Control Your Brain Chemistry & Beat Back The Cravings.

The mere thought of something can be so powerful, that it will cause a chemical change in our brains that might fill us with delight or sadness. Learn what difficulties we face and some ideas to overcome.

Our thoughts are largely electrochemical. The mind is such a complex entity in and of itself, that sometimes we get lost in the shuffle of our busy days, forgetting how each and every accomplishment or failure we meet with, begins as an idea in our mind.

The mere thought of something can be SO powerful, that it will cause a "chemical change" in our brains that might either fill us with delight, or overwhelm us with sadness.

Each and every goal we set for ourselves; every dream we dare to imagine, and every aspiration we ever seek to achieve in life will depend on our state of mind, how we direct our mind's thoughts to proper action, and with what manner we carry that action out.

Herve Duchemin.
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Author, Herve Duchemin.

Two people undergoing the exact same experience, can have completely different perceptions of it. For example, if you told a wealthy CEO that she had to take a job sweeping floors, she would most likely respond pretty unfavorably.

Going into the job with a negative attitude would create a correspondingly unfavorable chemical change in the brain, before the job even began. On the other hand, if you take someone who has just come into the United States from a foreign country where they made $120 per month, they would probably respond with sheer delight, creating a favorable and positive chemical change in their brains.

"Going Into The Job With A Negative Attitude
Would Create A Correspondingly Unfavorable Chemical
Change In The Brain, Before The Job Even Began."

For 8 dollars an hour, they could easily amass the same amount of money in a matter of days! The same premise can be applied to the way we approach our diets, and our inevitable success or failure with our nutritional plans.

It all begins in the mind. A focused mind can accomplish all things, whereas a mind lacking focus and discipline will wander all over the place, with haphazard thoughts. Lack of focus will cause so many different chemical changes in the brain, that cravings (which are chemically rooted as well) will control you, rather than you controlling THEM.

Discipline! Discipline!
We all know real champions are those who push their physiques to the limit and accept nothing but the best from themselves. Their success can be isolated to one point. Discipline!
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The mere thought of a drug can create an "anticipation high" for an addict. In the same manner, the mere thought of a certain food can create an "anticipation high" for a dieter who lacks focus! See, it is all chemical.

Self Control

Once we understand this a little more, we can begin to establish control over the chemicals in our brain, through our thoughts. We will understand deeply how a low blood sugar level can cause a corresponding drop in certain brain chemicals, that might make us crave junk. This leads to the topic of self-control.

There must be a foundation of self-control present in our minds. Without that foundation, we have no reason to stay true to ourselves and fight those unhealthy cravings we might have. For example, if when our blood sugar gets low, we lack the CONTROL over the chemical change that occurs in our brain, we might quickly go and purchase large amounts of junk food and begin stuffing our faces like a college freshman at a party might chug successive beers. This is animal eating.

"Without That Foundation Of Self-Control,
We Have No Reason To Stay True To Ourselves
And Fight Those Unhealthy Cravings We Might Have."

An animal eating has no control over its appetite, and will always eat until stuffed. But animals are not concerned with what their physiques look like, so we humans must trigger the "human eating" mechanism which can only be activated with our advanced brain system, and our ability to establish control over our desires.

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Animals Are Not Concerned With What
Their Physiques Look Like.

We must calm ourselves when the desires kick in, and realize that the desire itself is made up of complexities we cannot even begin to imagine, consisting of chemicals in our brain (and possibly even photoelectric or other components as well ... all chemicals are composed of atoms, atoms composed of electrons etc). Once we realize how complex the whole process of craving junk can get within our brains, we can then simplify it, for the sake of accomplishing our goals.

Control. It's not simple. But if we truly possess it, then no outside influences will allow us to falter, because if we do falter, it is no one's fault except our own.

When people don't go to a social event because there will be junk food there, they are saying that they lack the control to go to the event for the sake of socializing, and pay attention to the food or drink that they aren't allowed to eat on their diets. They lack the control to keep their hands from picking up junk, and placing it into their mouths.

Self Control.
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Self Control.

Dieting Test

Here is the biggest dieting test you can perform on yourself to exercise your control over your brain chemicals. We would all agree that when we eat a certain food, chemical changes take place within the body.

When you have gone for a week without deviating from your diet, and then you have a bite of chocolate cake and ice cream, see if you can have a single bite, and pay attention to the wave of chemical changes and thoughts that occur within your brain and body following that bite of food.

Do You Have Willpower? Do You Have Willpower?
"Say you're at work or at a meeting, and there's more than enough pizza and cake for everyone ... and everyone is eating pizza and cake, and everyone is asking you if you want some, but you're trying to watch what you eat because you want to lose weight or be healthier ... do you eventually give in and have even just a tiny piece of cake or pizza? ... or do you have nothing at all?"
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Your brain will tell you that you want more, but YOU have the ability to control it, and be satiated from one bite. Your brain will fight with you, but you will have to fight back. It is not an easy task, but one which requires training. Will you win the fight?

Will You Win?
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Will You Win The Fight?

If you establish a foundation of control over your desires, then you will seek to live a life where you control ALL of your desires. Sexual. Eating. Drinking. Smoking. Drugs. All of these desires are chemical, and we ALL have the ability to control the way these chemical thoughts effect us. Doing so will set us apart from others, and will allow us to have full confidence that we can accomplish any task we set out to.