deserved more attention than I was giving it. Beyond that, I realized that finding health and making it a priority was going to provide life long benefit.

Invaluable knowledge can be gained from healthy living. I have achieved a level of health that I never thought possible. I no longer fall victim to colds and flu as I had once had.

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It had just become a normal part of life to me. Well, let me tell you, it's NOT. I have also achieved a level of confidence that I never had. No matter how difficult a situation may be in life, I always have the resolve to overcome it. No matter what the outcome. My commitment to healthy living has made me resilient. Don't let a crisis in your life be your wake-up call. Make it happen today and have no regrets!

Law Of Addiction

On occasion, I have wondered why I feel so guilty if I miss going to the gym. I actually feel guilty when I miss pushing my body to the brink of failure and don't feel the pain from that burn you get when your muscles want to explode. It's sometimes feels like an addiction. Or is it a natural physiological response?

Actually, it is and the fact that it is an addiction is good! As long as you stay within your own limits and aviod overtraining, regular exercise is a great thing! I have made it part of my lifestyle and it feeds into other areas of my life.

Don't let someone, who believes that exercise will or is interfering with your ability to progress in your career, deter you from your commitment to health. It is ludicrous! As Mr. T said it best, "I pity the fool".

It all stems from a persons failure to place enough importance on something that IS important. Don't resist the addiction of exercise. If it feels right, it is and go with it. Enjoy the "High". It will last you a lifetime!

brain It is theorized that the "high" you feel from working out is a result of a release of what is called Beta-Endorphins. Endorphin is derived from "endogenous morphine." Of course, most know that morphine is an extremely addictive substance used to relieve pain and is known to produce a feeling of euphoria. Beta-Endorphins are also believed to be responsible for the release of Growth Hormone (GH).

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It is further believed that, as you continue to exercise regularly, you become more sensitive to beta-endorphins and that will result in a higher threshold to pain (it's the morphine BABY). So, it's true. We are addicted to it and it feels good! Pass the BE man, I need a good workout! Hehehe.

Hope you enjoyed it and remember, we are all motivated on someway to become healthy and maintain health. Make sure you control that motivation!

See you again soon.


"There is a law in life: When one door closes to us another one opens."

-- Andre Gide

Until we meet again!