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Why Is My Left Pec Bigger Than My Right?

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By: Josh Henkin

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Why Is My Left Pec Bigger Than My Right?

I'm an 18 year old male and I've been lifting for a few years now and I have noticed one thing that is driving me nuts. Whenever I look at myself in the mirror I notice that my left pec is bigger than my right pec. I'm sure most people don't recognize it, but there is a difference and it throws my chest off and it doesn't look good. For some reason when I do bench press my right pec doesn't get the same work as my left. So what am I doing wrong on the bench press? I also have noticed my right shoulder and bicep are bigger than my left. If you could give me some tips to get my right pec worked more I would appreciate it.

Hmmmm... for some reason I have received many emails like yours. They usually make me think one of a few things. First, you guys must be spending A LOT of time looking in the mirror to detect very insignificant differences between the two sides of your body. A noticeable difference would only result from one side being immobilized or you sufferred from a neurological disorder.

My suggestion is very simple. Simply use dummbbells for some time if you believe you are developing some lack of symmetry. This way you will definately be able to notice one side working more than the other. If you do happen to see a large difference in strength then I might suggest seeing a chiropractor or massage therapist as you might have some impingement of the cervical spine. When you have soft-tissue or structural problems in the neck this can affect the strength of the compressed side. Not a big deal and usually easy to fix.

If you find you don't have a large strength deficit between the two sides then I would say stop staring in the mirror so much. The mirror test is one of the all time worst standards for measuring progress. Develop some new and more effective testing standards.

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Why Is My Left Pec Bigger Than My Right?

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