Futile Minds, Feeble Bodies!

Making the decision to avoid futility at all cost and committing to realizing your potential, will ultimately 'result' in gaining strength and removing weakness. I feel that building a better body teaches this best. What do you think?

It goes hand-in-hand. We have either been there ourselves or have been exposed to someone who is. What am I or who am I referring to? Those that always "talk the talk" but never "walk the walk." It has been my experience on several occasions to meet someone who has a definite desire to get fit and achieve goals.

personal trainerThey discuss how and what they will do to get there, and of course, look for your advice as to whether it is a valid approach. I have personally contributed a great amount of time discussing these or similar things with those that aspire to realize and follow through with their goals.

Following the discussions, you get the feeling that the time was very well spent and that person is going to dedicate time and effort, using some of the knowledge they acquired from you, to realizing their ultimate goal. Not only does it make you feel good inside, you reflect on how you made your own commitment and followed it through to a certain point of satisfaction.

-> No Follow Through:

    You further realize your follow through enabled you to gain the knowledge you were able to pass on. Unfortunately and more often than not, you discover that the person who you spent time with did not commit to the plan and made no effort to realize their goal.

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    It becomes apparent when, after several months, the person still looks exactly the same! For what ever reason, they have not made an ounce of progress; this can be and is disappointing to the person who gave help with no expectations for return. The feeling is hard to explain but it is a feeling nonetheless.

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    I have often sat back and recalled in my mind those experiences and thought, "Maybe it's just not for everyone." You know what I mean. The thought that occurred is probably accurate and true, or is it?

    I don't and never intend to be condescending toward anyone. However, many of those that I have described that fail to follow through when given much of the knowledge and tools needed to make the journey less torturous, possess futile minds resulting in feeble bodies.

    brainI say a futile mind because of the fact that time was invested providing that person knowledge as well as know-how with little if any result at all. As a result, they maintain or continue to have the same inadequacies or feeble bodies they expressed such a distain for when seeking your advice!

    Fortunately all is not lost for people who have fallen into this type of situation. It does take "realizing" that the situation exists before it can be confronted. It will probably require that a person of trust makes it clear to the person that they are futile and feeble.

    That is the best thing that can ever happen. Realizing it before it becomes a habit. It many times is habit forming and will impact other areas in your life. It may also be a side effect of a pre-existing futile and feeble condition.

    Overcoming this habit will most definitely bring about a life-altering change that cannot be taught or learned but only experienced. Making the decision to avoid futility at all cost and committing to realizing your potential will ultimately "result" in gaining strength and removing weakness.

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I feel that building a better body teaches this best. To build your body, you must be dedicated and committed to realizing a result. Whatever that result may be, realizing that result is ever-present in your reflection. It will motivate you even more as you progress. The end result will be the absolute removal of feebleness and a strong sense of who you are. You will feel more confident, have a greater self-esteem, and most of all, inspire others around you.

Now, put down that bag of greasy chips and look in the mirror. While looking at yourself, choose 5 things you "can" change. Be critical yet honest and reasonable. Make sure to write down what they are. Once you have the list, read, research and ask questions in order to determine how and what you can incorporate in your daily routine to realize your desired changes.

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Remember, patience is a virtue. It won't happen overnight! However, with "the right plan," "the right attitude" and "the right commitment" ... you will see change. You will gain valuable knowledge from the experience that can be applied to everyday life!

"Whatever you do may seem insignificant
but it is most important that you do it."

-Mahatma Gandhi

Until we meet again!