A Bodybuilder's Dream!

In this article, I want to maybe inspire those readers or even competitors who want to win and want to know what it truly takes to win. I'll take you through my personal experience. I hope you enjoy the ride!

If you have ever made an attempt to be in a competitive event of any kind, you have probably experienced either the rush of excitement from winning or the disappointment when finishing where you hadn't expected. Some people are fortunate, in a sense, to have had the chance to experience both the "Thrill of Victory" and the "Agony of Defeat." In this article, I want to maybe inspire those readers or even competitors who want to win and want to know what it truly takes to win.

There is no way to describe the inner excitement I felt that day I finally achieved the ultimate title as an overall champion in a bodybuilding event. The hours, days, and weeks of preparation had finally paid off. It didn't matter that the reward was not financial. All that mattered was that I had realized a "dream" and that meant that dreams do come true.

Many days I felt I was not ever going to be good enough to win an overall championship. I almost talked myself into quitting on several occasions. Not realizing that in bodybuilding you must win several battles within yourself before you can ever win a competition.

The Dream

First and foremost is the "dream" or "vision" of yourself as a winner. The dream has to be almost real so that you actually believe it will become real. Without dreams, what do we have? Think about it. How many times in your life do you dream to be something more? Not to say that what you are isn't good enough but, you aspire to be something extra. Your road to success must begin with the "dream" that you will succeed. That "dream" must be followed by some type of "action."

Each and everyday that I awake, I remind myself of all the things I "dream" to become. Starting off my day with this kind of personal re-enforcement helps to keep me focused. The entire day will then be designed to add to the ever-growing foundation that is being laid that will someday help me make my "dream" become reality.


    Every "action" that I invoke will add to the foundation. Initiative, planning, proper training, dieting, practicing, resting, researching, and learning are all helping to build that foundation. Taking an "action" is critical. No "dream" was ever realized without some type of "action."

    Ask the latest winner of your state lottery. If the "action" was not taken to purchase a ticket, would that person ever be able to have realized their dream of winning? I know for a fact that without initiative, planning, proper training, dieting, practicing, resting, researching and learning, I would have never realized one of my dreams.

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    Without Action Dreams Cannot Be Realized.

    The "action" is the most difficult battle to conquer. It involves a focused determination that is like nothing else. With "action," there will be several times that it will be necessary to re-align or re-strategize. When taking "action" to realize your dream, you sometimes will need to take a different road or adapt a different strategy from time to time.


    Knowing when to re-align is the key. Many times I had to re-align myself in order to realize my "dream." I had to change diet programs, adjust my training regiment, etc ... It's easy to get caught up in "consistency." It's easy to live each day over and over without change.

    Knowing what to expect makes us feel comfortable. Everyone has at one time or another found themselves in a situation where they were comfortable and didn't think change was necessary. Unfortunately, the inability to change could result in missing an opportunity. An opportunity to win!

    Remember that first time you realized that, for some reason, you believed that you always had to do the flat bench first in order to build your chest? You later realized, after changing your routine, doing flat bench later in your workout increased intensity and made you more sore than you had been in a long while? It was taking the "action" to change that lead to more desired results. Consistency, however important, must be let go at times in order to change.

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Flat Bench Press.
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    The final part of "action" is to actually make an attempt to realize the "dream." That means to compete. Without stepping up on the stage and placing all the "actions" you have taken to the test means you can never achieve the "dream." Ask Bill Gates.

    Many times you may fail to achieve the "dream" even though you took all the appropriate "actions." I know I did. This is where your tenacity comes into play. Will you be tenacious enough to go on even when you think the war cannot be won? This will ultimately determine the true champion from the "always 2nd best" type of person. It may sound a bit cliché but, you really must fail at times in order to succeed.

    The realization of a "dream" does not come easy in most cases and especially in bodybuilding. Even when a "dream" is realized, I find myself dreaming of other successes. A key to realizing the next dream is referring to all the "actions" it took to achieve the previous accomplishment.

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    I Find Myself Dreaming Of Other Successes.

    Document or record as much as possible. I can assure you that you will need to "change" some of the "actions" that were invoked before, however, many of those "actions" will continue to hold value for many "dreams" to come. Some of those "actions" like initiative, planning and researching can be used in everyday life and don't just apply to bodybuilding.

Support The Sport:

    I continually support the sport of bodybuilding by attending events that I am not competing in. This I recommend for any serious bodybuilder. Why? It will be where the "dream" begins. The first bodybuilding event I attended was a local one that two of my friends were competing in.

    That was where I dreamed of being a competitor myself and winning a competition. It was then necessary for me to invoke all the "actions" described previously in order to finally win. Believe me, the road was not easy. Yet, I have still enjoyed and continue to enjoy every experience.

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    The Road Wasn't Easy.

    I still have doubts in myself or battles I fight within me each and everyday. However, the fact that I have realized one of my dreams, has made me learn to be more intelligent when fighting some of those battles and how to avoid some of them.


What has inspired me to write his article is that I never have or will forget from where I came. Being a bird-chested, all of about 150 pounds, weakling when I graduated from high school, I still remember the struggle to get to where I am now. I hope that anyone reading this who, wants to gain size, is afraid to compete, or unsure if they can compete, will be inspired by this article. Remember, all you need do is start to "dream."

Again, thanks for reading!